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FOOTBALL IS FIXED - ME, A WHISTLEBLOWER?: Hacking A Spy Through The Maze Of Football Espionage


The book covers the onset and proliferation of systemic corruption in British football from the creation of the Premier League in 1992

Aside from exposing and addressing corruption in football, the book will also show you how to win on the betting markets

The book is 20 chapters in length

The book is a part of a trilogy each of 20 chapters

For sample content from the first book, see conclusion of this post

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The Liverpool Cartel Covid-19 & Climate Catastrophe The Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB) Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Tony Bloom, Brighton & Hove Albion & Starlizard The Premier League Systemic Corruption Templates Charlotte Fakes Third Party Ownership of Players US Sports BT Sport & Sky Sports Cybernetics & Hacking Fit & Proper Persons' Test Mafia Coercion Global Bookmakers Insider Trading Proxy Trading Doping, WADA & UKAD Football Agents, Matchfixing & Corruption The FA Leicester City & Systemic Corruption John Colquhoun & Roy Hodgson Glasgow Celtic, The Offshore Game & Resolution 12 Blackpool FC Gestifute vs Stellar Glasgow Rangers & the SFA The Takeover of Manchester  United The Targeting of Manchester City Deep State The PGMOB versus Arsenal & Wenger the Euros Mainstream Media Capture Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning The Role of  Mafia Sousveillance Sportradar Women's Football The Football League & Non-League Football Media Propaganda Cartels of Agents Capital & Ideology Dark Pools & Betting Markets Football Leaks The Extradition of Julian Assange Efficiency of Markets Neil Swarbrick & Jonathan Moss The Assassinations of Daphne Caruana Galizia & Jan Kuciak FIFA World Cup Marginal Gains Psychopathy Impacts of Inequality in Football Espionage Offshore Financial Centres Tax Evasion & Money Laundering Corruption in La Liga Horseracing & Cricket Corruption The Takeovers of FIFA & UEFA Calciopoli in Serie A Spotfixing Rules, Laws & Regulations Neoliberalism & Free Markets Racism Whistleblowing Fake News & Corporate Journalism Football into the Future

Sample Book Content (Chapter by Chapter)

Preface - The holistic nature of the perfect storm in which we currently reside may only be exited with an equally holistic response.
This book offers you an entirely new blueprint for global football.
Because at the moment we are all watching on as our sport dies and rigor mortis slowly sets in.

Chapter 1 - Over seasons 2018/19 and 2019/20, our analysts detected that over 70% of Premier League matches were fixed i.e. the outcome existed in the underground betting markets pre-match.
The real percentage is no doubt higher as we cannot 'solve' every market.

Chapter 2 - The pandemic has unleashed multiple varieties of class war against the populace - privatised medical versus public health, dividends being paid to shareholders while workers are furloughed or sacked, the Premier League demanding preferential status while lower league clubs go to the wall, censorious 'science' being manipulated to ensure herd immunity abuses for the masses etc etc.

Chapter 3Anybody who bets or trades on the markets in this day and age has to have serious market analytical skills.
Otherwise you are going to lose money.
Potentially lots of it if you fall repeatedly into any of the many traps that the bookmakers and their accomplices in the media set for you, day after day.

Chapter 4 - At just the very time that football was learning to cohabit with mafia, the Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB) - the body representing the referees in England - recognised that having the word 'MOB' in the acronym didn't look too good and, lo and behold, it was immediately made safe.
Overnight the PGMOB became the PGMOL as 'Board' became 'Limited'.
(Throughout these books, we stick to PGMOB as there is more poetry in the original acronym.)
Referees influence match outcomes.

Chapter 5 - Matchfixing corrupts.
Absolute matchfixing corrupts absolutely.
From the mid-nineties onwards, the South East Asian underground betting markets exercised virtually total control over English football.
In recent years, that control has been grasped by a cartel of inappropriates from the USA and UK (and its offshore territories).
Neither of these structures is to the benefit of football.
Both create corruption.

Chapter 6  - The combined UEFA, 'Football Leaks' and mainstream media made efforts to get Manchester City banned from the Champions League for two seasons for no reasons in particular - if UEFA rules had been applied historically then Real Madrid and their intriguing finances would have been outed and we can't have that.
Corruption evolves.

