Monday 13 November 2023

Freaky Football: Recipes For Disaster - Anarchist Cookbook Exposing Systemic Corruption In Premier League

Aperitif - Freaky Football

Jeremiah Bullivant: "While Cosmologists search for the ultimate nature of reality, we search for the ultimate nature of corruption"

Over the International Break and the window beyond, the Football Is Fixed Network are producing, in real time, an extensive and exclusive book detailing corruption in the Premier League - the perpetrators, the impacts, the matchfixing, the insider trading, the cartelised behaviours (particularly by football agents), the targeting of certain teams (specifically Brighton and Hove Albion, Arsenal, Manchester City, Everton, West Ham United, Fulham, Bournemouth and Wolverhampton Wanderers), the abuses of the transfer market, the systemic doping, the machinations of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), the role of referees in matchfixing, the manipulations on winning margins, the agreed results, the role of organised crime groups, the control of match officials by specific clubs, the institutional contortions of integrity, the captured mainstream media, the criminalised bookmakers, the distortion of the league and the control of the fixture list and match flow.

That sort of thing...

This anti-corruption novelette content will be interspersed with the outputs that Football Is Fixed have shared with clients over the onset of season 2023/24 and we are in the process of setting up a proprietary URL where content from all three books in the trilogy may be accessed in one location.

Book 1 of the trilogy took seven years to prepare...
... Book 2 will take 7 weeks.
When the two sevens clash as Culture once kindly informed us...

We are not charging for this book as our aim is to share the full template of the systemic corruption with fans.
The Independent Regulator For Football (IREF) will soon be operational.
It is important for the future of the game that certain realities are in the public arena prior to the onset of this currently toothless entity.

If you feel like supporting us in our whistleblowing endeavours then you may make a Donation via the box at the top right of the web page.
We are grateful for any donations received.

By the time this mini-book is completed, readers will have access to a full matrix of the corrupting forces emanating from rogue agent and organisational kingpin John Colquhoun.

Football in England (and Scotland) is systemically corrupted.

We intend to demonstrate how this destruction in integrity is achieved and provide extensive evidences in a variety of forms that will prove that the game has been captured by organised crime.

We are no longer willing to negotiate.

We aim to publicise everything we know (although a percentage of evidences will be held back for strategic defence).

Hors D'Oeuvres - Tinker Hacker Whistleblower Spy

Roberto De Zerbi: "I don't like 80% of Premier League referees. That isn't a new opinion. I don't like them. I don't like their behaviour on the pitch. England is the only country where, when there is VAR, you are not sure that the decision is right. In England, no, and I'm not able to understand."

We aim in this mini-book, among other things, to help Roberto De Zerbi understand why many PGMOL referees are corrupt, how they are corrupt and the manners in which they bring that corruption to the sport and to the betting markets.

We will demonstrate that Mr De Zerbi is correct in his assertion that 80% of PGMOL referees are problematical (although we make that number 78%).

But we won't quibble over 2% here and there.

The PGMOL is problematical to integrity in the Premier League.

Although there have been improvements under Howard Webb, there are insiders who not only manipulate referee selection but also directly interfere in the officiating process producing outputs that may only be described as corrupt.

When Colquhoun (who is the missing link between the vegetable and mineral kingdoms) managed to elevate both Jonathan Moss and Neil Swarbrick to the PGMOL Select Group in 2010/11, he was imitating a template utilised by rogue Scottish referee Hugh Dallas who 'trained up' two referees to carry on his good work after his retirement from on-field shenanigans.

We have exposed numerous corruption templates orchestrated by Moss and Swarbrick over the years both on the blog and in Book 1 of this trilogy. But, in brief, integrity was not on the radar when these two match officials were in charge.

When Swarbrick retired from black whistle work in 2017/18, he was promoted to Head Of VAR at the PGMOL where he oversaw the very worst rollout of video technology in any major league.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) rules on VAR were entirely ignored by Premier League officials with a delay in the introduction of the technology and in referees initial refusal to use the pitchside monitors while decisions were arbitrarily constructed between the referee and the VAR Official.
Furthermore, the matchday referees had been illegally linked to Stockley Park for many seasons with Lee Mason once waiting 45 seconds in a Premier League match while the decision was relayed to him via unseen individuals from afar.

When Webb gained control of the PGMOL, he sacked Swarbrick last season along with Mason and Mike Dean.
Mainstream media manipulated fake narratives over these dismissals to disguise the fact that all three individuals from Stockley Park exhibited a peculiar positive correlation with the requirements of three different mafia groups.

Just a Freaky Football Fluke obviously...

After Moss retired with one of the most corrupt inept refereeing performances in recent years where he allowed Nottingham Forest to steal the Championship Play Off Final from Huddersfield Town in 2020/21, he was promoted to the PGMOL as a manager and serves as Colquhoun's lieutenant at Stockley Park.

Mr Moss is an integrity-lite shite.

De Zerbi is entirely correct when he states that the unprofessionalism regarding the implementation of VAR is not present in other leagues.

Elsewhere, although there are certain complaints about the length of time it takes VAR to correct errors, the general view of fans is that the process eliminates distortions to the authenticity of the sport by ensuring that the right decision is made.
Only the Premier League has issues with the correct implementation of VAR together with an apparent mockery of the fan (and football) via squiggly lines, non-perpendicular to the touchline offside visuals and an apparent refusal to treat each instance by the rules of the game.
Ostensibly, it was this non-application of the rules that led to the sacking of Mason and Dean last season, as the former mysteriously kept being selected for Brentford matches (in 2020/21, Mason was VAR for a third of the Bees' EPL games) and the latter showing a bias towards Liverpool that was as blatant as it was crooked (Dean moved out of Liverpool in order to be able to officiate Merseyside matches and, for no reason whatsoever, was granted private jet air travel courtesy of a bookmaker).

