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Book 1: Chapter 13 - The Self-Moving Life Of What Is Dead

The Mocking Muckers Fuck Over The Fuckers

Michel Foucault: “In the Panopticon, each person, depending on his place, is watched by all or certain of the others. You have an apparatus of total circulating mistrust, because there is no absolute point”
Systemic corruption forces football to exist in its own distorted Panopticon.

On Saturday March 9th 2019, nearly 16,000 Blackpool fans (the largest home attendance in 40 years) attended the post-Oyston celebration match against Southend United.
The fact that the Mighty Pool equalised via an own goal with the last touch of the match in the 96th minute only added to the sense of theatre.

Following a four year boycott of home games (and any other matches where proceeds might find their way into the grubby pockets of the rapist and the clown), the campaign by the Muckers Supporters Group (in particular) and, to a lesser extent, the Tangerine Knights and the Blackpool Supporters Trust appeared to have reclaimed control of the football club for the town of Blackpool.

We were mighty again...
... potentially.

This fan campaign trailed a strategy for all other clubs being abused by psychopathic owners e.g. Brighton & Hove Albion, Coventry City, Leyton Orient, Glasgow Rangers, Charlton Athletic, Brentford, Blackburn Rovers, Port Vale, Stoke City, Watford, Bolton Wanderers, Glasgow Celtic, Oldham Athletic, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, AFC Bournemouth, Newcastle United etc etc.

The holistic is one of systemic corruption, matchfixing syndicates, mafia agents and criminal owners versus the fans of the clubs that have been stolen by these underworld entities.
This is the new template of football warfare.
Fan versus The Fix.

We firmly believe that the only suitable strategies to defeat these rogue gangsters are based on non-violent direct action.

Psychopathic power only really fears direct action - the Suffragettes, the Civil Rights' movement, the Animal Liberation Front, Hunt Saboteurs, Frack Free Lancashire, WikiLeaks etc etc - sociopathy has to be taken on in a manner that directly targets its inappropriate power and its hidden agendas.

The abusers will never move an inch without their fear being engendered...
... but all sociopaths are fearful at heart.

And that is why the real heroes of Blackpool FC being rid of the Oystons are an alleged  'hooligan' group - the Muckers Suppoters Group.
The Oystons were outed by a collection of illegal, semi-legal and anarchist direct action supported by more middle-of-the-road conventional strategies...
... not the other way round.

The Muckers are an equivalent to the Football is Fixed network.

We release acquired materials made available to us, we undertake provocative data-driven journalism, we exploit any weaknesses in enemy tactics or defences, we employ Divine Skein and the Art of War, we strategise, we analyse, we improvise, think laterally, twist and turn at every juncture to address the mafia entities that have made our sport, our beautiful sport, a gambling medium for insider traders linked to global mafiosi.

We are left with an image of mafia destroying a sport for proprietary gain while hackers and street fighters are reclaiming it from those very psychopaths.

Power is abusive. Power will never give an inch unless you demand it with great assertion.
This means moving into the area of grey market activities (as the only way to address the black market is from the adjacency of the grey).

It is worth repeating that all psychopaths are incredibly fearful. That is their fatal flaw. They run scared. They are unable to react to real strength of purpose whether that emanates from WikiLeaks, the Courage Foundation, the Green Brigade, the Muckers Supporters Group or Football is Fixed.

Direct action, aggressive white hat hacking, verbal terrorism and a mockery of fake power - these are the routes to positive change in football.

So, under normal circumstances, the EFL would have imposed a 12 point deduction on Blackpool as a punishment for going into receivership in 2019.

Shaun Harvey (the immensely dubious former CEO of the Football League) was soon to retire and had bought a house in Lytham St Annes. While consuming in his new local gastro pub with his wife, the Muckers paid him a visit to explain why it would be a much better move from his perspective to forgo this 12 point punishment in the case of Blackpool as the fans were blameless.

The menacing Muckers delivered a message of malicious mockery.
Harvey exhibited cowardice.

This meant that Blackpool ended up fighting for a Play-Off place rather than against relegation.

Football is Fixed do not see how this huge result could have been achieved by the more conventional methods of the Blackpool Supporters Trust (BST).
Yet, in the Blackpool FC programme for the Southend United match, there was a full page advertorial for the BST (the matchball sponsor) and not once in their blurb do the BST see fit to mention the other groups who worked alongside them in this battle.

It is evidently unjust that Blackpool FC could have been further punished for the actions of the Odious Oystons.
But 5th Estate and direct action fan groups impose a reality on this fake hyperreality - Jean Baudrillard must have been giggling in his grave!
There are no robust rules nor regulations in football.
Everything is arbitrary.

With a new board in place and new routes ahead, the club needed to proactively seek grey market behaviour and knowledge.
Football in England is systemically corrupted at Premier League and Football League levels and Blackpool should have prepared strategically for a near future of dealing with the criminalised PGMOB, the omnipresence of doping templates, insider trading and matchfixing, some rogue agents coercing the performances of their clients to suit their own betting agendas, other crooked agents utilising third party ownership and multiple intermediaries to bleed money from clubs on all transactions...

The key strategic template for Blackpool FC was to create a unified foundation.
This needed to involve the new club hierarchy, the BST, the Muckers and Tangerine Knights as well as the entire fanbase (including the 'Mushrooms'*) and businesses and media in the town.
Blackpool is one of the poorest boroughs in the country and the football club is a beacon of hope in an austerity town.

A united front with grey market inputs will always overcome the fragmented cartel of football corruption.
This corruption is illegitimate.
The criminals are fucked and they know they're fucked, but they rush towards the rapidly approaching precipice grabbing as much money as possible en route. For them, sustainable strategies are out of the window. It is every man for themselves in a chaotic disaster capitalism template. They share no loyalty to associated mafiosi. Their weakness is palpable.

Lower tier clubs exist in a world where the imperial powers of the 'elite' both abuse and scoff in a conspiratorial opera of oppression.

The view from the lower decks is always revealing though, as the Irish Times pointed out in reference to the Crown and the targeting of Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, mockery is a ubiquitous option: "Having a monarchy next door is a little like having a neighbour who's really into clowns and has a house daubed in clown murals, displays clown dolls in each window and has an insatiable desire to hear about and discuss clown-related news stories. More specifically, for the Irish, it's like having a neighbour who's really into clowns and, also, your grandfather was murdered by a clown."

Unfortunately, highly inappropriate cartel entities took control of the Seasiders post-Oyston orchestrated by █████ █████. This undermined all the good work undertaken by fan groups.

Firstly, the club decided to appoint Robert Heys as the Commercial Director. Heys was formerly a managing director at Accrington Stanley until 2013 when he was banned for 21 months by the FA for 735 breaches of the betting regulations. 231 of these bets were on Accrington Stanley matches and on 37 games he traded against his own team.
How did Heys grovel his way back into the sport?
Surely there exist non-crooked money men in football?
Anyway, Heys was soon moved on to be replaced by another rogue insider from Barnsley FC.
Aptly, Heys is now into plastics.

Like that equivalent dodgy insider gambler, the former Billericay Town (and now Romford Town) owner Glenn Tamplin, Heys has decided to disguise his roguery by 'finding' God. Mind you, shortly after being born again, Tamplin was placed under police investigation having allegedly made "gangster threats" to Billericay player Elliot Kebbie.
The Gods of some people move in very mysterious ways.
We are told that Kebbie is still in hiding.

Worse still, the Blackpool playing staff is now full of players represented by Wasserman / Key Sports, Stellar, Unique or 'invisible' intermediaries while the club has been brought into the Liverpool Cartel of teams as a pathetic act of spite by a wee mafia man while the manager is the former Liverpool Under-23 coach Neil Critchley (obviously represented by Wasserman / Key Sports). Moreover, the matches of the Seasiders are traded via exactly the same variety of proxy routes and to exactly the same 'variable oscillation template' as those utilised by the core members of the Liverpool Cartel.

Football is Fixed are no longer able to work directly with English clubs. This is primarily because all teams have something to hide from anti-corruption whistleblowers but also because of our arms' length networked  'association' with the █████ █████ that enables our fraud forensics and our ability to open betting markets in order to expose matchfixing etc.

This is grey market behaviour of questionable legality, apparently, but we are ever ready to test this out in a court of law as we continue to surf the zeitgeist of corruption.

Consequently, ever since our work at FC Bayern, we have always operated as a leech consultancy, attaching ourselves to third party entities linked to the club that employs us.
It is not about money to our network, it is about anti-corruption.
So when we were approached by █████ █████ from Manchester United in 2019, we mocked and walked away. We will only work on legitimate projects.

Less powerful football clubs need entities like Football is Fixed, the Green Brigade and the Muckers.