Chapter 7Club Owner A: "Hey! We're going to allow you to beat us on Saturday"
Manager of Club B: "Cool!"
Club Owner A: "But you must only win by one goal. And we mustn't score"
Manager of Club B: "Okay"
Club Owner A: "We're going to give you the return league game too. Once again by one goal. Only this time the score must be 2-1"
Manager of Club B: "Wunderbar!"
Club Owner A: "Silence is critical if we are to control the markets. Okay?"
Manager of Club B: "Schtum!"
Club Owner A: "We must agree market access points and timing"
Manager of Club B: "No problem. And thanks for the six points. You truly are the Great Enabler, always in control by kick off"

Chapter 8 - When John Henry walked out of Slaughter and May solicitors in Liverpool on October 15th 2010, he uttered: "We are here to win, and we'll do whatever is necessary" - the problems arise when "whatever is necessary" turns out to be illegal, anti-competitive, corrupt and entirely lacking in any semblance of sporting integrity.

Chapter 9 - And, of course, the timelines always reveal everything that the crooks attempt to shroud in mist - on October 11th 2020, the Telegraph newspaper ran the world exclusive story breaking Project Big Picture.
One day earlier on October 10th 2020, Eurosport revealed that John Henry (the Liverpool FC owner) was seeking a stock market listing for the club (worth $1.6 billion) involving a reverse takeover by RedBall Acquisition Corporation, a SPAC set up by Billy Beane and Gerry Cardinale.

Chapter 10 - Jock Stein: "Without fans who pay at the turnstile, football is nothing."

And the legendary Glasgow Celtic manager knows of what he speaks as an insider at the Scottish club informed us that Mr Stein used to receive a piece of paper in the Directors' Box at half-time in every home game at Parkhead. On said paper was written a number. This number represented the number of Celtic fans who had passed through a particular turnstile - all the monies from the Stein 'Stile supporters went straight into Mr Stein's pockets as an extra little earner on the side. 

Stealing Stein-style has evolved into Draw-No-Bet Desmond and La-La Lawwell. Same shit.

It can sometimes seem that only the Green Brigade on the North Curve have Celtic's best interests at heart.

Chapter 11 - Cartel teams, rigged markets, insider trading, highly unlikely outcomes... but there are also everyday run-of-the-mill manipulations on fixed games, say 3-for-3 or 2-for-2 seasonal points sharing or around trading the +1.0 goal Asian Handicap market, for example. And it isn't just that these matches are fixed but the evidence of them being corrupted exists in the pre-match betting markets.

Chapter 12 - Brighton And Hove Albion are a key cog in the EPL corruption template. It is no longer easy to monetise your insider corruptions and trading in the marketplace as many of the underground bookmakers no longer allow organised insider trading from the UK which prevents the sweetheart rewards being reaped. Bloom's Starlizard entity (and offshoots thereof) are able to broker insider trading into this underground. This makes Mr Bloom very powerful indeed (under the protection of █████ █████ of course).

Chapter 13 - How Third Party Ownership Of Players Evolved Into Third Party Ownership Of Agents By Other Agents And Third Party Ownership Of Clubs By Agents, With Cartelised Behaviours Creating Insider Trading And Matchfixing, Resulting In Gambling Losses And Sometimes Suicide For The Leisure Bettors While The Insiders And Bookmakers Profit From Their Systemic Corruption By Being In Receipt Of Some Crumbs Of Comfort That Fall From The Dark Pool Poker Tables Where All Of Our Football Futures Are Fixed.

Chapter 14 - It isn't just the links between certain Guardian journalists and █████ █████...

It isn't just the fake football news or the advertorial content to the benefit of a small grouping of agents...

It isn't even the manipulation of markets to the benefit of insiders and newspaper lackeys (see 'Crime' section in Chapter 15)...
It is rather the suppression of truth and the coercion of individuals and, by association, the sport that defines this grotesque media.

© 2021 Football is Fixed

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Monday, 11 March 2019

The Mocking Muckers' Fuck Over The Fuckers

                                 Fan Power - The Muckers' Decapitation Of The Oystons


On Saturday, nearly 16,000 Blackpool fans (the largest home attendance in 40 years) attended the post-Oyston celebration match against Southend United.
The fact that the Mighty Pool equalised via an own goal with the last touch of the match in the 96th minute only added to the theatre.