The impact of these officials was marked both in the betting markets and in the outcomes of the season.
Although Manchester City are also heavily targeted by Colquhoun's mobsters, it was Arsenal who had the stuffing knocked out of their campaign last season via Mason's bizarre interpretations in the Arsenal versus Brentford match that proved to be his downfall.

Brentford, of course, are owned by a former bookmaker and professional gambler Matthew Benham who has a trading room within the club stadium.
Brentford match outcomes are known in the underground betting markets pre-match...
... but at least there is a sophistication to Benham's manipulations of reality whereas Colquhoun's corruptions are poorly structured and lack class. They are just simplistic boiler room scams.

Once Swarbrick and Moss retired, Colquhoun worked on getting other referees willing to do his bidding promoted to the PGMOL Select Group - David Coote, Michael Salisbury and Jarred Gillett were the first wave of inappropriates but this season has seen the extrapolation of a far more extensive network of corrupt officials.

Some of these officials monetise their role via contracts with bookmakers and proprietary proxy trading.

Why doesn't Howard Webb act on this?
He is supposed to be a policeman after all.

Let's travel back through a wormhole of time.

The corruption matrix in English football was robust until Euro 2020 (played in 2021 due to the pandemic).

But, due to investigative journalism by the Football Is Fixed Network, this infrastructure bifurcated in the midst of the tournament as Brighton and Hove Albion owner Tony Bloom and Colly Boy waged war on one another.

The former utilises enhanced military strategy while the latter is a terroristic thug.

When Wasserman agents took over Colquhoun's Key Sports agency, the resulting marriage combined to create integrity issues across the world game with a particular focus on the Premier League and the Championship.

Graham Potter was manager at Brighton when Colquhoun persuaded him to join the Wasserman stable and leave the club for a position at Chelsea.
At the time, Colquhoun utilised his position as unofficial editor-in-chief at the Guardian to mock Bloom's loss and the wee man reckoned that by stealing Potter's backroom staff he would be dealing a mortal blow to Bloom's enterprise.

Not so.
The genius of Brighton and Hove Albion is Tony Bloom not Graham 'Harry' Potter and his underlings.
Brighton gained strength while Potter failed miserably becoming, in effect, unemployable in the process.
This was not a slick strategy and a coup but an act of self-harm as Colquhoun cut off his plasticated nose to spite his plasticated face. Choosing a latter day Sun Tzu as an enemy was not the brightest move.

The net result of this emphatic own goal was that the Premier League evolved into a split duopoly at club level.
There are two networks of clubs who fight with one another in fragmented cartelised form - one under Bloom's oversight and the other larger grouping under Colquhoun's.
And it is the latter that is truly problematical to integrity in the Premier League.

Now Colquhoun's camp isn't a robust structure of cartel akin to OPEC but a messy compendium of partial allegiance to a loosely defined cause.
And some teams exist in their own universe - for example, Newcastle United who all organised crime groups desire to work alongside due to the sheer financial strength of the Saudi-backed operation.

The Stellar / Wasserman / Unique / CAA - Base (SWUC) cartel of corrupted agents represent eleven Newcastle players while manager Eddie Howe is a Wasserman man.

The strategies of Bloom and Colquhoun differentiate at this point.
So, both Arsenal and Tottenham, despite not being in Colquhoun's organised crime orbit are influenced by the Scot via Mikel Arteta of Arsenal being represented by Wasserman and Ange Postecoglou at Spurs being under CAA - Base control.

Colquhoun's efforts are always in the instant as his psychopathic personality disorder prevents him from creating robust strategies or from understanding the cause and effect of actions perpetrated.
His disaster capitalism template enforces a real time spinning of plates as he attempts to maintain his tentacles of corruption. The downfall of this template is that plates frequently fall as individuals and entities fall outside of Colquhoun's gravitational pull.

Colquhoun desperately attempts to be perceived as a mafia man in his local arena and as a successful businessman further afield.

Bloom is elevated at a much higher level and plans a decade or more ahead while Colly Man struggles to think beyond lunchtime.

As part of Colquhoun's attempts to sycophant up to Mohammed bin Salman, there aren't just the inputs at Newcastle but a whole array of entities represented directly by Colquhoun or via third party ownership have moved over to the nascent Saudi Pro League in an attempt to give it authenticity and, of course, to take the blood money.

Spectacularly, El-Ettifaq are captained by Jordan Henderson who, having gained an MBE for his work on LGBTQ+ issues decided the best way to promote his campaigning work was to be be paid £700,000 per week to enhance a regime that beheads gay people (as well as women, social media critics of the government etc).
Meanwhile, talentless Wasserman client Steven Gerrard has also sold out to state terrorism.
Slimy J and Slippy G.

Howdy Saudi (Originally Published September 22nd 2023)