It is strategic flare, personal bravery and risk taking to a confident agenda that opens new opportunities and routes to footballing success. In our network, we all devote huge percentages of our time to altruistic improvements to integrity in sport and yet we are viewed (even by those on the same side as us) as being beyond the pale, just a little bit too dodgy.

The 'Mushrooms' supported Oyston's oligarchy for four years...
... and that is a whole different fucking level of dodgy!

In comparison, the Muckers undertake charity bike rides from the Eiffel Tower to the Blackpool Tower in aid of Lancashire MIND, StreetLife, The Next Chapter & Frontline Children.
They make 12 points for the club via physical assertion.
They faced down Oyston psychopathy face-to-face.
Oh, and they batter PNE!

I know who I'd rather have in my club.

* The 'Mushrooms' are the fans who continued to attend Bloomfield Road during the Not A Penny More (NAPM) picket.
These 'Mushrooms' are not Fun Guys but we forgive and forget and move forward as Sandgronians together.

The Self-Moving Life Of What Is Dead

The Grugq: "The risk is not the hack, but the value of the stolen data"

John Cage - Ten Rules For Students And Teachers:

Rule 1: Find a place you trust, and then, try trusting it for a while.
Rule 2: Pull everything out of your teacher.
Rule 3: Pull everything out of your fellow students.
Rule 4: Consider everything an experiment.
Rule 5: Be self-disciplined.
Rule 6: Follow the leader. Nothing is a mistake. There is no win and no fail. There is only make.
Rule 7: The only rule is work. If you work it will lead to something. It is the people who do all the work all the time who eventually catch onto things. You can fool the fans - but not the players.
Rule 8: Do not try to create and analyse at the same time. They are different processes.
Rule 9: Be happy whenever you can manage it. Enjoy yourself. It is lighter than you think.
Rule 10: We are breaking all the rules, even our own rules, and how do we do that? By leaving plenty of room for "x" qualities.
Helpful Hints:
Always be around.
Come or go to everything.
Always go to classes.
SAVE EVERYTHING. It might come in handy later.

Football Is Fixed Network - Ten Rules For Non-Violent Direct Action

Rule 1: Create a network you trust, and then, try trusting it for a while.
Rule 2: Pull everything out of your experts.
Rule 3: Pull everything out of your fellow network members.
Rule 4: Considerably experiment with everything.
Rule 5: Be network disciplined and self-disciplined
Rule 6: Follow nobody and nothing. Everything is a mistake. There are infinite wins and infinite fails. There is nothing left to make.
Rule 7: The only rule is play. If you play it will lead to something. It is the people who do all the play all the time who catch onto things. You can fool the fans - but not the players.
Rule 8: Always create and analyse at the same time. They are the same process.
Rule 9: Be unhappy whenever you can manage it. Don't bother enjoying yourself. It is darker than you think.
Rule 10: We are breaking all the rules and all the laws, even our own rules and our own laws, and how do we do that? By leaving plenty of room for "x" quantities.
Helpful Hints:
Be invisible.
Never go to anything.
It will come in handy later.

“… in the same way that democracy needs anti-democracy to rejuvenate itself, the state needs the people’s resistance to rejuvenate itself” – Slavoj Zizek.

On August 30th 1975 when boyhood's fire was in my blood, I independently discovered a nova in the constellation Cygnus - V1500 Cygni (for that is its name) was first seen hours earlier by Minoru Honda in Kurashiki in Japan. V1500 Cygni was the second highest intrinsic brightness nova of the 20th century reaching magnitude 1.7. The nova is an AM Herculis binary system with the smaller red dwarf depositing a stream of material onto a white dwarf primary. V1500 Cygni was the first ever asynchronous polar to be discovered (i.e. the white dwarf's spin period is slightly different from the binary orbiting period).

Due to my observational log of the early phases of the nova's eruption, I was invited by the late Dr Tom Rackham of the Jodrell Bank Observatory to jointly analyse the results with Dr Mart de Groot, then Director of the Armagh Observatory in the North of Ireland.
Regrettably, Dr de Groot turned out to be a 7th Day Adventist disappointment so, apart from discussing mortality with his terminally ill wife on perambulations around the observatory's walled garden, I spent the remainder of my time wandering around the area meeting people.

The fluke entanglements of that visit still resonate today nearly half a century later - I had arrived in Armagh with my head in the clouds but I left with my feet firmly planted on the ground. Life strategies developed in the dim and distant past flare up repeatedly on our schedules of today - like a recurrent flaring nova or an inversion of a R Coronae Borealis-type variable star.
It should not come as a complete surprise that modelling RS Canum Venaticorum binary systems turns out to be remarkably similar analytically to modelling closed corruption structures e.g. global football.

You should have seen Tom's toolkit! Pliers, a wrench, an array of lockpick tools and jiggler keys, a batch of USBs to allow systems replication in enemy territory, USB keyloggers and USB extension leads, multi-band WiFi dongles for frame injection, a camera to photograph evidence, custom copiers for access card stealing and cloning, a rubberducky for fast typing of content, fake access card and holder, changes of clothing for accessing different areas. Proper gear like a weaponised PocketCHIP / Raspberry Pi / Beaglebone with LCD display for WiFi hacking using rogue access points and real-time network manipulation, data mining and operational tools. He installed rogue network implants for later remote access from distance. He was covered from the outside by outlooks and used bluetooth earpieces for real-time knowledge of arrivals and departures. It was paramilitary. It is, of course, life and death.

Brian Eno: “Question the heroic approach… change nothing and continue with immaculate consistency.".
Our planning is always an immaculate conception.

So, when it became known that protection was in order against clannish mafia, we waited until a target moved into their new metal box. █████ had ransacked systems in █████ before the target even knew what computer security was. But █████ required access to the metal box before it was turned into a Faraday Cage.

█████ were your workmen. █████ had unfettered access everywhere. Sloppy sociopathy.

Our network undertake System 0, I and II thinking, critical thinking, systems thinking.
We have worked so closely together for so long we feel connected in consciousness, like a quantum entanglement of multiversal construct.

One might say we operate in parallel to those who detected the Meltdown / Spectre vulnerability - four different research groups dotted around the world independently discovered an issue at virtually the same time after nobody had spotted it for nearly a quarter of a century. And skilled traders will all tell you that they 'feel' future market incidences ahead of occurrence.
Corruption (like Cosmology) leaves evidential patterns.

Or one might say we resemble the Portuguese Man O' War, cellular nomads hacking away on the high seas.

Football is Fixed replicate the Physalia Physalis, the Floating Terror.
We are hydrozoans found exclusively in the football industry.
We are the only species in the genus Physalia and, in turn, the only genus in the network Physaliidae.
We have numerous venomous network nematocysts which deliver a painful sting powerful enough to kill corruption.
Although we superficially resemble a network, nowadays we are, in fact, a siphonophore.
Like all siphonophores, we are a cellular organism made up of many smaller units. All of these units share the same aim and are militarily identical, but fulfill specialised functions such as analytics, and together allow the web to operate as a single organism.

