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All Your Base Are Belong To Us


... in anti-corruption work, this is known as the Iceberg Effect.
When provided with conclusive proof of a systemic or particular corruption, only release 5 - 10% to media.
Retain the remainder for strategic defence and military options.

And, in being forced to protect yourself so that you avoid Julian Assange's probable fate, you self-censor your output, minimising your impact to the benefit of those perpetrating the corruptions.
The Iceberg Effect allows an implied coercion to enforce redaction by the whistleblower.

So we end up asking ourselves of the purpose in risking life and limb and a potential SLAPP order just to reveal the tip of an iceberg.
This is not an environment in which to undertake anti-corruption journalism.
The corruption is systemic.
There is no reality, only hyperreality.

By being forced to pull our punches, we help to facilitate lengthened windows for corruption templates.
But, if we act, we're forced underground and operational security is our only pastime.
This is futile.
We're drawing a line in the sand and discontinuing whistleblowing.

Organised crime groups and fragmented mafia cartels versus a web of individuals is now too tilted.
I seek a new freedom.
I'll remain a happy-go-lucky-ray-of-fucking-sunshine but I'll always have to carry a sword by my side.

Jeremiah Bullivant on behalf of Football Is Fixed Network

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NB On August 3rd, the remaining cells of our Network elected to follow my example and 'retire' the operation.

I am now seeking work.
I'm regarded as the best at what I do.

So if you are a football club wanting to protect yourself against corruption
Or a bookmaker / market maker who need to improve liquidity through better pricing / market activities
Or if you are a high stakes trader in the SE Asian markets
Or if you are a regulatory body wishing to enhance integrity in sport
Or if you are a media entity wanting to know the full underground of football corruption
Or if you want access to bespoke models exposing doping, insider trading, rogue referee databases, collusion between agents via coerced players and linkage between these invalid inputs
Or if you would really like to know the outcomes of Brighton and Hove Albion & Brentford games pre-match
Or if you have an interest in purchasing our Unified Trading Model that determines match outcomes prior to kick off

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Thursday, 28 July 2022

A Personal Message From Stella Assange

Julian remains imprisoned in Belmarsh after more than three years at the behest of US prosecutors. He faces a prison sentence of up to 175 years for arguably the most celebrated publications in the history of journalism.

Patel's decision to extradite Julian has sent shockwaves across the journalism community. The home secretary flouted calls from representatives of the Council of Europe, the OSCE, almost 2000 journalists and 300 doctors for the extradition to be halted.

When Julian calls around the children's bedtime, they talk over each other boisterously. The calls only last 10 minutes, so when the call ended abruptly the other night Max, who is three, asked tearfully if it was because he'd been naughty. I absentmindedly said it wasn't his fault, but Mike Pompeo's. Five year old Gabriel asked: "Who is Mike Pompeo?"

Mike Pompeo had been on my mind, because while the home secretary in this country was busy signing Julian's extradition order, in Spain a High Court judge was summoning Pompeo for questioning regarding his role as director of the CIA in their reported plots to murder my husband.

While at the helm of the CIA, President Trump's most loyal supporter reportedly tasked his agents with preparing "sketches" and "options" for the assassination of their father.

The citation for Pompeo to appear before a Spanish judge comes out of an investigation into illicit spying of Julian and his lawyers through a company registered in Spain. Spanish police seized large amounts of electronic data, and insiders involved in carrying out the clandestine operation testified that they acted on instruction of the CIA. They had discussed abducting and poisoning Julian.

Gabriel was six months old at the time and had been a target too. One witness was instructed to obtain DNA swabs from a soiled nappy in order to establish that Julian was his father. Another admitted to planting hidden microphones under the fire extinguishers to tap legally privileged meetings between Julian and his lawyers.

The recordings of Julian's legal meetings in the Ecuadorian embassy in London were physically transported to handlers in the United States on a regular basis. A break-in at Julian's lawyers' office was caught on camera, and investigators discovered photographs of Julian's lawyers' legal papers taken inside the embassy. The operations targeting his lawyers read like they are taken from a Soviet playbook.

Across the pond, ever since the Nixon administration's attempted prosecution of the New York Times over the Pentagon Papers over half a century ago, constitutional lawyers had been warning that the 1917 Espionage Act would one day be abused to prosecute journalists.