Following a four year boycott of home games (and any other matches where proceeds might find their way into the grubby pockets of the rapist and the clown), the campaign by the Muckers' Supporters Group (in particular) and, to a lesser extent, the Tangerine Knights and the Blackpool Supporters' Trust has reclaimed control of the football club for the town of Blackpool.

We are mighty again.

This fan campaign trails a strategy for all other clubs being abused by psychopathic owners e.g. Brighton & Hove Albion, Coventry City, Leyton Orient, Charlton Athletic, Brentford, Blackburn Rovers, Port Vale, Stoke City, Bolton Wanderers, Glasgow Celtic, Leicester City, AFC Bournemouth etc etc.

The holistic is one of systemic corruption, matchfixing syndicates, mafia agents and criminal owners versus the fans of the clubs that have been stolen by underworld entities.
This is the new template of football warfare.

The only suitable strategies to defeat these rogue entities are based on direct action.

When the Aldermaston anti-nuclear demonstrations were taking place in the 50's, my father asked a senior UK military person whether they were concerned by this display of people power - the response was along the lines of "it gets it out of their systems and then they go home and behave for the rest of the year - no problem".

Psychopathic power only fears direct action - the Suffragettes, the Civil Rights' movement, the Animal Liberation Front, Hunt Saboteurs, Frack Free Lancashire, Wikileaks etc etc - sociopathy has to be taken on in a manner that directly targets its inappropriate power.

The abusers will never move an inch without their fear being engendered...
... and all sociopaths are fearful at heart.

And that is why the real heroes of the new era of Blackpool FC are an alleged  'hooligan' group - the Muckers'.
The Oystons were outed by a collection of illegal, semi-legal and anarchist direct action supported by more middle-of-the-road conventional strategies...
... not the other way round.

The Muckers' are an equivalent to the Football is Fixed network.

We release hacked materials made available to us, we undertake provocative data-driven journalism, we exploit any weaknesses in our enemies' tactics or defences, we employ Divine Skein and the Art of War, we strategise, we improvise, think laterally, twist and turn at every juncture to address the mafia entities that have made our sport, our beautiful sport, a gambling medium for insider traders linked to global mafiosi.

We are left with an image of mafia destroying a sport for proprietary gain while hackers and street fighters are reclaiming it from those very psychopaths.

Blackpool FC

               Flares and pitch invasions are illegal but, then again, so is rape and matchfixing

For the uninitiated, here are just four personal reasons (out of the multitudes) that it was an imperative to remove the Oyston family from Blackpool FC.

1) The last game that my father attended was the fixed Second Division Play-Off Semi Final versus Bradford City in 1996. Blackpool led 2-0 from the away leg and given that the club had/have the best head-to-head Play-Off/Final record of any English club, a place at Wembley awaited.
In stepped the Oystons, the match was fixed, Bradford won 3-0. The outcome was known in the betting markets pre-match.
Manager Sam Allardyce was complicit in this corruption as the Oystons were not willing to invest in promotion as the rapist was about to get sent down for a six year sentence.
Several players are said to have bet against their own club on hearing of the fix.
That is what corruption does - it converts professional players into acquiescent operatives.

Of course, this was only the beginning of Allardyce's matchfixing career.

2) The construction of the Oystons' coffins began in earnest after they began suing fans - one individual was even served court papers at a family funeral.
The car number plate, the pitiful attempts at power play, the tennis rackets, the fucking £75K bison, the decision to call a lifelong fan a "massive retard"...
But the fans are the club...
... not the rapist nor the clown.

#NAPM - Not A Penny More.

3) A close friend █████ used to be a model at Owen Oyston's Model Team Agency in Manchester. On the night of his rape conviction, we went out to celebrate and she described the humiliations and abuses at the hands of our particularly depraved estate agent.
█████ is a tough woman - the father of her first child was █████ (Manchester's most notorious drug baron of the time). She was linked to Moss Side and Cheetham Hill gangs. She didn't buckle easily. But Owen Oyston almost broke her spirit.
She waits still to spit on his grave.

4) The Football is Fixed Network undertake high level consultancies throughout the football industry. We have worked with two G14 teams plus leading teams in Italy, Poland, Scotland, Greece and Romania.
We achieve improvements of between 5 and 20 points per season for teams by addressing and undermining corruptions perpetrated against their interests.
When Blackpool FC were promoted to the Premier League in 2010, we approached Karl Oyston offering a free consultancy (our rates at the time were £250K per annum). This was a considerable gesture based on my lifelong support of the club.
He refused to even meet with us.