By coincidence of the scheduling fairy, hacking evolved in the networked hive mind world at the late capitalism / postcapitalism threshold. Hackers are sacrificial utopian nihilists, aka Giorgio Agamben’s “homo sacer” – ones who can be killed with impunity since their lives are no longer of consequence in the eyes of the state.
Dutch hacker PW describes hackers as “internet farmers” deliberately comparing hacking with agriculture – food for the masses – “the political effects of hackers will emerge diffusely over an extended period of time, products of the type of technologies they work to build”.
Football is Fixed thrive on space and time. We have archived some data and information for over two decades prior to publication as we choose to get even without getting mad - for we adore revenge served cold in a schadenfreude sauce. On other occasions, we leak current █████ activities in real-time, sometimes literally so – the █████ information travels from corrupted source to social media instantaneously. Sometimes, just for the craic, the IWSH have put out fake information within true leaks for strategic reasons that will be / are played out over time – they deliberately provide opponents with nuggets of advantage (how to disguise particular corruptions, how to meta-analyse, provision of pseudo information on where the hackers reside etc.) knowing that all the plates will always continue to be spun to our advantage.
We entice enemies into constricted ground.
We like it like that.
Clifford Stoll: “It doesn’t take brilliance or wizardry to break into a computer. Just patience.”
Hacker ‘Darren’: “Why do you care so much that someone’s frolicking in your system? That could have been you, in your distant youth. Where’s your appreciation of creative anarchy?”
“Seek Truth” typed Charlotte Fakes.
But truth is hard.
The IWSH crack systems and open markets with fearless adversarial hacking. The IWSH, alongside many other political hacking networks e.g. Xnet, target the New World Order of white fundamentalist, neo-liberal, protectionist, discriminating control – at the root of which is the control of truth. “We break into things, destroy things, move things around, take things out and put them in other locations – political stuff.”
These hackers kill fascists.
The very first IWSH hacks apparently targeted the mobile phones of individuals involved in rigging markets, insider trading, matchfixing and mafia activities that undermined the integrity of football.
Karsten Nohl (chief scientist at Security Research Labs): “Any network can tell any other network ‘your subscriber’s here and now’, and until your phone says otherwise, every call and text is diverted to this other network. If there’s an attacker, they get all your text messages. It’s completely trust-based… It’s so simple it’s almost embarrassing to call it a hack.”
Bridges Build Burn – Burners Build Bridges.
Have you ever seen a goshawk turn ninety degrees at sixty kilometres per hour?
Jean Baudrillard: “If being a nihilist is carrying, to the unbearable limit of hegemonic systems, this radical trait of derision and violence, this challenge that the system is summoned to answer through its own death, then I am a nihilist and terrorist in theory as others are with their weapons. Theoretical violence and not truth is the only course left open to us… The system itself is also nihilistic, in the sense that it has the power to pour everything, including what denies it into indifference.”
George Orwell: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
To tell the truth, or not to tell the truth: that is the question.
Hacked information is fresh, straight from the fridge, first tier inside information – it is, in this sense, true information, a true snapshot of the hyperreality. But the hyperreality demands an emphatic dichotomy for a connoisseur of nuances. Real-time confrontation against psychopathic corruption merely energises the crime, speaking truth to power (a power that is well aware of such ‘truth’) optimises the strategies of corruption and enhances the future performances thereof.
It is an own goal. It is surely more fruitful to make mockery of power than to shine a light on its processes.
But black hat hacking will always defeat abusive authorities as it is based on creativity and need and is shared on an open source basis to undermine corrupt infrastructures that attempt to be hidden behind a veil of secrecy – less constrained, more refined, less blinkering, more driven to a hidden agenda that is released at a time of maximum impact. Psychopathic systems hate being in the dark as much as they hate being in the glare of publicity.
So we do both these things. Over and over and over again.
We've learned to never perform card tricks for those people we play poker with. 
If it’s worth doing, do it for yourself, not to please aliens!
Our opponents have infrastructural strength but structural weakness.
█████ █████ █████ intelligence tunnelled together via sealed rooms under █████, we are looking at heads of █████ █████, ex-directors of █████, all with contracts in place with the █████ and the █████. A number of █████ chiefs and their █████, government senior ministers and blue chip chairmen and chief executives elevated to peerage. Throw in any old Whitehall coked up crook who wants to make a buck on the side plus an array of market makers, captured media, sovereign wealth funds, dysfunctional secondary states plus █████ mafiosi and insiders on the field of play, and that’s a pretty strong hand. But not strong enough.
Nothing is secure anymore.
Our █████ strategies, our market analyses, our networks of contacts in the sport, our shared intuition - these are the processes used to detect fixed matches that are known on the square but are invisible to Sportradar and all of the other pseudo-entities allegedly monitoring the markets on behalf of football.
We feel the corruption. We're odd.
We have Oppositional Defiance Disorder.
The Dark Tangent: “I’m in con mode now. It’s a sort of mental and physical zone I enter and never sure when it will happen, but I know the moment it does.”
Anonymous hacker: “You have to, like, have an innate understanding that technology is arbitrary, it’s an arbitrary mechanism that does something that’s unnatural and therefore can be circumvented, in all likelihood.”
It is critical to remain crafty and nimble. Take communications, secure communications. The IWSH apparently take the view that, even when secure communication linkages exist, the timescale of their secure performativity is too limited. Meanwhile the Football Is Fixed network used Tor for one window and Signal for a couple more but we eschew stabilisation. We have to remain one step ahead.
Of you.
Because Rhythm is a Dancer.
On the defensive side, Ed Snowden and hacker Bunny Huang have designed the Introspection Engine – an anti-surveillance device – but as the Infosec Institute demonstrated with ‘Law Enforcement and the Dark Web’, these are never ending battles, wars in encryption and security that are a waste of time and money, absolute security being akin to always correctly judging the turning points in financial markets.
Clifford Stoll: “Sounds like Janus, the two-faced god. One side tries to crack ciphers of foreign countries; the other side tries to make unbreakable codes. Always pulling in opposite directions… You can make secure computers and networks. Systems that outsiders can’t easily break into. But they’re usually difficult to use and unfriendly. And slow. And expensive… [with] crypotographic encoding and elaborate authentification schemes.”
Opt out. Become proprietary. Achieve. Silence.
Fool the intercept operations with cul-de-sacs, blind bends, dark swamps, foggy outlooks, deep water.
Indymedia was formed in 1999 – “a tightknit network of revolutionary hackers” – and created an alternative internet relying on a sizable array of independently run ISPs based upon consensus-based anarchist principles.
The IWSH are very much like and very much like Indymedia, so we are informed.
But, being swamp children, we are exceedingly careful with whom we talk.
Mike Ehrmantraut: “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I have to tell you this. But it’s probably a bad idea that you willingly talk to the police, being a criminal and all.”
Football is Fixed Tweet on September 29th 2016 in the light of the Case of the Mistaken Fat Man: “Blaming entrapment, whistleblowers and hackers for revealing truth about corruption is crazy. Failure lies with institutions and government.”
Edward Snowden: “I am more than willing to risk imprisonment than the curtailment of my intellectual freedom.”
The mainstream media have been in the know on the corruption underpinning British football pretty much since the onset of the Premier League. They elect to withhold this truth, this whole truth and nothing but this truth. They do no more than provide advertorial narratives on an entertainment spectacle – it is an unleashing of nonsense.
Just like WWE.
An eleven-a-side tag-match with a ball.
Football is Dead and Football is Fixed is denied the potential for sharing the truth of this demise because we don’t want to share the whole truth, we’re not allowed to tell the whole truth and, even if these provisos did not exist, the truth would cease to be the truth as soon as we proclaimed it as such.
Corrupt markets are not remotely efficient - they can be made into anything, anytime.
Post-truth is hyperreal.
Post-truth is a coda to post-mainstream media fake and a preface to fascistic fake.
Fake news. Fake football. Fake markets.
On our ‘open’ communications we lie all the time but not in all content – we have our own cosmic microwave background to crypto-reference our truth, our internal essence of truth, not for prying eyes.
We showed how we are down in the ghetto with the rest of them – using sousveillance, we copwatch in the gutter monitoring the stars. Nobody can pierce our electronic veil. The meek might inherit the earth but what about the hacking rights? The lesson is, if you’re going to be an anti-corruption whistleblower, do your homework. No half measures. Ultimate OPSEC. Ultimate INFOSEC.
As a result, we give you the mildly unhinged poetry of a heroic technology.
Magic things happen in our Moldovan maquiladoras.
That’s all.
Our conversations and silences are with pouvoir, our competitive advantages are in savoir.
Football is Fixed, despite embracing danger, are selective in choice of targets. We have boundaries dependent on our current mix of strategies.
For example.
Chaos Computer Club: “Never penetrate a military computer. The security people on the other side will be playing a game with you – almost like chess. Remember that they’ve practiced this game for centuries.”
Such targets aside, rattle away at your bin.
La resistenza continua.
Mike Ehrmantraut: "I've got people waiting for me. They don't know what I do, and they never will. They're protected. But I do what I do so they can have a better life. And if I live or if I die, it really doesn't make a difference to me, as long as they have what they need. So when it is my time to go, I will go knowing I did everything I could for them"

How Third Party Ownership Of Players Evolved Into Third Party Ownership Of Agents By Other Agents And Third Party Ownership Of Clubs By Agents, With Cartelised Behaviours Creating Insider Trading And Matchfixing, Resulting In Gambling Losses And Sometimes Suicide For The Leisure Bettors While The Insiders And Bookmakers Profit From Their Systemic Corruption By Being In Receipt Of Some Crumbs Of Comfort That Fall From The Dark Pool Poker Tables Where All Of Our Football Futures Are Fixed

Archie Shepp: "Institutions continue to abuse power"

In the year ending March 29th 2021, Denise Coates, the chief executive of Bet 365, was paid £469 million in salary and dividends making her the highest paid boss of any UK company. Bet 365 are rogue on so many levels that we would need a book just for this one company but, in brief, Bet 365 manipulates prices, provide fake data and surreptitiously attack computers. Oh! And they allow insider trading that facilitates matchfixing.

Each year, it is estimated that 600 people commit suicide in Britain due to gambling addictions and / or debts. As Bet 365 are estimated to have a 25% share of the UK betting market, 150 of these deaths can be 'attributed' to the Stoke-on-Trent / Manchester / Malta / Bulgaria / Australia / Gibraltar-based horror show.
Ms Coates consequently earns £3.13 million per suicide.
Nice lady.