MBS, as he likes to be known, is precise in his psychopathy - sportswashing by Saudi Arabia will increase the total annual profits made by the Kingdom by 1.0 to 1.5% he told Fox News in a rare interview this week.
He sees sports that way.
He seeks sub-sectors that will slot into his portfolio of trading entities and offer integrated and enhanced returns in the symbiotic wonderland of a walled garden in the desert, an enclave within capitalism.
He exploits cartel control of global oil prices and chips away at enemy edifices via minor victories over the table, the takeover of Newcastle United by Saudi's sovereign wealth fund, for example, while constructing integrated infrastructure.
So not paying transfer fees or delaying the payment must be seen as a deliberate slur towards the western owners, agents and players who were only too keen to accept their slice of a booty based on beheadings and the murder of a journalist with a bone saw and a vat of acid...
The little ruse with the non-payment no doubt made MBS chuckle (do sheikhs chuckle?) but continues to have real impacts on the football sector with even global betting turnover falling 13% at the peak of the crisis, presumably because agents and club owners were unable to put as much money to market due to cash flow problems.
Then MBS makes a fake attack about Saudi teams being in next season's expanded Champions League.
There is a pincer movement whereby the Union of European Clubs (UEC) attack the European Club Association (ECA) from one side while FIFA / Saudi Arabia / USA attack UEFA from the other.
When the G14 expanded into the ECA and was allegedly disbanded, nothing changed - the same inner core ran European football with a pseudo-gloss of democracy.
The defining battleground became the future development of a Super League as everybody had to place their cards on the table and allegiances in the open and yet still the Europeans played as if omnipotent.
Any Super League, European or Global would do.
That was the ultimate prize so the European Super League (ESL) was immediately acceptable to the clubs (before fan backlash) and to some governments (before voter backlash).
Initially, of course, it was supposed to be Britain and the US taking over football with a strategy begun 13 years ago to gain control of key agencies within FIFA and UEFA.
The Premier League universe however spent too much time focusing on UEFA and was blindsided to the Americans getting bored and walking away.
It's a structural thing - the Rail and Ports deal was announced on the G20 sidelines by USA, EU, Saudi Arabia, UAE & India with the UK conspicuous by its absence.
It's a peculiarity of modern life that, despite virtually all of the terrorists who carried out 9 / 11 being Saudi, the US has only gone round destructing other countries who were not involved in 9 / 11 in any way, shape or form...
... and yet continues to cosy up to the House of Saud.
Almost like it's a shared strategy.
While UEFA fights it's internal battles on a foundation of reactive strategy, the FIFA / Saudi Arabia / USA World Super League (WSL) is coming with the initial forerunner being the 2025 Club Championship.
The UK was so focused on short term and immediate profits that they failed to realise just how many of the WSL teams will be owned by Americans and Arabs - Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle United, AC Milan, Inter Milan (under Oaktree Capital control), Paris St Germain, Olympique de Marseille, AS Roma etc while Juventus, Barcelona, Atletico and Real Madrid have never shifted their focus from the prize on offer.
The battle is over.
MBS has won.
There is no competing against a state oligarch at this strength.
He has decided to exert ultimate control of global football and global football has to accept that future.
The UK had its chance.
A combination of Brexit, greed and internecine fighting blew any opportunity.
The Midas Touch that Europe thought it possessed from its power base at UEFA turned out to be nothing more than its Achilles Heel at FIFA.

This sucking up to sociopathic power structures is an attempt at a strategy that is bound to fail.
Bin Salman doesn't need the inputs of a rancid wee mafia man from Stirling.


That is the matrix upon which the semi-systemic corruption destroying football in the Premier League is based.

The more interesting reality is how these power games play out on the field of play and that is what we will be focusing on in the next chapter where we expose the matchfixing that defines this self-styled 'World's Greatest League'.

Cook, Recipe Book - The Matrix Of Manipulation

Daphne Caruana Galizia: "There are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate"

Before we begin on the template of a systemic corruption, we need to set the parameters of engagement.

The information and data shared in this book comes from an array of sources - internal analytics from the Football Is Fixed Network, privileged betting account inputs from bookmakers where our Network has messengers, ██████████████ █████ ██████████, our broker in South East Asia, from individual Network members in their various loci and via machine learning / neural net tools (to collate disparate sources into a holistic unit).

We also are sent, from time to time, documents, betting account info, data dumps, intercepts and transcripts from security entities at both state and hacker levels.

Our Network never makes any requests for this latter input on a specific basis although we do encourage whistleblowing in the political direct action sense.

There are, obviously, some arenas that remain opaque to our investigations and such battlegrounds are not included in our analyses.

Furthermore, systemic corruption templates are not scientific constructs.

You would think, therefore, that our projection of this corrupted infrastructure is less robust than, say, the Lorentz equation of motion or Church's lambda calculus. But we beg to differ.

One of the key infrastructural realities of systemic corruption matrices developed by organised crime groups is the formulation of the criminalised model.

So, although there are differentials created by the human and the psychological, the interactive and the interpersonal, the grid of corruption created by our analytics is immensely robust in that it is based on so many strong inputs and evidences.

But in adaptation of Dostoevsky - all legitimate football clubs are alike, each corrupted football club is corrupt in its own way.

So, the template of corruption markedly differs across Colquhoun's stable of entities depending on the club ownership, infrastructure, size as well as cultural and geopolitical inputs.

We approach whistleblowing using scientific method and quantum economics, cosmology modelling and artificial intelligence, military strategy and psychological assessment, and then we integrate the science with the hard evidence provided by contacts and hackers.

We started with a hypothesis.
It evolved into a thesis.
And we are now witnessing and exposing a criminal template.

As we have already intimated, John Colquhoun has established a stable of clubs.
For the purposes of this book, we are primarily going to focus on teams that are currently in the Premier League.

By a remarkable statistical fluke, this stable of clubs are markedly 'helped' by the officiating of certain PGMOL referees.

But let's take it from the top...

We assess referee and VAR input on all games in our databases.

Those who wish to disguise the levels of corruption in football inform us that referee errors even out over the season.
This is not the case and, indeed, has never been the case (see numerous historical articles and Book 1 for details of these corrupted tilts).

For example, in Scotland over the last six years, when John Beaton has refereed the Tribute Act from Ibrox, he has given 12 penalties and red cards...
... every single decision has been in favour of the club based upon the liquidated and defunct Rangers FC.
No leveling out over time there then...

We weight referee and VAR intrusions into the sport at either +/-1.0 or +/- 0.5 dependent on the severity of impact of the decision.

In season 2023/24 to date, the holistic tilt of the stable of Colquhoun outfits has been +28 in total i.e. a differential of 28 major decisions have been in favour of this cartel of clubs.

Conversely, the remainder of the division has a -75 totalisation.

We have never witnessed such a tilt in any other league in any other season.

This is systemic matchfixing pure and (very) simple.

An outsider might question how we reach such figures when every single refereeing decision (and it's evaluation and interpretation) is subjective.
To address any personal biases, our whole Network rate every single major decision made by PGMOL officials and the mean is recorded in our databases.

There is no collusion just an honest attempt to assess the refereeing realities in the EPL.

