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FOOTBALL IS FIXED - ME, A WHISTLEBLOWER?: Hacking A Spy Through The Maze Of Football Espionage


The book covers the onset and proliferation of systemic corruption in British football from the creation of the Premier League in 1992

Aside from exposing and addressing corruption in football, the book will also show you how to win on the betting markets

The book is 20 chapters in length

The book is a part of a trilogy each of 20 chapters
The second book will be published from April 3rd 2021 and the third from January 22nd 2022

How To Order
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  • The cost of the first book is £20
  • This price includes a copy of the physical book once it is published
  • The chapters will be sent out fortnightly direct to your email in-box
  • You may also buy 2 sample chapters for £2.50
  • DONATIONS above and beyond the cost of the book are greatly appreciated & allow us to plan for a future of opening betting markets, whistleblowing, hacking corruption & undertaking fraud forensics
  • If you experience any problems purchasing the book then please contact us at email address -

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