Inevitably, Coates has established charities for her reputation management and proprietary tax benefits and, being Britain, she was rewarded for even contemplating such a move by being presented with a CBE (Crook to the British Empire) in January 2012 fully seven months before the Bet 365 Foundation was established (since 2016, re-named the Denise Coates Foundation).

Mike Dixon of Addaction: "It cannot be right that the CEO of a betting company is paid 22 times more than the whole industry 'donates' to treatment." And Bet 365 are not alone in their psychopathy - some UK bookies, in order to be listed as supporting gambling addicts, only donate £1 per annum to problem gambler charities.

And virtually no bookmakers allow winning accounts.
How is this sector viewed as legitimate?
Why are bookmakers allowed to control football?

Players and fans are the two key ingredients that make football the beautiful game.
The skill and the atmosphere, the suspense and the uncertainties, sometimes even a randomness of poetic and physical forms.

Football will always be this but there are some parts of the game that now exist in a parallel universe to the game / play outlined above.

This is the football world of agents and third party ownership, rigged matches controlled by cartels and consortia from various strata of the global underworld, doping without any valid testing regime, criminalised players, referees owned by bookmakers, clubs, organisations, gangs, mafia...

The Chinese even have expressions for the types of corruption that we witness weekly in the EPL - "Hei Shao" means 'Black Whistle' (and the EPL has more black whistles than the Burkina Faso National Whistling Orchestra), while "Da Giaqiu" represents 'playing fakeball'!
There are numerous other expressions e.g. for matches controlled by two separate firms of agents that might effectively control up to half of the players on the pitch, for agreed draws and the annual sharing of points etc etc.

The beautiful game is infested with leeches sucking it dry of any nuances of integrity or sport, postmodern football is becoming a parody of the artform.

From the perspective of you the reader / fan, the key point is surely this - it completely destroys the game.

One thing is certain in postmodern football - if a corrupt loophole exists or if one may be carefully constructed (even if it requires duopolistic combinations), there are those out there only too willing to exploit the opportunities.

Once upon a time there was a young man with ambition in his eyes who decided to blackmail a Portuguese football agency over alleged third party ownership of players. This young man was subsequently approached by a very small man with mafia tendencies and coerced into being the vehicle for the release of stolen commercial information and documents to the marked advantage of a fragmented cartel of agents based in the UK and the marked disadvantage of the Iberian operation.

This became known as the fake spectacle that is 'Football Leaks'.

When the Football is Fixed network began to make assertions about inappropriate linkages between certain agents in October 2013, the cartel devised a strategy to establish secondary and tertiary levels of sub-agents overseen by the parent outfits. Players moved between agents and sub-agents, disguising ownership, and third party ownership became the norm (despite its illegality). This multiple (hidden / disguised) ownership of players was made more opaque by the utilisation of a pyramid of linked sub-agents.
By the time these 'agents-third-party-owning-other-agents' structures are cartelised up to the full network, you can have matches in the Premier League and the Championship where well over 50% of the players on the field of play are represented by this agent / sub-agent web.

This produces extensive opportunities for matchfixing and associated insider trading as excessive market control is leveraged through the global betting markets.

Club Deportivo Maldonado are a Uruguayan Primera Division club used by agents and third party owners to launder players into the European game often without such players ever appearing for the Maldonado side. When Bloomberg investigated the hidden ownership of the club in 2014 they discovered English racehorse owner Malcolm Caine and London lawyer Graham Shear were in control. Argentinian newspaper 'La Nacion' claims that Jonathan Barnett (co-owner of the Stellar agency) is also linked to Maldonado. Caine co-owns several horses with Barnett.

Third party ownership of players by agents is a problem because, if you don't know which investment vehicles own the player, coercion / persuasion and matchfixing are liable to seep into the game.
Third party ownership of sub-agents by agents makes detection of these illicit structures much more problematical, at least initially.
The cartelised networking of this process between a web of agents further opaques this reality.
But it is the third party takeover of clubs by agents where the ultimate matchfixing templates reside.

█████ Premier League clubs and █████ from the Championship have significant integrity issues relating to agents either a) in hidden control of the club, b) in partial control of club, or c) having significant influence over transfers and team selection and performance.
As the Maldonado narrative demonstrates, agents should not control football clubs.

These teams whose strategies are correlated with the agendas of the agents are able to engage in insider trading and matchfixing either using the clients of the controlling agent or tapping into a network of agents.

This infrastructure produces systemic matchfixing and impacts upon trophies won and lost, relegations and promotions gained or lost, the regime change of Gestifute-linked managers via client underperformance, the cornering of global markets via a proprietary mafia corruption template and the ruination of football as a sport.

For example, of the 15 highest earners in the UK in season 21/22, Manchester United employ seven - mafia entities ensuring that the vastly overrated duo of Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane are, respectively, the fourth and fifth best paid players in the Premier League.
This certainly benefits the agents.
But how does it benefit Manchester United?

Third party ownership of players, sub-agents and clubs also leads to tax evasion as we are dealing with shell operations where the real identity of owners and investors is opaque.

When Tax Justice Network released their list of the 10 leading global tax havens in 2021, in first place was British Virgin Islands, in second, the Cayman Islands, third, Bermuda (all British overseas territories) while Jersey (a British crown dependency) was in 8th place. It should be mentioned at this point that the other six territories at the top of the charts are also locations where football corruption is monetised - Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands / Curacao, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Hong Kong (a former colony of the British Empire).

The financial rewards from systemic insider trading and matchfixing are entirely non-taxable and merely need laundering via the required territory (a common scheme sees illicit earnings used as building blocks on route to becoming a property magnate a la Gecko).

Agents coercing players.
Agents setting up sub-agents.
Agents coercing sub-agents.
Agents creating hidden ownership.
Agents teaming with other agents to take control of clubs.
Agents taking sole control of clubs.
Agents coercing clubs.

Socrates (the one with the ciggies and the ball skills): "Beauty comes first. Victory is secondary. What matters is joy."

All roads lead to matchfixing and an increase in the games where 'unusual' outcomes result and an inflation in the gambling losses of leisure punters who are patsies to the mafia operations in this systemic corruption...
... and some of these gamblers go into debt and some of them take their own lives.

There are a wide array of victims of systemic matchfixing in UK football.

At least we can console ourselves in the knowledge that Denise Coates isn't one of them.

Old English Verse Circa 1764

They hang the man and flog the woman
That steal the goose from off the common,
But let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose.

The law demands that we atone
When we take things we do not own,
But leaves the lords and ladies fine
Who take things that are yours and mine.

© 2022 Football is Fixed

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Book 1: Chapter 14 - Illusion, Scam...


Hannah Arendt: "Truth compels; and it does not coerce"

Jo Marchant: "Like Kandinsky, he [Kazimir Malevich] felt that he was uncovering universal, pre-existing forms and laws. [Aleksandra] Shatskikh calls it intuition, a solo 'leap', but [Linda] Dalrymple Henderson argues that like his peers, Malevich was responding to new ideas about the nature of the universe, and in particular a possible fourth dimension of space. Cubists visualised this by combining different points of view, but another method was sectioning, or slicing. In a popular 1913 book called 'A Primer of Higher Space', the American architect Claude Bragdon published diagrams showing how three-dimensional cubes passing through a flat plane at various angles appear as different two-dimensional shapes. In the same way, he suggested, three-dimensional objects can be imagined as sections or slices through four-dimensional forms. This was about more than just geometry. Many writers at the time, including Bragdon, gave the fourth dimension a philosophical or spiritual aspect, arguing that only by learning to visualise four-dimensional space can we perceive the true nature of reality."

We remain astounded by the parallels between cosmological modelling e.g. N-body simulations and the modelling of closed corruption systems. There are some astronomers like Chandra Wickramasinghe who see our entire galaxy as a single connected biosphere - an idea termed panspermia.
Just as Wickramasinghe sees each planet "selecting its genetic inheritance from a vast cosmic reservoir of genes", Football is Fixed see each corruption node "selecting its market structures from a vast global mafia reservoir of malfeasance".
There are also cosmologists who would extend panspermia not only to the entire universe but also to the array of infinite patch, inflationary and quantum multiverses. But that is another array of arguments for another spacetime.

As far as we are able to judge, to date over 85% of the purchasers of this limited edition collection of emails about the state of football in these troubled times have a professional interest in the matters at hand - academics, bookmakers, football club insiders, professional gamblers, football agents, members of parliament (current and former), media bodies, journalists and writers, and anti-corruption organisations. Some of these entities have utilised proxy accounts for the purchase but we are aware of who is fronting for John Mark Colquhoun and who is savagely providing copyright information to insiders at Manchester City. We doctor output to such clients.