Titles, Champions League and other UEFA qualifications as well as relegation places are being adjusted via these corrupt inputs.

Last season, Manchester United were presented with a Champions League place via inappropriate inputs while Hodgson's Crystal Palace have twice escaped relegation in the same manner.

After twelve matches this season, the following teams stand out for the positive or negative effects of PGMOL decisions:

Clubs markedly helped by PGMOL: Aston Villa +9 points, Newcastle United +6 points, Manchester United +5 points, Liverpool +4 points.
Clubs markedly abused by PGMOL: Brighton and Hove Albion -8 points, Wolverhampton Wanderers - 11 points.

These levels of differential do not exist in any other major league.
Not even remotely...

It goes without saying that the targeting of Tony Bloom by Colquhoun is a serious impact on sporting integrity.

A very key database of events this season is the one comparing referee and VAR impacts on clubs within Colquhoun's orbit when playing against clubs external to such cartel.

In a legitimate league, there is no reason for any tilt or bias in such matches.
If the PGMOL officials were neutral arbiters then there should be nothing in the databases showing a leaning in favour of Colquhoun cartel clubs.

Unfortunately for the legitimacy of the Premier League that is not the case.
Seven match officials have a statistically significant bias in favour of the Colquhoun cartel while three other referees hover just below the threshold of statistical significance.

Brooks, Gillett, Salisbury, Madley A. and Taylor are particularly problematical.


There is obviously a line of argument which suggests that we are dealing with an extremely unlikely statistical outlier that, in a freak of probabilistic chaos, by a weird fluke happens to suggest such a template.

A bit like tossing a coin time after time and it always coming up heads.
It's almost as if the PGMOL is a two-headed coin in that case!


There is another analytical route that creates further issues and that is the referees who show marked bias for or against a particular club in the manner of Beaton in the Scottish Premiership or the targeting of Jose Mourinho by Jonathan Moss (on behalf of Colquhoun) due to the Portuguese disclosing corruption structures in the EPL.

We have jested in the past that Michael Oliver's real name should be Michael Oliverpool after his obviously unconscious bias in favour of the Merseyside giants.
In recent times, this bias has played a much lesser role for reasons we explore further below.

But there are some club / referee links that really do need explaining.

Jarred Gillett should never be referee or VAR Official on Newcastle United games.
His decision-making is evidently biased.
There is no other example of such club bias by a match official in any other top league.


It is worse than that.

Every single PGMOL match official who exhibits a fluke bias in favour of Colquhoun cartel clubs versus the remainder of the league also, by complete magic, has their proprietary decision-making and match outcome in existence pre-match in certain betting markets.

That is.

When Referee X favours Colquhoun's clubs, certain bookmakers know pre-match.

There are suspicious and / or robust data on linkage between insider trading and match decisions and match result with 78% of PGMOL referees.

With some of these officials, it is early doors and there is not enough data to make a public assertion as to the integrity of the particular referee.
But there are a core group of PGMOL match officials who are evidently trading on the corruption that they are about to perpetrate.
And this doesn't only exist in the Premier League but in Champions League games too where certain English match officials distort outcomes via 'interesting' decisions that, purely by chance, align with certain betting activity in certain betting markets.

We have been given solid evidence that some PGMOL officials have contracts with some bookmakers.
Some of these corrupt liaisons have existed for several seasons.

In acts of utter idiocy, the worst offending officials cannot help further enhancing their rogue earnings by profiting additionally via proxy trading their knowledge in the public markets.
As with many criminal structures, excessive greed is often the straw that breaks corruption's back.

And the same market makers come up again and again proving that some bookmakers have contracts with a significant percentage of PGMOL officials.


Let's move this holistic analysis forwards by looking at Premier League teams who insider trade their own matches, in some cases trading against their own club's interests to the detriment of fans and the integrity of the sport.

Every single club in Colquhoun's cartel monetise match outcomes via insider trading.
The most egregious culprits are Manchester United and Crystal Palace who link with several bookmakers. But other more refined approaches exist at other clubs.


Lo and fucking behold, it is the same grouping of global bookmakers who assist in this club-based insider trading as with the referee-based corruption.

At this stage, it is necessary to point out that our cover of describing these structures as fluke is not strong enough...
... what we are getting ready to deal on here is a systemic corruption which entirely destroys any validity in the EPL.

There is no sophistication to this systemic corruption but the data, the integration, the evidences, the intercepts and transcripts are robust and all point to the same point on the compass...
... the point named 'organised crime'.

There are other modular corruptions too existing around BT Sport / TNT Sports and Sky Sports events but those orchestrated corruptions are not for this time or place.

A vital input to allow this degree of matchfixing and corruption to occur is the selection of the match officials for Premier League (and Champions League, for that matter) events.

The infrastructure described above is only performative due to the appointments made by the PGMOL and due to the very small roster of officials that are in the Select Group.

We have been given evidence demonstrating that a low level machine learning approach is utilised in referee selection for Premier League games.
There is particular focus on the live televised matches due to the significantly increased global betting turnover on such games and this has been added to this season by the events where Colquhoun cartel operatives require a particular outcome.

There is no meritocracy in these appointments.

The two most respected (sic) PGMOL match officials are Anthony Taylor and Michael Oliver and one or other has been involved in an unusual percentage of the integrity-lite events in the EPL this season.
Just another fluke, I guess.
And Mr Taylor and Mr Oliver really need to be explaining how the very same bookmakers that work alongside Colquhoun's club cartel also 'know' their match outcomes pre-match and the very same proxy routes to market are parallelled too.
Just another weird fluke, I guess.
Gillett, Hooper and Salisbury also have the same matrix of un-integrity.
These flukes just keep mounting up, don't they?

The construct we are describing here is one of orchestrated organised crime.
And these bastards are undertaking this criminality using our sport as the medium to illicit earnings.

And the organised crime groups seek greater vice-like control of their operation as, from time to time, certain match outcomes cannot be landed via referee inputs and the coercion and / or acquiescence of captured goalkeepers and / or players from the SWUC cartel of agents.