It was President Obama's administration that nlivened the creeping misuse of the Espionage Act. More journalistic sources were charged under the Act than all previous administrations combined, including WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning; CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou, and NSA spying whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Following massive public pressure Obama commuted Chelsea Manning's 35-year sentence. Obama declined to prosecute Julian for publishing Manning's leaks because of the implications for press freedom.

After the Obama administration's Espionage Act charging spree, it was just a matter of time before another administration expanded the interpretation of the Act even further.

That day came soon enough. Trump's administration broke new legal ground with the indictment of Julian for receiving, possessing and publishing the Manning leaks. Meanwhile in Langley, Virginia, Pompeo tasked CIA assassination plans.

Priti Patel's decision comes amidst sweeping government reforms of an increasingly totalitarian bent - the plans to weaken the influence of the European Court of Human Rights and the decision to extradite Julian are the coup de grace.

The home secretary's proposed reforms to the UK's Official Secrets Act largely track the Trump-era indictment against Julian: publishers and their sources can be charged as criminal co-conspirators.

Julian's extradition case itself creates legal precedent. What has been understood to be a bedrock principle of democracy, press freedom, will disappear in one foul swoop.

As it stands, no journalist is going to risk having what Julian is being subjected to happen to them. Julian must be freed before it's too late. His life depends on it. Your rights depend on it.

Stella Assange

Please consider taking these following three actions to help Free Assange

1. Register to join our Human Chain to Free Assange - Surround Parliament on Oct 8th
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2. Give to our new #FreeAssange Crowdfunder
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Or Donate via cheque. Make your cheque payable to DEA Campaign
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3. Watch Ithaka: A Family's Fight For Justice
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Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Thus spoke Zarathustra and left his cave, glowing and strong, like a morning sun emerging from behind dark mountains. 

Friday, 15 April 2022

The Good Friday Agreement


On Good Friday April 15th 2022, the Football Is Fixed Network began the process to be reconstituted as Football Is Fixed Associates (FIFAss) when we initiated the selling of our brand and the forming of a new entity.

FIFAss will offer a media channel focusing on matchfixing and derivative corruptions in the Premier League, a one-off television special on the corruption at Euro 2020 with elite producer ██████ ██████ (hitting the screens just prior to Euro 2024 in Germany) and real-time information provision on rigged matches.

FIFAss will also continue with publications, articles, social media output, books and specific high level consultancies (for clubs looking to address corruptions against their interests or for bodies looking at improving integrity in the sport). 

The decision to sell the brand was made once, as a network, we consolidated around the opinion that there is nothing left to save at the highest strata of football and the new array of US and Saudi club owners will merely accelerate the development of this psychopathic template.

Football is simply a betting market welded onto a corrupted reality.

All future outputs will continue to be made securely available to the dozen individuals already in receipt of our full database of evidences and analytics blockchained securely away awaiting a rainy day.

For Green Fields

Football Is Fixed Associates are launching an Information Provision Service for Football Markets

The Service is called For Green Fields

For Green Fields will be launched at the onset of the 2022/23 Season

The tournaments covered will be:

English Premier League
Italian Serie A
Spanish La Liga
German Bundesliga
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Euros Finals 2024
FIFA World Cup Finals 2022

For Green Fields will be tiered.

There are three tiers - Maradona, Messi and Pele.

There are limited spaces in each tier and these will be decided on a first-come-first-served basis.

Once you register your interest and are accepted, you can sit back safe in the knowledge that you will be receiving professional advice on corrupted and / or mispriced football matches from the beginning of next season.
No payment will be due until just prior to the onset of 2022/23 and you may withdraw your interest at any time.

All clients will receive copies of all books, publications and media output at no extra cost including our spectacular new media channel ███ ███ █████ ██ ███ ███.

Information Provision Tiers


We are seeking one organisation or individual that trades / who trade at significant volume on the global betting markets (£1 million+ on English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Euros 2024 Final Competition and FIFA World Cup 2022 Finals in Qatar and greater than £500,000 on the other tournaments).

We will provide real-time information, analytics and insider knowledge from prior to market opening until the final whistle in addition to pre-tournament market-making inputs.

We will share all of our knowledge on every event and market.

The service will collate inputs from our entire network of analysts and insiders at clubs.

A full contract of engagement will be developed.

In effect, we are providing a high level consultancy across an array of competitions and featuring inputs from our team of sports' analysts with nearly 200 years top level experience between them.

The cost of Maradona is £10,000 per week.