Max Planck: "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die."
Only Fifth Estate direct actions accelerate this process along - stay lean, be alert, watch your environment, move fast.
The system doesn't allow us to disclose what the system actually is, so we protect ourselves in this manner.

Dark Shark: "Make a sudden, destructive unpredictable action; incorporate."

While taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, we have also used a creative plagiarism of coded output for recognition by our network, for as Guy de Bord states: "Plagiarism is necessary. Progress depends on it."
On this stage, it is our only role to remain real in front of the fake backdrop.
We replicate the rebetika musicians in Karaiskaki in Piraeus, our relative poverty provides a theme for life - manges, passion, drugs, jail, disease, death...

Surveillance or sousveillance perhaps?
Logical sequences and control versus chaotic systems and emancipation perhaps?

So who is going to be bothered by such dangerous perhapses?
Who is going to be bothered by such dangerous sousveillances?

Let's look at captured media.

In the darkness, a captured mainstream sporting media tell all the stories. The fake reality mimics Roman Polansky's 'The Tenant' offering a theme of paranoia, hallucinations, a football death spiral, a warping hyperreality whose manicured output in reality mocks suicide and mental illness for proprietary gain.

It isn't just the links between certain Guardian journalists and █████ █████...
It isn't just the fake football news or the advertorial content to the benefit of a small grouping of agents...
It isn't even the manipulation of markets to the benefit of insiders and newspaper lackeys (see 'Crime' section in Chapter 15)...
It is rather the suppression of truth and the coercion of individuals and, by association, the sport that defines this grotesque media.

Take the manner in which the corrupt puppeteers controlling the newspaper's football output created the scenario where the chief executive of Guardian Media Group, David Skipwith Pemsel, was installed as the new CEO of the Premier League.

In corrupted infrastructures, so often the truth is in the absence.
The Guardian decided to push the line that Pemsel was "Integrity Man".

After Richard Scudamore scooted off with his £5 million facilitation bonus (paid for by the clubs who profited from his see-no-evil largesse), a systemic corruption and matchfixing template was implanted on the Premier League. First there was an absence of visible leadership of the EPL allowing mafia control of outcomes, then came Integrity Man aiming to orchestrate the sport to the tune of individuals within his orbit who had helped to orchestrate this gross conversion of football into private wealth creation and then, when Pemsel was found entirely lacking in integrity, there returned an absence of leadership for a further period prior to the appointment of the rather accommodating Dick Masters.

During Pemsel's period as CEO of the Guardian, a whole array of illicit linkages were established between rogue matchfixing agents and the broadsheet.

The nadir of fake journalism was reached when Unique Sports Management coerced entire campaigns of promotional disinformation. In the summer of 2019, the Guardian produced a series of articles attempting to inflate the value of Wilfried Zaha prior to a hopefully successful transfer to Arsenal (the paper had started such tactics over a decade earlier when Colquhoun ran a series of advertorials in the paper attempting to increase the value of his client Theo Walcott also in his negotiations with Arsenal - the targeting of Arsenal takes many forms). Guardian journalists repeatedly priced Zaha at up to £100 million while neutral arbiters were valuing the player at £40 million. The campaign was unsuccessful as internal sabermetrics analysts at the target clubs understood that they were being offered a dud.
However, if the Guardian and Unique Sports Management had been successful with this price inflation, that £60 million extra profit would have been a tidy £9 million bonus for agent, newspaper facilitator with trickledown for 'acquiescent associates'.

Zaha has now changed agents to Pini Zahavi in an attempt once again to reach heights that his talent doesn't warrant and Transfermarkt now value the player at £36 million.

Of course, Unique Sports Management remain a blot on the integrity of UK football, very closely linked to bookmakers and █████ █████. It is surprising that the Guardian thought it fit to associate with Unique Sports after Will Salthouse of the agency was exposed as receiving payments from bookmakers in return for introductions to the players who he represents. Salthouse had received £6,000 in 2014 and £4,000 in 2016 and has not declared these earnings to the HMRC. Also, at the Cheltenham Festival in 2016, a group of professional footballers in Salthouse's private box were banned by racecourse bosses after being caught urinating into empty pint glasses and tipping the contents onto racegoers below.

If ever an anecdote described the attitude of corrupted English football to the spectator...

Salthouse's lawyers claimed at the time that he "would never try to encourage a player who does not bet to gamble."
Matchfixing via coercion is the foundation of the systemic corruption in the British game orchestrated by █████ █████ and a cartel of rogue agents (including Unique).
So Salthouse's lawyers are liars.

Under Pemsel, the Guardian also heavily promoted and helped to arrange the takeover of the England Lionesses tying constructed fake realities regarding then Lionesses manager Mark Sampson to the promotion of then Guardian 'journalist' Eni Aluko. Aluko's disclosures were not supported by other players and have since been shown to be largely untrue but the FA found historical unrelated reasons to remove Sampson from his post. The manipulations reached the obvious conclusion when the FA agreed to pay a "significant" financial settlement to Sampson in the week that his claim for unfair dismissal was due to be heard in court.

In their relentless promotion of England Women's football, the Guardian carefully circumvented the unfortunate reality that Dennis Bingham, an agent who was banned in Italy and the UK due to his matchfixing mafia links when he owned AC Monza, still represented four England Women players despite the ban.

Punters pay to keep the Guardian afloat because the paper panders to their identity politics while pretending it is a force for good in the wider world. Once this pretence fails, there is nothing left - just a bubble and a bunch of befuddled liberals wondering where their feelgood pseudo-reality has gone.

The Guardian football section has no value because it is nothing. It is a vacuum.
Or, if it is anything, it is a collection of grey market strategies (directly linked to the black) that create profits behind a front of fake media - just like the carpet shops that were the fronts for cocaine importation in the UK before the Albanian Shqiptare mafia took control of 98% of the market.

Create an illusion to create an event.

In the case of Integrity Man the illusion was shattered by an event when he was exposed by the S*n newspaper after sending unsolicited sexual texts to a female employee forcing him to resign as Premier League CEO before he had even started in the job - short-termism and premature ejaculations, all over the place.
This is the modus operandi of mafia.

Only BT Sport sinks to lower depths than the Guardian in UK coverage of football and its orchestrated corruption of which each of these media are a vital part.

We have extensive evidences from a wide variety of sources that the BT Sport platform is corrupt. The initial examples of systemic matchfixing in the Premier League began with the platform's 2018/19 live events covering the takeover of the league by malicious forces following Scudamore's retirement.

BT Sport has had awkward alliances with inappropriate alumni of avaricious insider corruption from its inception under the tutelage of the elevated Baron Livingston of Parkhead (both when he was CEO of BT and in his subsequent role as Minister of State for Trade and Investment) to the season-on-season matchfixing of live events under the averted gaze of the inept, facilitating and accommodating Gavin Patterson to the latest corruption standover man Philip Jansen, with his sociopathic sidekick Adam Crozier (who should never have been employed again after his abusive tenure at Royal Mail)..

Prior to the Pemsel Affair, there were desperate attempts to shoehorn Patterson into Scudamore's role so that BT Sport could control the entire EPL but the inputs of our network undermined and terminated this strategy.
Not Victory Over The Sun but Victory Over BT Sport.

The entire BT Sport hierarchy was created for corruption.
Take the selection of the initial personnel.
Michael Owen is a squiggly doodle while Steve McManaman's former business partner was Carson Yeung who was jailed for five charges of money laundering and Gary Lineker's reputation didn't survive the systemic corruption behind Leicester City's fake title.
All three were good footballers but there are many good footballers who don't hover in the black and grey tax-evading markets most of the time.

And you'll find (if you can be bothered to check) that the ex-footballer talking heads and commentators, the pre-match puff pieces, in-play focuses and post-game interviews will always have a significant bias towards the four agency cartel that we are exposing in this book. These agents have control of your media and the corruption that is destroying your sport.

Or take the BT Sport association with the PGMOB.
We have in our possession proofs of illegal links between these two entities in regard to the matchfixing of live games and the utilisation of ex-referees to justify current corruptions as a reward for all of the events that they enabled historically.

PGMOB referees are paid £50,000 hush money on retirement (only the enigmatic Mark Halsey refused) and this agreement enforces media silence for life which is evidently the strategy of a body with nothing to hide. The inappropriately close links between BT Sport and the PGMOB trumps these arrangements as the likes of Webb, Clattenburg and Walton have pepper-sprayed us with fake interpretations.

As the jolly fucker gangly presenter utters: "It's always good to have Howard with us."
We're sure it is, pal.