Hence the war on VAR.

The War on VAR (Originally Published On October 20th 2023)

Certain sections of the mainstream media under the control of rogue entities are waging war on VAR despite the logical disconnect that, even if VAR accidentally confirms some 'errors', it overturns many more and, as such, is a positive force for integrity in a sport that dragged its heels over the implementation of video technology in the first place.
Fortunately, Howard Webb is being proactive on the issue which makes a refreshing change after years of captured inertia under Mike 'Kipper' Riley.
So, following the uproar after a PGMOL decision went against Liverpool, Webb altered PGMOL protocols to ensure similar misunderstandings won't be repeated in future. Furthermore, Webb is pressurising IFAB to allow a revision of an erroneous decision even if play has restarted.
As IFAB is, in effect, an anachronism under the control of British football associations, this change should not be difficult to lever through.
But, in a world where integrity is gamed by nudge and nuance, this steady slicing of a sporting reality is not a permanent solution.
It simply moves the potential issue to a new location.
If, in the Spurs versus Liverpool match, Darren England had had the ability to stop play even after a restart, what happens if Spurs score a goal in that window?
There are further wormholes of chaos ahead.
This situation is entirely of the making of the likes of IFAB and the PGMOL.
If VAR had been activated on behalf of football rather than to the benefit of organised crime and matchfixing, we wouldn't have these inappropriate infrastructures imposing surreal realities on the spectacles at play.
Mark Bullingham, the captured CEO of the Football Association (FA), moves further and suggests that VAR audio links should be made available in real time.
Bizarrely, Bullingham informs us that the marketing and commercial people in football wish for this to happen while the referees are against it.
Now why would that be?
Narcissism seems a constant with match officials from Webb downwards and they never miss a chance to recognise their image on the stadium screens so why would they have any problem with more fame, more public acceptance, more chance to put the record straight, more money after their career has ended etc etc.
FIFA is currently trialing an open mike approach to VAR although after usage in the Club World Cup last February it was decided against utilising the open links for the Women's World Cup with fans not able to hear all the discussions between match officials.
But the Premier League needs to be asking itself why it is the only league that has been unable to suitably integrate VAR into the game while insiders are making colossal profits trading on the lack of integrity at play.
When studying for my Ph.D in 1995, Professor Neville Topham, on hearing that I was moving the field of my analytics from horseracing to football, kindly pointed me in a suitable direction: "Monitor the referees".
He provided me with evidences in support of this attitude and we have been monitoring referee-led corruption in football ever since.
If the professor behind the Centre for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming knew that referees were corrupting football nearly three decades ago, one might think that government, media, institutions and other authorities could have caught on in the intervening period.
Dream on.
We live in a sporting kleptocracy.

A-VAR-icious - In Remembrance Of A Robust Systemic Corruption, Organised Crime Goes Over The Top (Originally Published On November 11th 2023)

Jamie Carragher: "VAR is ruining football - we must limit its use now"
Des Lynam: "VAR is ruining my love of football - let's put it on ice for the season"
Erik Ten Hag (on VAR after death in Copenhagen): "Football was never meant to be like this"
The Guardian: "VAR up for discussion again"
Mikel Arteta describes current VAR system as "embarrassing" and "a disgrace"
Ange Postecoglou on VAR: "I don't like it"
Brendan Rodgers: "I would scrap VAR right now and go back to pure football"
Eddie Howe felt that Newcastle's win over Arsenal was "overshadowed" by VAR controversy
The Guardian: "Premier League managers want VARs to be assigned to specific refereeing teams"
As John Colquhoun's mobsters and associates lob grenades at referees, VAR and the rules of the game, fans are left wondering why football journalism in this country is so captured.
English football will always come up with new ways to corrupt the sport. You just can't stop them - corruption simply finds a way.
So, in the week where we got a glimpse of what the Swiss System will bring to Champions League 'Group' matches next season, Colquhoun creates fallacies in furtherance of his own psychopathic ambitions.
Of the above quotes...
... the Guardian football output is entirely under the control of Colquhoun's minions, Carragher is represented by corrupt agents Wasserman, Arteta is represented by corrupt agents Wasserman, Howe is represented by corrupt agents Wasserman, Postecoglou is represented by linked corrupt agent CAA - Base, Rodgers is owned by Colquhoun, Ten Hag is under Colquhoun's thumb and Lynam is used by Colquhoun for proprietary output in the Telegraph. And, obviously, Colquhoun is linked with Wasserman having sold his agency to the Americans.
So, not football hating VAR but organised crime hating VAR.
A very different narrative.
If you could take a time machine back to when football wasn't corrupt, you could explain to the fan the honour that she / he should feel that this beautiful sport would eventually be used as a mechanism for systemic corruption organised by, well, organised crime groups (OCGs).
This last week has witnessed Colquhoun's serial control of media output morphing into a media terrorism. Can you negotiate with terrorists? Does football want those conversations? Or does the English game want a return to the status quo of the entirely controlled systemic corruption that existed before the very delayed and very manipulated introduction of video technology into the English game?
Aside from the captured bunch of reprobates mentioned at the onset of this article, there is another key squadron involved in the deliberate undermining of VAR, corrupted match officials.
And the spectacles of failure, by a complete mystery, are always in the Sky Sports / BT Sport - TNT live televised events.
VAR's 'failings' are produced by OCGs in the glare of maximum publicity.
It would almost appear to the untrained eye that this failure of VAR is a deliberate terrorist act carried out on the orders of organised crime.
Now why would organised crime be doing that?
OCGs want the smallest nucleus of corrupt inputs to their systemic crimes - more mouths equals more leaks whereas a tight-knit group of captured entities has greater longevity of performativity.
If VAR is scrapped then more power will exist in the hands of the on-field referee and we will witness a return to the bad old days of referees corrupting games without technology coming to integrity's rescue.
Insider trading and matchfixing will increase.
Integrity will decrease.
The quote regarding what Premier League managers desire comes from the the LMA chief executive Richard Bevan, a serial liar if ever there was one.
Being quoted (inevitably) in the Guardian, Bevan pushes for two things.
Firstly that the referee squads should be a permanent structure i.e. the same referees, assistants, 4th Official and VAR Official to work together on all games.
The benefit, supposedly, is that this will increase professionalism while, actually, it will increase systemic corruption.
Secondly, Bevan wants a clearer description of what a "clear and obvious" error represents.
This merely will reduce the power of VAR to correct corruptions errors perpetrated by the on-field operative.
The Football Is Fixed Network have got a lot of stuff on Bevan...
... he is not a man to speak of integrity, he is not a man to be CEO of anything at all, he is not a man who has football's best interests at heart.
Colquhoun's defining 'strategy' is a disaster capitalism template.
As with all terrorists (state, corporate or revolutionary), he hurls bombs and grenades onto innocents while laughing psychopathically at the devastation he causes to his own benefit.
Colquhoun has never achieved anything other than this corporate / organised crime terrorism.
It is his raison d'etre.
Lurking in the shadows, murdering the sport that gave him a career, terrorising whistleblowers and other integrity loci in the game.
As we share data dumps on Colquhoun with various institutions, our Remembrance Day message would have to include the words "If Colquhoun does turn out to be one of the fallen, we know exactly what this selfless martyr would expect fans to say. Thank you Mr Mafia Man. Thank you for your service to the sport".

