Sunday, 8 April 2012

What An Incredible Fluke XXVII!

Most entertainment industries, and football is no longer a competitive sport but rather a corrupted spectacle, select their best actors for the major theatrical extravaganzas.

Ah! But the Premier League is different.

On a day with huge global television coverage due to both the holidays and the absence of many other leagues, the EPL gave us Lee Mason to ruin one game (Mason lives just fifteen minutes from Old Trafford and is yet to referee a Man Utd defeat - his performances on United matches scaled up over a season would result in a total of 103 points!) and PC Martin Atkinson who, in his old day job, could have arrested Mario Balotelli three times in the first half for actual bodily harm but chose instead to try to keep his beloved Chelsea's 4th place hopes alive instead of applying the rules of the game.

Once the match was a done deal, it was time to return to form.

For in the last three seasons, out of the last 26 sendings off in the EPL perpetrated by PC Atkinson, only 5 have been white English players.
11 of the victims have been Black.

Institutional racism in the British police force overflows into the English game.

What a weird fluke!