BT Sport insiders had significant positions at up to 5,000/1 on the Leicester City 2015/16 title theft and Liverpool were heavily backed in both season 18/19 and 19/20.
This is match manipulation for both immediate and seasonal gain.
It's always good to know what "the boys in the studio" are up to.

More holistically, BT Sport showed 42 Premier League matches in 18/19 and on 34 occasions the Football is Fixed Network detected insider trading revealing the outcome pre-match.
Only one of these manipulations failed to land.
The average goals per game bias in favour of these positions by the PGMOB match officials was +0.69 of a goal per game.
A parallel structure was activated throughout the following season whereas a more complex bifurcating route to market was the mode in 20/21. Once again, in only one game in the entire season where insider trading has been detected by us pre-match has the scam failed to pay out - and that was a breakeven position! This corruption template continues at the time of writing with the same small grouping of referees repeatedly selected for BT Sport events.

And there is evolution in referee inputs too which is extremely damaging to any integrity left residing at the PGMOB as the corruptions are not particular. We are not dealing with a bad apple or two. It is worthy of comment that the five officials most featured in 20/21 BT Sport live matches in comparison to their selection for other Premier League games were █████, █████, █████, █████ and █████ - these are the new kids on the block.

The immensely problematical Graham Scott is 54 years old. His officiating is positively correlated with things that it shouldn't be.
Referees used to retire at 45 in the EPL. Now corrupt ones like Scott are initiated at 49.
In La Liga, all referees still retire at 45 years of age but we are given Mike Dean at 53 and Jonathan Moss at 51 (neither of whom reached UEFA event status) - when Colquhoun and Moss first conspired when players at Sunderland in 1992/93 they could hardly have predicted where all this would end. It was Colquhoun who was behind Moss being elevated to the Select Group of the PGMOB in 2011/12 alongside the wee Scot's other 'prodigy' Neil Swarbrick (now Head of VAR).

So BT Sport have control of selection of games, work with the Liverpool Cartel of teams, control of high percentage of PGMOB referees, profit from the coercion of a decent percentage of players on the pitch and insider trade the betting markets.

Of course, the BT Sport entity is simply being utilised as a platform by individuals and collections of individuals to enhance private wealth away from taxing eyes. The success of these insider manipulations profits those involved in the corruption but not the BT Group itself.
At the time of writing, the BT Group share price is 136.70 having fallen from 491.20 when the Leicester City scandal first broke and having been 1053.25 at the turn of the millennium.
The Baron, Patterson and Jansen have each failed in their role of enhancing shareholder value.

But at least Michael Owen has got a shiny new helicopter.

The latest piece of corruption chicanery has occurred with the crowning of The Rangers Football Club as SPFL Champions in 20/21 (the first title triumph in their history for the tribute act after the initial club was liquidated in 2012). Sources have shown a member of our network evidences of the role of Colquhoun in this process and, as it was a BT Sport triumph, the sociopaths ensured that Sky Sports were denied interviews with these manipulated winners.

Brian Tuohy has shown that media disinformation underpins the corruption in US sports too. Although current eruptions of news cannot be ignored (as they are in the public eye), "... the leagues use their commentators to belittle these incidents while pushing league-mandated ideas, not to dig deeper into such things as the root causes behind them. It happens because those discussions do not produce profit."
The media cannot afford to take an adversarial approach to integrity issues - "They have too much invested in these leagues to turn around and hammer them on their potential improprieties."

Tuohy: "... the major sports leagues are masters of their own realities. They create the sport you see, they package and sell that as a product, and then control everything that is said or written about it. It is their game. This realisation makes one wonder what sports are anymore. Are 'sports' something played in backyards and on little league fields? Have professional sports been transformed into something unidentifiable?"

When legendary quarterback Joe Namath was in conversation with the New York Jets owner Sonny Werblin and his wife, the following interaction occurred:

Mrs Werblin: "Joseph, it's show business."
Namath: "No, it's not! It's football! This is football! This is not show business!"
Mrs Werblin: "Joe, it's show business."

Tuohy: "Perhaps no truer statement has ever been made about the NFL or any other professional sports league."

A functioning mainstream media would address the issues corrupting football via Socratic questioning and investigative journalism.

St. Thomas Aquinas: "... first the questions are raised in the most abstract but non-speculative manner, then the points of enquiry for each question are sorted out, followed by the objections that can be raised for every possible answer and when this whole ground has been laid, the conclusion is created with specific replies to the objections."

Or you can sell out to Unique, Stellar, CAA / Base and Wasserman / Key Sports and turn your print into a comic book of corrupted collusion.
As Dennis The Menace might have said: "The idea of free information is extremely dangerous to inappropriate power structures".

It is the rampant short-termism of these mafia-led strategies that will ultimately be their downfall.
The spectator is losing trust in fakeball.
Azby Brown: "Trust is not a renewable resource. Once you lose it, that's it."


Angel Heredia: "Track and field, swimming, cross-country skiing and cycling can no longer be saved. Golf? Not clean either. Soccer? Soccer players come to me and say they have to be able to run up and down the touchline without becoming tired, and they have to play every three days. Basketball players take fat burners, amphetamines, ephedrine. Baseball? Ha ha. Steroids in pre-season, amphetamines during the games. Even archers take downers so that their aim remains steady. Everyone dopes"

Integrity in football is undermined at three strata - state / institutional; club / refereeing; matchfixing / doping. Each of these illicit inputs has evolved to its own particular stage of development, some corruptions can be addressed by regulation but some have passed the threshold of no return (which, incidentally, is just outside Preston).

Doping has become so ubiquitous in football that we cannot see any manner in resolving the unfairness that Performance Enhancing Substances (PESs) bring to the sport other than entirely legalising the doping process to level the playing field of corruption and to undermine the anti-competitive strategies of the sociopathic win-at-all-costs elite.
Full legalisation would have detrimental impacts on player health of course (particularly in later life) but via legalisation it would be possible to more thoroughly police the negative impacts of PESs and it would eradicate the impacts of the use of masking substances that secrete doping from the likes of UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Additionally, as we demonstrate below, the policing by UKAD and WADA is elitist, hierarchical and beset by political considerations while also targeting individual indiscretions far more assertively than systemic abuses.

UKAD is pro-doping...
... or, rather, pro-looking the other way while doping occurs.
And, as fragmentation is the norm in corrupt infrastructures, we have recently seen the inappropriate WADA place the inappropriate UKAD under investigation for letting British Cycling conduct a doping probe into British cycling.

Insiders like doping because it rigs outcomes and markets unbeknown to non-insiders.
Football clubs like doping for the competitive advantage it bestows.
Media like doping as it enhances the action if players are running around like headless chickens.
And Big Pharma likes doping because it creates markets for their illicit products.

But selective doping is resulting in inappropriate champions and in teams progressing far further in competitions than the quality of the players should allow.

As we wrote on the Football Is Fixed blog in October 2019: "But doping is anti-sporting. In the last round of Champions League group games, Slavia Prague (by no means a young side) covered 128 kilometres in their game while Paris St Germain ran just 105 kilometres in their match - that is equivalent to every one of the outfield Slavia players covering 22 metres more every minute than the Parisian giants. How? Perhaps CITIC or Sonobo (Slavia's owners) could provide a viable answer?"

Doping is rampant in the Premier League too and is accepted by the powers-that-be because doping is highly regressive.

Former chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) Gordon Taylor responded to suggestions that UK Sport could undertake random testing of players as follows: "We feel that to invade the privacy of a player's home would be a step too far. If we complain about anything to do with drug-testing then people think we might have something to hide, but football's record is extremely good and there has been a virtual absence of any performance-enhancing drugs, and that goes back decades."

How pre-modern.
The overpaid ostrich is right on one point though - the "absence" is most certainly "virtual".

PESs are very very widely used in football and we are able to back up this statement via both evidences and through the application of statistical analysis of match data over many years. As ever in analytical research, contorted formats demonstrate new data and the post-Covid window has revealed intriguing new aspects of systemic doping (particularly within the Liverpool Cartel). Peculiar trails of evidence lead from Liverpool and Manchester United to █████ █████ and Brighton And Hove Albion to FC Liefering and the Red Bull franchise that dopes RB Salzburg and RB Leipzig (the latter covering the most yards in the 2020/21 Champions League while Brighton's highly manipulative result template is built around cycles of doping).

The key area pharmaceutically is the development of masking substances to disguise the PESs being taken. If any warning of testing or likelihood of testing is in the air then the masks come out of the closet.

And why should individual footballers have to submit to such an arbitrary and selective testing regime? The focus should be on the core of the issue rather than at the periphery. Numerous Italian footballers, for example, took the pills or injections that the Old Lady insisted upon as it was the only way to compete at the highest levels to protect your career. There was a systemic and peer group pressure to perform to one's maximum. If WADA and UKAD wish to target PESs abuse, target the abusers and not the abused. Remember cortisone?