Apparently we were good enough for Bayern Munich...
... but not for Blackpool.

We would have kept Blackpool up.
Karl Oyston is a fool.

Other Football Clubs

Of the numerous other British clubs saddled with inappropriate owners, we have chosen to focus on two - Glasgow Celtic and Brighton & Hove Albion.

1) Glasgow Celtic's majority shareholder is a bookmaker Dermot Desmond. He owns ~3% of Ladbrokes but made his mark with betting exchange Betdaq.

We have been provided with evidences that Mr Desmond would place largely erroneous trades on Celtic games with Betdaq in order to confuse the global markets for externalised proprietary trading.
The Celtic hierarchy was/is accepting of this template.

For example, the 4-0 defeat to Hearts in December 2017 that ended the 69 game unbeaten run and the 4-1 defeat at Legia Warszawa in the Champions League 2014/15 Qualifiers were both heavily insider traded by ██████████ and █████.

Senior club representatives and agents bet against their own team.

It was also the unofficial Celtic club agent John Colquhoun who orchestrated the move to Leicester City by Brendan Rodgers to the detriment of the club and the supporters.

All of these individuals put their own financial interests far ahead of any loyalty to the club - the club is just a vehicle for their neoliberal wealth creation.

Peter Lawwell, the Celtic chief executive, is not interested in the culture of the club as money and power are his sole targets. This puts him at odds with the Celtic fanbase who are proud of their Irish Rebel heritage. The Green Brigade repeatedly confront the blinkered Lawwell with spectacular displays targeting his inappropriate power...
... there are many positive similarities between the Muckers' and the Green Brigade (although not politically, of course!).

                                                               Lizard And Chips

2) Brighton & Hove Albion are owned by professional poker player Tony Bloom.

Mr Bloom also 'owns' one of the larger betting syndicates on the planet - Starlizard.

Bookmakers and professional gamblers should never be allowed to have any involvement with football clubs and certainly shouldn't be allowed to run them.
Consequently, 90% of Brighton's matches have been matchfixing events this season with the Lizard trading against his own club on numerous occasions.

This puts the Lizard in opposition to Brighton fans, a situation he attempts to remedy by enhanced reputation management, pseudo-charitable work and the paying off of people who know where the bodies are buried.
Brighton & Hove Albion have been involved in systemic matchfixing since the promotion season from the Championship.

Direct Action

                                      Direct Action Got Owen Oyston Out Of Our Club

Power is abusive. Power will never give an inch unless you demand it with great assertion.
This means moving into the area of grey market activities (as the only way to address the black market is from the adjacency of the grey).
All psychopaths are incredibly fearful. That is their fatal flaw. They run scared. They are unable to react to real strength of purpose whether that emanates from Wikileaks, the Courage Foundation, the Green Brigade, the Muckers' or Football is Fixed.

Direct action, a willingness to violence if required, aggressive hacking, verbal terrorism and a mockery of fake power - these are the routes to positive change in football.

So, under normal circumstances, the EFL would impose a 12 point deduction on Blackpool as a punishment for going into receivership.

Shaun Harvey (the immensely dubious CEO of the Football League) is soon to retire and has bought a house in Lytham St Annes. While consuming in his new local pub, the Muckers' paid him a visit to explain why it would be a much better move from his perspective to forgo this 12 point punishment in this case as the club are blameless - the menacing Muckers' delivered a message of malicious mockery. Harvey exhibited cowardice.

This means Blackpool are fighting for a Play-Off place rather than against relegation.

Football is Fixed do not see how this huge result could have been achieved by the more conventional methods of the Blackpool Supporters' Trust (BST).
Yet, in the Blackpool FC programme for the Southend United match, there is a full page advertorial for the BST (the matchball sponsor) and not once in their blurb do the BST see fit to mention the other groups who worked alongside them in this battle.

There are no robust rules nor regulations in football.
Everything is arbitrary.
It is evidently unjust that Blackpool FC could have been further punished for the actions of the Odious Oystons.
But 5th Estate and direct action fan groups impose a reality on this fake hyperreality - Jean Baudrillard must be giggling in his grave!