      Laughing All The Way To The Shadow Banking System In The Offshore Financial Centre

The Hunger Games - If You're Not At The Table, You're On The Menu

Howard Devoto: "Shot by both sides, we must have come to a secret understanding"

Organised crime reveals its presence in a very wide array of manners.

For example, in the absence...

The captured output of the football section of the Guardian newspaper under Colquhoun's control reported Roberto De Zerbi's above quote on referees as: "I don't like referees" which is an 'intriguing' filtration of the actual quote which was: "I don't like 80% of Premier League referees."

Or, in the inversion...

Once a criminalised template is publicly exposed, the rogue operation directly invert the said template to place doubt in the mind of outsiders monitoring the situation. This matrix is the one utilised by the corrupt and fascist Israeli government in the unfolding genocide in Gaza.
Mr Colquhoun also extensively runs with this prank.

Similarly, in the branding...

It remains one of the more hilarious developments in the demise of English football that the PGMOL changed it's acronym from PGMOB at exactly the same time as the mob moved into the refereeing body.

Years later we are looking at a holographic battlefield with Tony Bloom in the blue corner and John Colquhoun and the pgMOBsters in the red corner.

Seconds out... Round 1.

The Football Is Fixed Network evidently have issues with Mr Colquhoun.

Aside from the systemic corruption and his monetising of criminal practices, he has also used threats and menaces against me and my Network, he has trolled us, he despatches Rangers Media thugs to my home, he has attempted to infiltrate my family and my grouping, he has destroyed high level consultancy projects by sharing fake and nefarious information and, worst of all, there was an attempt on my life in June 2019.

Mr Colquhoun is a British equivalent of Yorgen Fenech, the crime operative who oversaw the assassination of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta in October 2017 on behalf of his mafia state accomplices ex-prime minister Joseph Muscat and his odious chief of staff Keith Schembri.

This brave man combines gambling interests, state mafia activities, money laundering, organised crime & assassination

In November 2019, Fenech (who is bred from a mafia dynasty in Malta) was arrested over the blowing up of Caruana Galizia's car which led to her death.

One of Fenech's business interests was in the Dubai-registered company 17 Black which was exposed in the Panama Papers.
The Daphne Project has been presented with emails showing that 17 Black had transferred 2 million euros to two Panama shell companies linked to Schembri and another government minister Konrad Mizzi for unspecified services.

In the aftermath of Daphne's murder, Fenech attempted to escape Malta on his private yacht before being intercepted and arrested as a "person of interest" in Caruana Galizia's murder.
He sought to plea bargain information for immunity without success.

Like all psychopaths, Fenech is a fearful shell of a human being.

Fenech has been charged with complicity in Daphne's murder and bail has been refused in a case that is still ongoing and also includes Schembri together with Adrian Vella who acted as middle man between the mafia state and the organised crime ring around Fenech.

Fenech is also being investigated for fraud and money laundering and repeated applications for bail have been denied as it is known that he is seeking to get to the USA, has transferred much of his wealth into non-traceable cryptocurrencies and has purchased grenades and cyanide.
Nice guy.

The parallels between mafia operations in Malta and mafia operations in the UK are striking.
Much of the corruption destroying integrity in British football is routed through the crime island of Malta with a whole cabal of bookmakers, pan-European criminals on golden passport schemes and football agents who coerce third party owned footballers who are, in effect, treated as economic slaves in a mafia-led sport.

Daphne Caruana Galizia lost her life through her supreme investigative journalism while the perpetrators of her murder have lost access to freedom but, no doubt, will be able to bribe and kickback a way to a future life beyond prison walls.

All that the likes of Muscat, Schembri, Mizzi, Vella and Fenech will lose is their reputation and their legacy.
They are already in the history books as mafia scum.

Mr Colquhoun quite fancies a legacy.
He establishes public interest bodies on behalf of clients in an attempt to disguise the organised crime that is his sole contribution to the hyperreality.

And, if the hit-and-run attempt on my life had been successful, he too would have only really lost that legacy and access to the state gong that he seeks for "services to football".

As whistleblowers, this is as much as we can expect...
... a posthumous moral victory.

Or stalemate.

The Football Is Fixed Network have changed strategy since 2019.

Firstly, we shared all of our historical and ongoing current evidences of Colquhoun's criminality with a web of entities worldwide so that any further attempt at violence would be a mutually assured destruction.
Secondly, we actively sought messengers and placed sleepers in pertinent bodies in the Colquhoun universe. These operatives provide my colleagues with information in real time.
And, thirdly and most recently, we have been dropping data dumps of Colquhoun betting patterns, tax interests, organised crime activities onto unsuspecting core people in the world of football.