Newsletters will be sent out on the morning of every day where matches occur in any of the above tournaments.

These newsletters will contain a holistic overview of each event plus advices regarding value in the markets.

Additionally trading information will be made available around match time on selected events.

Successful applicants will need to be trading at £1000+ per event on primary competitions and at £500+ on secondary events.

The cost of Messi ranges from £100 to £250 per week dependent on the number of trading events provided.


Recipients will receive a daily newsletter on the morning of every day where matches occur in the English Premier League.

These newsletters will contain a holistic overview of each event (including warnings of fixed matches) but no trading information.

There will, however, be extensive education on protecting yourself in the markets.

The cost of Pele is £1 per week.


To register your interest in any of these services or to ask any further questions, please use the Contact Form on this blog page (or on the web page option on your phone) or send an email directly to me at:

The successful clients will be contacted within 48 hours for Messi and Pele.
For any entity interested in Maradona, we will arrange a meeting.

Thank you for your time.

Jeremiah Bullivant on behalf of Football Is Fixed Associates

All The Tired Horses

All The Tired Horses In The Sun
How Am I Supposed To Get Any Riding Done?

The Boss Man Has Muscle And The Gentile Packs A Gun
How Am I Supposed To Get Any Writing Done?

All The Rogue Forces On The Run
How Are They Supposed To Get Any Fixing Done?

The Markets Are Run By Insider Scum
How Are You Supposed To Get Any Trading Done?

All The Tired Horses In The Sun
How Am I Supposed To Get Any Riding Done?

[adapted from Robert Zimmerman & Lisa O'Neill] 

© 2022 Football is Fixed

Saturday, 8 January 2022

Football Is Fixed - Me, A Whistleblower?: Hacking A Spy Through The Maze Of Football Espionage


This first book covers the onset and proliferation of systemic corruption in British football from the creation of the Premier League in 1992

Aside from exposing and addressing corruption in football, the book will also show you how to win on the betting markets

The book is 20 chapters in length

The book is a part of a trilogy each of 20 chapters

You can order all three books for just £20 in total...
... or, if you appreciate our work and wish to help us to continue exposing corruption into the future, you might wish to consider a larger DONATION
We are dependent on your goodwill

For sample content from the first book, see conclusion of this post

How To Order
  • To purchase, click on the "DONATE" button to the right of this article (for mobiles you will need to click on VIEW WEB VERSION to bring up web browser)
  • For just £20 you will receive all three email books direct to your inbox
  • You may also buy 2 sample chapters for £2.50
  • DONATIONS above and beyond the cost of the book are greatly appreciated & allow us to plan for a future of opening betting markets, whistleblowing, hacking corruption & undertaking fraud forensics
  • If you experience any problems purchasing the book then please contact us at email address - or

The Liverpool Cartel Covid-19 & Climate Catastrophe The Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB) Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Tony Bloom, Brighton & Hove Albion & Starlizard The Premier League Systemic Corruption Templates Charlotte Fakes Third Party Ownership of Players US Sports BT Sport & Sky Sports Cybernetics & Hacking Fit & Proper Persons' Test Mafia Coercion Global Bookmakers Insider Trading Proxy Trading Doping, WADA & UKAD Football Agents Matchfixing & Corruption The FA Leicester City & Systemic Corruption John Colquhoun & Roy Hodgson Glasgow Celtic, The Offshore Game & Resolution 12 Blackpool FC Gestifute vs Stellar Glasgow Rangers & the SFA The Takeover of Manchester  United The Targeting of Manchester City Deep State The PGMOB versus Arsenal & Wenger the Euros Mainstream Media Capture Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning The Role of Mafia Sousveillance Sportradar Women's Football The Football League & Non-League Football Media Propaganda Cartels of Agents Capital & Ideology Dark Pools & Betting Markets Football Leaks The Extradition of Julian Assange Efficiency of Markets Neil Swarbrick & Jonathan Moss The Assassinations of Daphne Caruana Galizia & Jan Kuciak FIFA World Cup Marginal Gains Psychopathy Impacts of Inequality in Football Espionage Offshore Financial Centres Tax Evasion & Money Laundering Corruption in La Liga Horseracing & Cricket Corruption The Takeovers of FIFA & UEFA Calciopoli in Serie A Spotfixing Rules, Laws & Regulations Neoliberalism & Free Markets Racism Whistleblowing Fake News & Corporate Journalism The European Super LeaguCovid 19 Football into the Future Wasserman / Key Sports & CAA / Base VAR & The Premier League Match Centre 

Sample Book Content (Chapter by Chapter)

Preface - The holistic nature of the perfect storm in which we currently reside may only be exited with an equally holistic response.
This book offers you an entirely new blueprint for global football. 
Because at the moment we are all watching on as our sport dies and rigor mortis slowly sets in.

