Friday, 6 April 2012

What An Incredible Fluke XXIII!

For the live BBC tv match between Barnsley and West Ham United this afternoon, the PGMOB selected Anthony Bates to referee.

Mr Bates has officiated West Ham games twice this season.

The first the Hammers won 1-0 against Peterborough via a penalty.
The second the Hammers won 2-1 against Nottingham Forest via 2 penalties.

In 12 other Championship matches that Master Bates has officiated, he has only given 1 penalty in total all season.

His performance in the first half of the Barnsley game is of such a standard that it is astonishing that he is not on the PGMOB Select Group - the whistleblowers who carry out orders from above in the Premier League.

Mr Bates didn't even give a free kick against the Hammers until the 25th minute when the visitors were already 2-0 ahead despite an early two footed challenge and numerous other potential fouls.

We cannot find any other Championship match this season where the visitors have lasted so long without committing a foul in the eyes of the referee.

And who was behind the colossal global gamble on West Ham in the hour leading up to kick off?
86% of the total pre-match money was on a Hammers victory!!

Mind you, the Hammers have been given Jonathan Moss for their next match against Birmingham.
Cue joyous delight for Chris Hughton, the Brummie manager (another member of the John Colquhoun Set - see numerous previous posts).

For, Mr Moss has given Brum a last minute match-saving penalty and two sendings off in favour in a 6-0 win in his two Brummie outings so far this season.

It seems that clubs nowadays are able to literally bid for the required match official...
... and the impact that these types of shenanigans have on insider trading in the betting markets is simply aggregated corruption and fraud.

Three penalties for West Ham in 2 games...
... and 1 for the remainder of the division all season.

What a weird fluke!