We are quite comfortable with the mutually assured destruction option as I have nothing to lose in comparison with the OCGs.


I prefer a different future away from whistleblowing and investigative journalism because the strategies behind saving football are futile.
The game is up.
All that remains to be decided is who is going to be in control of this criminalised monstrosity in the future.


The Football Is Fixed Network have pledged allegiance to Tony Bloom for the duration of this war.


Like Daphne Caruana Galizia, I have "been swimming upstream for thirty years".

Bloom and I also go back three decades to when he was the first European trader to enter the South East Asian marketplace and served as my broker. It was Bloom who first informed me that I was the best sports analyst on the planet but our burgeoning interaction was destructed by Mr Bloom's repeated power plays and manipulations against my interests. We eventually separated our links after our Romanian hacker associates uncovered a variety of shenanigans at Premierbet (Bloom's former betting company) in 2006.

In the aftermath, we would each occasionally shoot across one another's bows.
But one thing remained a constant.
Tony Bloom is by a significant distance the most strategic operator in the football world.
Aside from my late lawyer David McNeight, he is the only genius that my Network have come across in the world of football.

Obviously, the beauty of Brighton and Hove Albion as a football club is testament to a sport under his jurisdiction while...
... in comparison, the organised crime chaos at Manchester United is indicative of Colquhoun's vision for the future of the game.

Despite The FA Cup Semi Final Defeat, Brighton & Hove Albion Are The Future Of Football, Manchester United Are Not (Originally Published April 24th 2023)

                                                The Man, The Partnership, The Dream

Magicians and maestros versus bland thuggery and corruption.
A supremely strategic manager operating under the only genius in UK football, Tony Bloom versus a pseudo fake narcissist of a manager operating under absentee landlords and the criminal fringe.
An owner who generated his own wealth and saved his beloved club from extinction versus owners who utilised a leveraged buyout to steal money from the club.
An owner who is already planning for 2030 versus owners who aren't really sure what's going on today.
Brighton & Hove Albion are a David fighting a sea of Goliaths versus Manchester United being at the top tier of the G14 grouping of clubs and a primary mover behind the establishment of the European Super League against the wishes of their supporters.
Bloom's bravery and lack of fear versus Colquhoun's cowardice and innate fear
Professionally proactive versus regressively reactive.
No Steve McClaren versus Steve McClaren.
No John Colquhoun versus John Colquhoun.
Tony Bloom runs the Tony Bloom Foundation providing charitable support versus John Colquhoun runs fake media campaigns addressing societal issues he has no interest in to enhance his reputation management.
A club that utilises bespoke marginal gains versus a club that misuses peripheral marginal gains.
A thorough understanding of analytics and artificial intelligence versus illicit manipulations and a lack of any discernible intelligence.
Excellence in the transfer market unearthing gems from around the world versus incompetence in transfers controlled by rogue agents eager to inflate their percentage.
5 million euros for Caicedo and 5 million euros for Mac Allister versus 87 million euros for Maguire and 85 million euros for Sancho.
A club upper hierarchy that has created unique new tactics on the field of play versus a club that brings Wout Weghorst onto the field of play.
No money leeches out of the club to inappropriate entities versus owners, agents, certain players, management, club agent and the criminal fringe all taking their slice of the action.
A goalkeeper who has an incredibly neat hipster beard versus a goalkeeper who doesn't and whose wife thinks that Manchester looks like the back of a fridge.
A club that would be in the Champions League positions without the machinations of the PGMOL versus a club that wouldn't be in the Champions League positions without the machinations of the PGMOL.
Ability to read the underground betting markets versus a bunch of matchfixing insider traders.
Poetry in motion versus chaos and commotion.
Lateral thinking and creativity versus unsophisticated doping and referee control.
No envy of any other entity versus Manchester City envy.
Fans who are proud of their city's gay culture and are joyous at their new status versus glory seeking geographically distributed fans who long for yesterday and sing songs about the Hillsborough Disaster.
A club that is a collection of buy signals versus a club that can only be hedged or short sold.
A return to the beautiful game versus a destruction of integrity in the game.
A supreme brand versus a permanently tarnished brand.
Brighton & Hove Albion are the future of football, Manchester United are not.

So the ultimate fight is between strategy / integrity and corruption / organised crime.

The following section is redacted for security imperatives.

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████ ███████████████████ ███████████ ███████████████████ █████████████████ █████ ████████████████████ █████ ██████████

Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth - The Art Of War

Hiram Johnson: "The first casualty, when war comes, is truth"

Nesrine Malik: "The lesson from Gaza is brutal and short: human rights are not universal and international law is arbitrarily applied"

Where There Is Organised Crime, Captured Institutions And No Regulation... There Is Systemic Corruption

Mafia entities in UK football are fearful of the impacts of IREF if / when this supposed regulator comes to fruition. Game theorisation of the lead up to government oversight is the primary strategy of all power groups - the EPL, the PGMOL, mafia and market makers.

The Premier League turns Stalinist in its power grabs.
The FA becomes Orwellian in its arbitrary application of the alleged rules.
The PGMOL also hark back to 1984 in their threat to take legal action against those who doubt the integrity of EPL match officials.
The government becomes captured in its kleptocratic state.
While mafia bodies oppose any rule of law...
... in life and in football.

Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester has written to the government and the Premier League claiming that the latter has undertaken "regulatory malpractice" by introducing a sanctions policy while the disciplinary process is still in motion.
Burnham believes the 10 point deduction bestowed on Everton FC is a pathetic attempt by the mafia controlled upper levels of the sport to show that IREF is not needed.

Trust the mafia to regulate themselves is the cry.

As the entire Premier League abuse of process results in there being no policy basis for any punishment of any club, it equally denies any appeal as the punishment is arbitrary and so too would be any appeal.
There is no construct that is performative to the appeal because Richard Masters and the mafia make it up as they go along.