Chapter 1 - Over seasons 2018/19 and 2019/20, our analysts detected that over 70% of Premier League matches were fixed i.e. the outcome existed in the underground betting markets pre-match.
The real percentage is no doubt higher as we cannot 'solve' every market.

Chapter 2 - The pandemic has unleashed multiple varieties of class war against the populace - privatised medical versus public health, dividends being paid to shareholders while workers are furloughed or sacked, the Premier League demanding preferential status while lower league clubs go to the wall, censorious 'science' being manipulated to ensure herd immunity abuses for the masses etc etc.

Chapter 3 - Anybody who bets or trades on the markets in this day and age has to have serious market analytical skills.
Otherwise you are going to lose money.
Potentially lots of it if you fall repeatedly into any of the many traps that the bookmakers and their accomplices in the media set for you, day after day.

Chapter 4 - At just the very time that football was learning to cohabit with mafia, the Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB) - the body representing the referees in England - recognised that having the word 'MOB' in the acronym didn't look too good and, lo and behold, it was immediately made safe.
Overnight the PGMOB became the PGMOL as 'Board' became 'Limited'.
(Throughout these books, we stick to PGMOB as there is more poetry in the original acronym.)
Referees influence match outcomes.

Chapter 5 - Matchfixing corrupts.
Absolute matchfixing corrupts absolutely.
From the mid-nineties onwards, the South East Asian underground betting markets exercised virtually total control over English football.
In recent years, that control has been grasped by a cartel of inappropriates from the USA and UK (and its offshore territories).
Neither of these structures is to the benefit of football.
Both create corruption.

Chapter 6  - The combined UEFA, 'Football Leaks' and mainstream media made efforts to get Manchester City banned from the Champions League for two seasons for no reasons in particular - if UEFA rules had been applied historically then Real Madrid and their intriguing finances would have been outed and we can't have that.
Corruption evolves.

Chapter 7 - Club Owner A: "Hey! We're going to allow you to beat us on Saturday"
Manager of Club B: "Cool!"
Club Owner A: "But you must only win by one goal. And we mustn't score"
Manager of Club B: "Okay"
Club Owner A: "We're going to give you the return league game too. Once again by one goal. Only this time the score must be 2-1"
Manager of Club B: "Wunderbar!"
Club Owner A: "Silence is critical if we are to control the markets. Okay?"
Manager of Club B: "Schtum!"
Club Owner A: "We must agree market access points and timing"
Manager of Club B: "No problem. And thanks for the six points. You truly are the Great Enabler, always in control by kick off"

Chapter 8 - When John Henry walked out of Slaughter and May solicitors in Liverpool on October 15th 2010, he uttered: "We are here to win, and we'll do whatever is necessary" - the problems arise when "whatever is necessary" turns out to be illegal, anti-competitive, corrupt and entirely lacking in any semblance of sporting integrity.

Chapter 9 - And, of course, the timelines always reveal everything that the crooks attempt to shroud in mist - on October 11th 2020, the Telegraph newspaper ran the world exclusive story breaking Project Big Picture.
One day earlier on October 10th 2020, Eurosport revealed that John Henry (the Liverpool FC owner) was seeking a stock market listing for the club (worth $1.6 billion) involving a reverse takeover by RedBall Acquisition Corporation, a SPAC set up by Billy Beane and Gerry Cardinale.

Chapter 10 - Jock Stein: "Without fans who pay at the turnstile, football is nothing."

And the legendary Glasgow Celtic manager knows of what he speaks as an insider at the Scottish club informed us that Mr Stein used to receive a piece of paper in the Directors' Box at half-time in every home game at Parkhead. On said paper was written a number. This number represented the number of Celtic fans who had passed through a particular turnstile - all the monies from the Stein 'Stile supporters went straight into Mr Stein's pockets as an extra little earner on the side. 

Stealing Stein-style has evolved into Draw-No-Bet Desmond and La-La Lawwell. Same shit.

It can sometimes seem that only the Green Brigade on the North Curve have Celtic's best interests at heart.