So WADA dey do?

Vincent Geraerts: "The current World Anti-Doping Code can be characterised as a tough approach to doping... To this end, WADA advances two justificatory arguments. It maintains, first, that protection of the spirit of sport warrants tough measures and, second, that athletes have voluntarily consented to the Code... neither of these arguments can withstand scrutiny... we go on to show that these arguments are in fact ideological in nature. The specific aim of these arguments is not to be correct, but rather to distort social reality, because in this way they can be used to ward off any critical discussion of the Code. We conclude that WADA's interest is to create a facade of justice, not in serving justice itself."

Dick Pound: "Too many people involved in sport do not want the anti-doping system to work."

Paul Dimeo: "One of the greatest challenges faced by anti-doping agencies, and indeed by sports organisations in a broader sense, is in persuading athletes, coaches, doctors, even parents, that sport is indeed about honesty and integrity... elite athletes have a way of thinking about the world which is focused primarily on their own success."

As soon as doping reached systemic levels in football (which we would argue was with Bayer Leverkusen in season 2001/02 - see below), the only valid solution was legalisation of PESs. If dopers win and systemic doping wins, the integrity of the game can only be balanced by equivalent access for all.

Canadian cross-country skier and Olympic athlete Becky Scott: "... [in] the world of sport and particularly Olympic sport, doping is very much a criminal offence. You're defiling the sponsors, you're defiling your fellow athletes and you're defiling the public."

No Shit!

Mara Yamauchi states that doping is equivalent to stealing money by deception which "is a criminal offence in many situations and it should be in sport. It's clear that the current system of punishments is  not sufficient. It is totally unacceptable that people can steal money and face no punishment."

Or, a surprise quote from Jamie Vardy's arm bandage: "Do you know what I am covering up?"

And doping (like other crimes) pays.
Lance Armstrong earned more than $218 million in his career by being a drug cheat - you know what, fuck the Tour de France titles stripped from the man, his bank balance stays robust whatever.

Paul Dimeo: "Hence, in the current situation it is the athletes who have most likely used doping who get the lion's share of the money, while those who most likely have not doped must feed on crumbs. That is, the professional sports system is established in such a way that it bestows glamour, prestige and wealth on athletes who use the very drugs which the same sport system apparently finds unacceptable."

Doping for the rich, disaster capitalism for the poor.

If doping is not made legal, athletes who compete at elite international level should be forbidden from choosing their own doctors by being forced to have doctors approved by WADA instead - as we show below it is the Dr Mark Bonar's and Dr Richard Freeman's of the world that are the problem to integrity.

There are certain stages of the season where the illegal usage of PESs becomes more prevalent. It is evident that the late season is a key period to develop competitive advantage and, sure enough, PESs have always been more prevalent from February onwards in football. Historically, the key PESs is undoubtedly Erythropoietin (EPO). Having been utilised in cycling for years, the pharmaceutical companies have developed a whole range of masking substances to prevent detection. EPO is particularly sought after as it can improve the performance of a team over a considerable time window. We have developed extensive modelling to determine when a club (or an individual player) is on EPO but the market-makers are on top of this potential edge nowadays and such information is in the price. The authorities throughout Europe are aware of this issue - my favourite response remains that of La Liga authorities who tested for EPO in urine when it may only be detected via blood samples! Various types of amphetamine provide a shorter term buzz. Benzedrine, Methedrine and Dexedrine are typical of this class and some teams use amphetamines at half-time which can be particularly rewarding on a trading level if you are ahead of the market. Other substances e.g. narcotic analgesics allow athletes to play on through an injury (frequently creating further damage).

Another point that is worthy of note. Illegal drug programmes tend to move with management teams from club to club - think Claudio Ranieri. We incorporate all of the above into our trading analysis but, occasionally, there is substance abuse that falls outside published science. In season 2001/02, Bayer Leverkusen were a team possessed. They reached the final of the Champions League where they narrowly lost to Real Madrid and the beautiful Zinedine Zidane; they had lost the final of the DFB-Pokal (German Cup) four days earlier putting out a reserve XI. Bayer were also pipped to the Bundesliga title by just one point. A pretty successful season all in all for a team the size of Blackburn Rovers. The following year, Bayer escaped relegation only in a fixed game on the last day of the campaign and finished bottom of their Champions League second-phase group with zero points. Analytically, we have never seen such a reversal from one season to the next.
Leverkusen are owned by Bayer pharmaceutical company which is of no relevance whatsoever... obviously.

The Olympics have always been an interesting arena in exposing PESs and plotting the graph of medals won versus the size of the country's pharmaceutical sector is evidential in an approximate way.

Our network are not big fans of Big Pharma. Our late lawyer David McNeight once represented █████ █████ after Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis had undertaken rampant intellectual property theft against the client. The assumption was that the little entity from Manchester would crumble in the face of the multinational. But they didn't and Novartis had to pay out considerable damages. The reason that this anecdote is plucked from the hat is that the entire board of Novartis at the time were all lawyers! This situation is now being mimicked in football with Gianni Infantino at FIFA and Aleksander Ceferin at UEFA all the way down to the Tony Bloom-backed alleged money laundering rogue Maheta Molango who is the new chief executive at the PFA.

How on earth can the 'independent panel' (sic) that elected Molango ignore the manner in which he was ousted as CEO of RCD Mallorca for refusing to hand over control of the club transfers to the manager? In February 2020, Molango was questioned by Spanish police in a money laundering investigation involving the Albanian football agent Fali Ramadani.
Really, what the fuck is going on in English football?
It's becoming equivalent to analysing the 'Ndrangheta.

Anyway, that aside aside.

Dick Pound: "The primary reason for the apparent lack of success of the testing programmes does not lie with the science involved... The real problems are the human and political factors. There is no general appetite to undertake the effort and expense of a successful effort to deliver a doping-free sport... It is reflected in low standards of compliance measurement (often postponed), unwillingness to undertake critical analysis of the necessary requirements, unwillingness to follow-up on suspicions and information, unwillingness to share available information and unwillingness to commit the necessary informed intelligence, effective actions and other resources to the fight against doping in sport."

A Coalition of the Unwilling.

UKAD has an annual budget which is markedly less than 50% of the amount Jack Grealish is paid annually by Manchester City.
There is no institutional incentive.
UKAD are to doping what Sportradar are to matchfixing.

Brian Tuohy on the situation in the US: "There is a monstrous 'catch-22' in each league's drug testing policies: the leagues oversee their own tests, results and punishments. They have complete control without any oversight. The players don't want to be caught, the unions don't want players to be caught, and the leagues don't want to see their players test positive. Yet the idea behind testing is to ensure the integrity of the game."

In 2016, the Fancy Bears' Hacking Team released WADA documents exposing USA and UK Olympic athletes' doping strategies including the usage of Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) by Team Sky / INEOS.

More recently, former Team Sky Cycling medic Dr Richard Freeman has been found guilty of ordering banned testosterone for an unnamed rider.

The banned Testogel was delivered to Manchester in June 2011 just prior to Bradley Wiggins gaining the biggest victory in his career (to that date) in the Criterium du Dauphin (also in June 2011) and Chris Froome evolving from "donkey" to winning his first Grand Tour in August / September in the same year. Team Sky / INEOS went on to win 7 out of the next eight Tour de France races and the team boss David Brailsford was elevated to knighthood (like Wiggins).

The England football team under the management of Roy Hodgson had very close links to Brailsford and employed Team Sky's Dr Steve Peters as team psychiatrist in the immensely successful World Cup campaign in 2014 when the Three Lions were eliminated after just two games.

Martin Samuel: "As we now know, Peters helped England's footballers to be the most serenely well-adjusted squad in the departure lounge after two weeks... So, thank you British Cycling... the footballers are so without fear they were eliminated in their next tournament by the hurricane force that is Iceland. That went well."

As we shared in an earlier chapter, Team Sky doctors also worked hand-in-glove, syringe-in-arm with Leicester City in 2015/16 monstrosity and TUEs are always on the menu for the remarkable number of Liverpool footballers who allegedly suffer from asthma.

The Anfield Asthma Epidemic is a Thing.
It is also a danger to the players.

Brailsford also introduced himself to Thomas Tuchel once the German took over as manager of Chelsea and I hardly need to share that we have detected █████ at the club since game one of his reign.

Former Team Sky rider Jonathan Tiernan-Locke has disclosed that Team Sky's premise and implementation of a zero tolerance policy towards working with previous dopers were "bullshit" and a "total joke".