Reclaiming Our Sport

With a new board in place and new routes ahead, the club need to proactively seek grey market behaviour and knowledge.
Football in England is systemically corrupted at Premier League and Championship levels and Blackpool need to prepare strategically for a near future of dealing with the criminalised PGMOB, the omnipresence of doping, insider trading and matchfixing, rogue agents affecting their clients' performances to suit their own betting agendas, crooked agents utilising third party ownership and multiple intermediaries to bleed money from the sport on all transactions...

The key strategic template for Blackpool FC is to create a unified foundation.
This needs to involve the new club hierarchy, the BST, the Muckers' and Tangerine Knights as well as the entire fanbase (including the 'Mushrooms'*) and businesses and media in the town.
Blackpool is one of the poorest boroughs in the country and the football club is a beacon of hope in an austerity town.

A unified front with grey market inputs will always overcome the fragmented cartel of football corruption.
This corruption is illegitimate.
The criminals are fucked and they know they're fucked, but they rush towards the rapidly approaching precipice grabbing as much money as possible en route. For them, sustainable strategies are out of the window. It is every man for themselves in a chaotic disaster capitalism template. They share no loyalty to associated mafiosi. Their weakness is palpable.

                                                         Fuck Off The Oystons


Football is Fixed are no longer able to work directly with clubs. This is primarily because of our association with the Infamous Wu Shu Hackers who enable our fraud forensics and our ability to open betting markets in order to expose matchfixing etc. This is grey market behaviour of questionable legality, apparently, but we are ever ready to test this out in a court of law as we continue to surf the zeitgeist of corruption.

Consequently, ever since our work at FC Bayern, we have always operated as a leech consultancy, attaching ourselves to third party entities linked to the club that employs us.
It is not about money to our network, it is about integrity.
We were approached by █████ from Manchester United three weeks ago and we mocked and walked away. We will only work on legitimate projects.

Less powerful football clubs need entities like Football is Fixed, the Green Brigade and the Muckers'.

It is strategic flare, personal bravery and risk taking to a confident agenda that opens new opportunities and routes to footballing success. And money doesn't come into it. We all devote huge percentages of our time to altruistic improvements to integrity in sport and yet we are viewed (even by those on the same side as us) as being beyond the pale, just a little bit too dodgy.

But the 'Mushrooms' supported Oyston's oligarchy for four years...
... and that is a whole different fucking level of dodgy!

Meanwhile the Muckers' undertake charity bike rides from the Eiffel Tower to the Blackpool Tower in aid of Lancashire MIND, StreetLife, The Next Chapter & Frontline Children.
They make 12 points for the club via physical assertion.
They faced down Oyston psychopathy face-to-face.
Oh, and they batter PNE!

But I know who I'd rather have in my club.

Woke up this morning feeling fine
Got Blackpool FC on my mind
We got the Oystons out like we said we would
Oh yeah
Something tells me we're into something good

Blackpool Are Mighty Again.

* The 'Mushrooms' are the fans who continued to attend Bloomfied Road during the NAPM picket.
These 'Mushrooms' are not Fun Guys but we forgive and forget and move forward as Sandgronians together.

If you have any information to contribute to Football is Fixed, please contact Ojo del Toro in complete confidence via Direct Message @footballisfixed. You can do so anonymously, but if you use your real name you can rest assured that this website operates a blanket policy of non-disclosure and does not cooperate with requests for details from the authorities or individuals.

Football is Fixed operate as a cellular network. We use the Iceberg Effect. We release 5% of our analytics and any hacks made available to us. We retain 95% for strategic defence, constructive negotiation, court. In extremis, we recuse ourselves and operatives will ensure full publication of the relevant information in numerous territories.

We Open Betting Markets. Whistleblowing, Corruption Hacking, Fraud Forensics. 

© Football is Fixed 2006-2019

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

A Real Legacy And A Tribute To Arsene Wenger

Plus ça change, plus c'est pas la même chose.

There are few islets of integrity left in the ocean of omerta that is the Premier League and one of these rocky outcrops will disappear beneath the tsunami of corruption at the conclusion of this season when Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal.

Arsenal have not orchestrated any of the wide range of matchfixing matrices utilised by other EPL teams to enhance earnings away from taxing eyes.
Arsenal have avoided overly close ties with the bookmaking industry and have not allowed criminalised football agents to take control of the club.
Arsenal instead employed marginal gains years before the Team Sky cycling team pushed such nudge edge beyond legal boundaries and when other EPL teams were medieval in their strategic sophistication.