Chapter 11 - Cartel teams, rigged markets, insider trading, highly unlikely outcomes... but there are also everyday run-of-the-mill manipulations on fixed games, say 3-for-3 or 2-for-2 seasonal points sharing or around trading the +1.0 goal Asian Handicap market, for example. And it isn't just that these matches are fixed but the evidence of them being corrupted exists in the pre-match betting markets.

Chapter 12 - Brighton And Hove Albion are a key cog in the EPL corruption template. It is no longer easy to monetise your insider corruptions and trading in the marketplace as many of the underground bookmakers no longer allow organised insider trading from the UK which prevents the sweetheart rewards being reaped. Bloom's Starlizard entity (and offshoots thereof) are able to broker insider trading into this underground. This makes Mr Bloom very powerful indeed (under the protection of █████ █████ of course).

Chapter 13 - How Third Party Ownership Of Players Evolved Into Third Party Ownership Of Agents By Other Agents And Third Party Ownership Of Clubs By Agents, With Cartelised Behaviours Creating Insider Trading And Matchfixing, Resulting In Gambling Losses And Sometimes Suicide For The Leisure Bettors While The Insiders And Bookmakers Profit From Their Systemic Corruption By Being In Receipt Of Some Crumbs Of Comfort That Fall From The Dark Pool Poker Tables Where All Of Our Football Futures Are Fixed.

Chapter 14 - It isn't just the links between certain Guardian journalists and █████ █████...

It isn't just the fake football news or the advertorial content to the benefit of a small grouping of agents...

It isn't even the manipulation of markets to the benefit of insiders and newspaper lackeys...
It is rather the suppression of truth and the coercion of individuals and, by association, the sport that defines this grotesque media.

Chapter 15 - Football Index was a criminal construct that might be utilised as a example to demonstrate the corruptions underpinning the English game.

Football Index is the biggest ever failure of any British betting company and leads to questions about the role of government and the Gambling Commission who allegedly regulated this pyramid structure. It was essentially operating a fraction reserve banking system where only a small percentage of users' money was available to withdraw at any given time.

Chapter 16 - There are two types of corruption orchestrating the sport in England.
The first is the he Construct - marginal gaining and nudging every single parameter input to a match or tournament outcome to a private hidden agenda that enhances future cashflows for he. This type of corruption is weak and relies on threats and coercion and chumming up to organised crime and, moreover, is more easily detected by policing bodies and investigative journalists due to the simplicity of the incremental patterns.

Unlike the second type of corruption - the He Construct.

By some distance, the holistic corruption template supportive of England in Euro 2020 was the most sophisticated we have witnessed in any tournament.

Chapter 17 Over the last 25 years the Football Is Fixed Network have only agreed to three interviews - one with a Chinese entity, another with a Spanish and a third spread across the remaining Chapters of this book where I answer questions from █████ █████ in France.

We made a decision to avoid captured media in the UK at the outset and we have turned down multiple approaches from each of the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph, ITV as well as other tentacles from other media at home and abroad.

Chapter 18 What do they put in the oranges at half time in the visiting dressing rooms when Manchester United are playing away?
What exactly is it that Ole is at the wheel of?
Where were UKAD?
Why are the US owners of Liverpool and Manchester United so anti-competitively psychopathic?

Chapter 19 - Prince Salman chooses the moniker MBS instead of his real title - preferring to sound like a mid-seventies discount furniture store than the Monster Bastard Sociopath, we are assuming.

Chapter 20 - Some of the other arenas to be attended in Book 2 include Referees, VAR, Club Ownership, Developing a Successful Trading Strategy, the Impacts of the Replication Crisis, the Evolution of the Liverpool Cartel, Racism, a Full Disclosure of BT Sport, Celtic, Rangers and the SFA, a Blueprint for a Legitimate Sport, Doping Detection via Analytics, Starlizard and Matchfixing, AUKUS and Football, Climate Catastrophe and Covid, Fundamental Parameters, AI, Third Wave Economics and Quantum Computing, Independent Regulation, Rogue Agent Templates, the pgMOB, the Bookmaking Sector, more Espionage, the obliteration of Jonathan Moss, Mafia Templates, Gestifute, Insider Trading Mechanics and Detection, a multitude of transcripts will be uploaded to the cloud and we'll cover loads of peripherals like dodgy players, spotfixing, intermarket analytics, bespoke doping...

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