Brailsford was elevated to the FA Steering Committee despite the fact that a parliamentary committee had concluded that TUEs were one of the marginal gains propelling Sir Bradley Wiggins so rapidly up the side of a mountain.
And despite Clive Efford of the Department of Culture Media & Sport Select Committee calling for Brailsford to be suspended after the Freeman conviction, he and the media that is supposed to be reporting on him have gone to ground.

This strategy of absenting oneself from scrutiny by going into hiding is probably preferable for the crooked man as the mainstream sporting media doesn't function in the UK. So hiding works. In a previous attempt to bury reality, Brailsford defended the doping of Wiggins in an interview with the BBC's Dan Roan. One knight of the realm defending another knight of the realm (and both of their legacies) in an arranged communication with the television company that had made Wiggins Sports Personality Of The Year and who were closely linked to the corruption at Leicester City via Match Of The Day's Gary Lineker.

Previously, just one day after the Fancy Bears' releasing their evidence, Jamie Vardy stopped wearing his magic bandage for the first time in 21 months. Vardy only scored in one game for Leicester City in the next five-and-a-half months.

Of course, Team Sky / INEOS, Leicester City, Liverpool, England and █████ are not the only doping entities. The Spanish blood doping clinic run by Dr Eufemiano Fuentes was raided by police in 2006. There is still no outcome resolution and still nobody knows which leading Spanish tennis player or which major capital city football club benefited from Operacion Puerta.

Get Real.

Enrique Bastida of the Spanish Anti-Doping Agency: "The sentence emitted from a Madrid lower criminal court on April 29th 2013 considered to have found proof that since the year 2002, there was a pattern of blood extractions and the administration of drugs such as EPO, IGF-1, testosterone, insulin, etc to athletes at a price, and with risks for their own health. But these proven facts were then taken to the Madrid Provincial Court, whose ruling went the opposite way and acquitted all of those who had been found guilty in the first case."

And TUEs have now become omnipresent in football.

Paul Dimeo: "... cortisone is one of the drugs often administered to athletes on the basis of a TUE, but has potential side effects including joint degradation and weakened tendons which could lead to higher risk of ruptures. So, if anti-doping took health protection seriously it would not allow injured athletes such potentially damaging shortcuts back to competition."

Jonna Toft: "Sports medicine has now become an eternal search to win and set new records... at the same time, it now appears that today's doctors are not particularly affected by ethical considerations."

Toft was writing in 2002!

Legalising doping is not without its issues but at least these issues would be in the open.
And masking would be eliminated.

However, the primary reason why doping should be legalised is the development of gene doping.
PESs are yesterday's ting.

Here is what we wrote about the Olympics in 2008:

Nietzsche's Superman - the modern marketed paradigm of hyperreal humanity.

The Scene... Nothing less than the leadership of the Free World (sic) is at stake. Winning is Everything. When the skewed incentives create such a competitive and nationalistic template, one may only be certain of one thing. Cheating... The cumulative impact of the incentives - personal, cultural, economic, political and national - are marked.

Herbert Marcuse: " is precisely a breaking off from labour and a recuperation for labour".

The Circularity of Play in the Political Economy is equivalent to the Circularity of Cheating in sport. When the prize is so great on so many levels, Cheating will define the games. This Cheating will, literally, exist on two different strata - PESs and Gene Doping. PESs are now commonplace in all sports - the information is "in the price", so to speak. Originally, the monitoring regimes were so lax that maskers weren't necessary. Indeed, a cynic might argue that the global regulation covering the illegal utilisation of PESs is suitably time-lagged to allow the next wave of  'innovation' to be initiated prior to more cumbersome regulations being developed for earlier forms of Creative Cheating. But, in spite of this, PESs are secondary in impact to the Next Big Thing.

Gene Doping will distort future outcomes.
Do you need to know the science? Okay, here's a bit... 
This physiological advancement (sic) is based on introducing extra copies of particular genes into the body (transgenes). EPO is the prime transgene target. It was the biotechnology industry that introduced EPO in the late-eighties and an EPO transgene would not be detectable using any technique.

The Perfect Crime.

Repoxygen is already freely available in the sorts of locations where you can purchase guns and things. Other Big Pharma advances include IGF-1 (which is muscle specific - think javelin or tennis), vascular endothelial, Switching Genes that act as an on/off device, advanced endorphins for pain control etc etc. The specificity of these designer doping genes allows particular products to be aimed at particular sports. One can even game the detection regime via the use of Switching Genes. Now, when the leadership of the Free World is at stake, surely the unknown health risks to a few athletes are not worth worrying about? Cortisone? Who cares? And, in a parallel pharma-verse, notice how quickly Vioxx has disappeared from the hyperreality? As The Economist correctly states, the decision on Gene Doping should be based on safety and fairness. However, the right wing libertarians then proceed by totally ignoring the former (profit over people) while producing illogical, unscientific and selective arguments in support of the latter. The Economist think that Gene Doping is a Good Thing. Over their column inches, even the name changes. Gene Doping, with its nightmare-state images of Frankenstein-athletes... ...becomes Gene Therapy, with an altogether more comfortable-couch-with-caring-counsellor sort of image. If we are going to be objecting to the hunger merchants of the next millennium imposing genetically modified foods on us, we must be equally assertive in our objection to genetically modified athletes.

The Economist uses the case of Eero Mantyranta to promote their case. This Finnish athlete was fortunate. His body produced large amounts of EPO entirely naturally. He won a couple of Olympic Golds in those bizarre sports that involve snow and rifles and forests and things. So what? Sport is about natural ability. That is the point. Fairness - no corruption or advantage through PESs, Gene Doping, control of match officials or whatever.

The list of negatives to The Economists' arguments are extensive, too extensive for my working day. But here are a few points worthy of input (in random order):
* If natural ability is to be artificially equalised using Gene Doping then some of the most beautiful things that we have ever witnessed will never happen again. Maradona, Tiger Woods, Don Bradman, Evonne Goolagong would all have just merged into the crowd of heightened mediocrity. The incentives would make it imperative that all athletes partake in Gene Doping - what chance in outrunning or outjumping an android without becoming one yourself?
* In the end, it will still probably be natural ability that provides some edge but not before Big Pharma has made extensive profits out of gullible and desperate athletes equalising their gene intake. The profits of the pharmaceutical industry are one of the foundational bases of this ruse.
* Big Pharma will also game the sector. Generic Gene Doping will be available off-the-shelf, in a manner of speaking, for the poorer participants. The elite will have proprietary Gene Doping established with particular pharmaceutical giants - Team Pfizer USA. This will help maintain the most psychopathic nations at the top of the Olympic Medal Table and the most psychopathic football clubs at the top of the Champions League.
* Longer-term health risk is the biggest issue. Corners will be cut in pursuit of glory. The real impacts may only become evident in future decades when the athletes are well away from the lens of the spectacle. And the athletes take on the Total Risk i.e. Life. The profiteers simply count the cash...
* Numerous unnecessary industries will benefit from the introduction of Gene Doping - advertisers, sponsors, the media, merchandisers, sportswear firms, bookmakers etc etc etc.

For example, lets look at bookmaking. Natural ability is very annoying to bookmakers. Bookmakers do not appreciate competitions where the incentive to win is considerably greater than the incentive to Cheat.
Gene Doping and Switching Genes will solve this. And then some... 

As only the leading nations will be able to take advantage of bespoke Gene Doping, and as the leading nations have very mature betting industries, the inevitable linking of the Dopers and the Layers will produce internally controlled betting markets on currently dangerous spectacles such as the Olympic Games. In a world where the bookmaking and pharmaceutical industries cosied up to one another for mutual advantage, and oodles of insider trading opportunites - all industries love those off-balance sheet little grey and black market earners - the possibilities of gaming the 100 metres outcome for proprietary trading advantage is obvious. For example, inside knowledge of the use of Switching Genes would be valuable both with respect to historical 'form' and real-time hyperrealities in the race. The worst two industries, apart from all the others, are pharmaceuticals and bookmaking, and their collusion is not an edifying sight. The Economist dresses up the whole argument regarding Gene Doping on the basis of fairness. Apparently, it is unfair that the likes of Eero Mantyranta have natural ability providing natural advantage. It would be much fairer, claim a tongue-in-cheeked Economist leader, if rich countries could develop an unnatural advantage for themselves through drugs and doping. "Why should others be denied the chance to remedy ...[their] deficiency?" argues The Economist. Aside from all the above (and more), the winners of the prizes should be the individuals who have natural talents, have selected the correct sports in which to demonstrate those talents, have trained while their peers partied and who avoid the competitive advantages bestowed by PESs, Gene Doping or linking to the bookmaking industry. Exactly the sort of individuals who will not be winning Gold Medals in the future, in fact...

Gene Doping represents the end of competitive integrity in sport.

And remember, Gene Doping is not a Country and Western singer.

Sean and Frank O'Meara:

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