As Arsenal were a talented and largely legitimate team and because Wenger refused to allow betting markets to influence match outcomes, the club and the manager were ostracised by the murkier areas of the industry sector.
The mainstream media have systemically slaughtered Wenger at any opportunity.
And not just some mainstream media but all.

We quote an investigative journalist from a UK national broadsheet:

We don't expect reality from the 4th Estate so this message that football journalists are merely PR merchants is hardly surprising.

But we do expect integrity in the officiating of Premier League matches...
... and Arsenal have suffered immensely from the systemic and particular corruptions against their interests under Wenger.

The issue of Mike Dean has been aired on this blog since 2006:

2005 - banned for supplying info to Arbitros - a tipping firm 2006 - removed from FA Cup Final over concerns of bias towards Liverpool 2006 - extreme bias against Arsenal and Wenger initiated 2008 - officiated most fixed final of recent years with Harry Redknapp victorious
2015 - Arsenal fans try to petition parliament over Dean 2016 - moved house so he could referee Liverpool and Everton games 2017 - suspicious betting patterns on Liverpool and Everton matches under Dean (as both referee and 4th official) 2018 - SE Asian bookmaker links exposed and PGMOB exclude Dean from future matches involving Merseyside teams following revelations by Football is Fixed

But the abuse spreads further.

Firstly, let's compare Ferguson and Wenger.
Arsenal have been denied silverware by rogue referees while Ferguson was handed trophies by the very same officials - both systemically following the 1-6 reverse to Manchester City and particularly as in the refereeing of Peter Walton ( and (

Secondly, the corruptions against Arsenal spread back to the beginning of this blog in 2006 but let's just focus on the last five years.

The Football is Fixed network includes several market professionals.
We have developed an array of neural network-based tools over the last decade and a half to analyse and predict corruptions orchestrated by match officials in the EPL (and other leagues).
We now possess high level artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning algorithmic analytics of corrupt infrastructures.

We use these neural networks to predict bias in the Premier League.

The data below is compiled by 5 analysts/brokers/market-makers and measures the 'real' bias for/against each Premier League team using 26 different weighted inputs.
A positive reading is indicative of bias in favour of a team over the season while a negative figure suggests otherwise. The higher the figure, the greater the bias.

Over the last five years up to but not including the weekend of April 21st/22nd 2018, this is what we have found for all clubs who have resided in the EPL for at least three of these seasons:

1. Leicester City +38.5 (including +30.0 in title winning season)
2. Tottenham Hotspur +28.0
3. Crystal Palace +22.0 (receiving the most favours this season at +10.5)
4. Manchester United +9.0
5. Liverpool +7.5
6. Chelsea +5.0
7. Everton +3.0
8. Southampton +2.5
9. Bournemouth +2.0
10. Swansea City and Stoke City +0.5
12. Manchester City -1.0
13. Sunderland -7.5
14. Burnley -10.0
15. Watford -11.0
16. Aston Villa -12.5
17. West Bromwich Albion -14.5
18. Arsenal -28.0
19. Newcastle United -28.5
20. West Ham United -32.5 (largely via the targeting of Slaven Bilic)
21. Hull City -39.0 

To put this chart into comparative words, for example, Arsenal experiencing -28.0 over the last five seasons while their neighbours Tottenham Hotspur have received a +28.0 rating equates to a 56.0 differential in major match decisions (penalties and red cards, given correctly, given incorrectly, not given correctly and not given incorrectly) for Spurs over the Gunners.
That's a lot of points per season on average!

And it is not just Arsenal that suffer the Wrath of Riley's Referees.

If we look at the bias chart for all teams that have competed in both of the last two seasons since the arrival of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City up to (but not including) the weekend of April 21st/22nd 2018, this is what we see:

1. Tottenham Hotspur +21.5
2. Crystal Palace +12.5
3. Leicester City and Everton +12.0
5. Bournemouth +8.5
6. Manchester United +4.5
7. Southampton +1.5
8. Swansea City +1.0
9. Chelsea 0.0
10. West Bromwich Albion -1.0
11. Stoke City -1.5
12. Liverpool -5.0
13. Arsenal and Watford -6.0
15. Burnley -8.5
16. Manchester City -14.0
17. West Ham United -26.0

An interesting comparison to Wenger is the creation of a legacy for that serial failure Roy Hodgson.
When Hodgson succeeds in keeping Crystal Palace in the Premier League this season, there will be a co-ordinated mainstream media campaign about his three successful relegation fights at Fulham, West Bromwich Albion and Palace and how these successes obliterate memories of his less stellar performances at Liverpool and England.

