Saturday, 14 April 2012

Piermario Morosini RIP

The day after Fabrice Muamba collapsed with heart related issues, a Third Division Spanish player Sergio Granero also collapsed from a heart attack during a match.

Now less than a month later Piermario Morosini has died of a multiple heart attack playing for Livorno.

The ages of these players 24, 21 and 25.

The Economist: "It [erythropoietin] can be used to boost the number of these [red blood] cells in anaemic patients to healthy levels. But WADA officials knew that because red blood cells carry oxygen to muscles, having more of them increases endurance. The side-effect of thicker blood, though, is increased risk of cells clogging blood vessels, which can cause a stroke or heart failure - a chance many dopers would be willing to take in return for superior performance."

Muamba's collapse was during a critical FA Cup Quarter Final while Granero's team are challenging for promotion and the Pescara/Livorno match in which Morosini died was important at both ends of the table.

The players below have all died on the field of play/ training ground due to heart failure in the last 3 seasons - Daniel Jarque (Espanyol), Maurizio Greco (Guldenstern Stade), Endurance Idahor (Al-Merreikh), Batholomew Opoku (Kessben FC), Goran Tunjic (Mladost FC), Ambrose Wleh (Invincible Eleven), Wilson Mene (Prek Pra Keila), Lokissimbaye Loko (FC Beaumontois), Naoki Matsuda (Matsumoto Yamaga), Bobsam Elejiko (Merksem SC), D Venkatesh (Bangalore Mars) and now Morosini.

Is the complete absence of any robust testing regime leading to risks being taken and lives lost?

Piermario Morosini RIP.