This is the whole purpose for establishing IREF - to clean up the English sport and reduce power-based arbitrariness in decision making.

Martin Samuels: "But Everton broke the rules. Well, yes they did, but no they didn't. They broke the Premier League's grandly named profit and sustainability regulations and that carries a punishment. We all understand this, even if we don't agree. Yet the profit and sustainability rules are a false construct, shaped by the richest and most powerful so they stay at the top and keep the upstarts down. They are protectionist, anti-competition and serve only an established elite. They are the real crime in football. So, yes, Everton fell foul of them. But ten points? Really?

When Liverpool stole proprietary information from Manchester City Analytics and paid a £1 million fine to City without admitting guilt, the Premier League sat on its hands.
When Manchester United were morphing into an organised crime entity, the EPL diverted its gaze.


When John Colquhoun coerced a Portuguese hacker into providing some of the inputs behind the highly selective Football Leaks disclosures, this mafia-based arbitrary process was allowed to run and run and still continues to slush around Manchester City to this day.

And Chelsea too are to be targeted, in effect, for the simple reason that the club refused to allow organised crime entities to control the club in the post-Abramovich era.

Surely these punishment structures directly under the mafia jackboot are exactly the reason why IREF is a critical necessity for the sport.

IREF is the crucial battle.

The whole vocabulary of football suggests fair play - a sporting chance, in the spirit of the game, follow the rules, sporting behaviour, be a good sport.

The lexicon of mafia, in comparison, depends on crime, corruption, coercion, kickbacks and control of infrastructure.

And the arbitrariness utterly destroys the sport.

If mafia entities in coke-filled rooms can decide based upon criminalised hidden agendas who gets punished (and to what extent) and who walks free then the entire fabric of the sport becomes captured by organised crime.

Not just the individual games and the ups and downs of the season but the entire infrastructure of the future of the game.

If Colquhoun succeeds in his psychopathy, the entire sport will fragment along an array of fault lines.

As sociopaths have an inability to undertake robust strategy, this appears not to have dawned on Colquhoun to date.

If Manchester City are demoted on arbitrary rulings by a captured entity then it will merely accelerate the process of a Saudi / US World Super League from which UK-based organised crime will be completely excluded.

In his self-harming deconstruction of beauty, Colly Boy will be left manipulating the outcomes of Luton Town versus Crystal Palace while bookmakers, punters and the entire sporting world will have turned their gaze to Barcelona versus Manchester City live in Dubai.

In recent years, most of Football Is Fixed's output has been directed not at the fans but at the perpetrators of the systemic corruption.
The fans, at many clubs, are a part of the problem in that they will collectively turn a blind eye to corruption if such corruption is to the benefit of their team.

The Gaza genocide has impacted upon this fan myopia.

Real Sociedad, Chile, Livorno, Athletic Bilbao, AC Milan, Rayo Vallecano, Liverpool and Glasgow Celtic's supporters have all stood up for those whom international law and western democracy have sacrificed on the altar of a military industrial corporate fascism.

Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal and Everton fans are standing up against institutional abuses from UEFA and / or the Premier League.

And it is the excellent Green Brigade on the North Curve at Celtic who epitomise this battle.

After a truly astounding display of support for the victims of genocide in Palestine in the UCL match versus Atletico Madrid, the PLC Board at the club banned all members of the Green Brigade from attending games.

This pathetic divide and rule policy was intended to split the support by claiming that standing up to a militaristic fascism was damaging to the club.
This attempt at strategy was poorly judged.

Although mainstream media paraded Andy Walker and Roddy Forsyth to put forward the PLC Board's opinion, the Celtic fans are still united behind Palestine.
Celtic was founded by immigrants and Irish support for Palestine is in recognition of a shared history under colonial or apartheid regimes.

Rod Stewart (are all Rod's fucked up) gave the finger to Green Brigade members prior to the Motherwell game...
... but then again, the peroxide narcissist regularly performed in apartheid South Africa and still performs in apartheid Israel.

For the money, of course.

And that is why the image of the Everton fans banner at the onset of this section is so poignant - money is the problem.

It's not just when you attach a betting market to a game allowing it to become the dominant force but also when you allow a non-regulated structure awash with money to oversee a sport enabling organised crime to take control.

The roots of money are in war.
Capitalism tries to disguise this reality with economists still claiming that barter was the cornerstone of money.

This is based on Aristotle's perspective: "... the various necessities of life are not easily carried about, and hence men agreed to employ in their dealings with each other something which was intrinsically useful and easily applicable to the purposes of life, for example, iron, silver, and the like."

It was one of Aristotle's pupils, Alexander The Great, who realised the actual function of money.

David Orrell: "With an army of over one hundred thousand soldiers, his salary spend during his conquest of the Persian empire amounted to about half a ton of silver per day. Most of it came from Persian mines, with the labour supplied by war captives... Coin money also helped with the related logistical problem of how to provide for the army. The state simply demanded coins from the population as payment for taxes. People therefore had to get their hands on coins, and the easiest way to do that was to supply the army with things like food or lodging. To say, as in economics textbooks, that the need to certify coin money 'created an important role for an authority' is therefore a massive understatement. Really it was the other way round: the state created a need for money through the use of military force. Today, it is no coincidence that the world's main reserve currency is backed by the world's largest military."

The US and the dollar; apartheid and genocide; captured state and corruption; mafia and no regulation..

And to return to Everton, the whole attempt by the Premier League was to destabilise the club - the announcement of sanctions coming 24 hours after the death of Everton chairman Bill Kenwright while rogue US entity 777 hovered in the quagmire awaiting to asset strip their new toy, in effect, profiting from relegation and demise as they have already done with Hertha Berlin and Genoa.

It all comes down to a control of power, money and greed...
... and the ensuing systemic corruption is the football fan's reward for acquiescence.

To be continued in real time...

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