Hodgson only kept Fulham in the Premier League via a matchfixing event at Portsmouth on the last day of the season...
Prior to Hodgson taking over WBA they had benefitted from 0 red cards/penalties while having 7 against. After Hodgson's appointment, there were 4 red cards/penalties in favour and 1 against...
And Crystal Palace this season have been given the most positive bias from PGMOB officials as well as those suspicions of doping following the November international break...

And yet the mainstream media turn Hodgson The Failure into Hodgson The Fake Hero and Wenger The Hero into an inappropriate Failure.
UK mainstream media football journalists are an inept bunch of acquiescent lackeys refracting truths through the lens of corruption.

The mainstream media were alarmed by the timing of the Arsene Wenger announcement that he is to stand down at the end of the current Premier League season.
Wenger's statement was delivered less than a week after the Premier League announced that VAR will not be implemented next season.
Furthermore, because of the voting method employed by the Premier League, corrupt entities linked to mafia groups are able to block the future implementation of VAR ad nauseum.

The captured mainstream media needed to spin a narrative that didn't link Wenger's resignation to referee corruption. 

We are currently running a poll on Twitter to see what the fans think about the real reasons for Wenger's sudden departure after 22 years managing Arsenal.
The mainstream media narratives of fan disgruntlement and forces from above (both pedalled without any evidence) are not gaining traction which, presumably, is why the msm are now burying Wenger as quickly as possible.

Corrupt entities associated with the PGMOB ensured that VAR failed in the eyes of the public during the trials this season in the FA Cup and Carabao Cup.
But the problem is not the technology but the implementation.

VAR has been used 18 times to date.
Neil Swarbrick and Andre Marriner have been present as referee, 4th official or VAR at 14 of those games, sometimes both officiating on the same event.
Eight of these 18 matches have had 'VAR controversies', 7 of them involving either Swarbrick or Marriner.

Bad workmen shouldn't blame their tools, Kipper Riley!

In other leagues the experience of VAR has been different.
In the Bundesliga, all 18 clubs unanimously voted to keep VAR following first season in Germany.
In Italy, Marcello Nicchi (president of the Italian referees association) stated at mid-season: "The VAR is working well and it will get better in the coming months."

In Italy's Serie A, "VAR has reduced result-changing errors from one in every three games to one in every 20 games" - Paddy Agnew (World Soccer Magazine).


But other leagues don't have small scale criminals scribbling dodgy bent offside lines on our tv screens and other leagues don't have the likes of Swarbrick and Marriner.

If referees hadn't been biased against Arsenal in the first place...
If there had been a structure in place for Wenger to complain about corrupted refereeing...
If Arsenal had won cups and titles wrongfully stolen from them by Dean and PGMOB...
If systemic bias hadn't been shown to Leicester City and Tottenham Hostpur (Gary Lineker is a powerful man!) preventing Arsenal winning a recent EPL title...
If Arsenal TV had never been formed because there was no anti-Wenger corruption...
If the mainstream media wasn't peopled by drongos umbilically tied to mafia entities undertaking matchfixing...
If the Premier League was a football league as opposed to the world's biggest matchfixing betting medium...

Then Wenger wouldn't be going, he would be being lauded for everything he has brought and would have continued to bring to the English game. His legacy would have been as great as Ferguson's only with more legitimacy.

Instead various mafia are circling around Arsenal trying to get their man in the pivotal managerial hot seat.

Arsenal TV and their ilk should have been careful what they wished for.

Football is Fixed operate as a cellular network. We use the Iceberg Effect. We release 5% of our analytics and any hacks made available to us. We retain 95% for strategic defence, constructive negotiation, court. In extremis, we recuse ourselves and operatives will ensure full publication of the relevant information in numerous territories.

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Manus Manum Lavat - Homage To A Whistleblower

On October 16th, Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered as a result of her investigative journalism revealing that Malta had evolved into a mafia state

Known as the "one-woman Wikileaks", Caruana Galizia had tirelessly exposed corruption on the crime island for three decades, and she continued her work after receiving the first threats on her life in 1996. Two weeks prior to her death, Caruana Galizia had filed a complaint to police after receiving further threats to her safety.

Daphne was that most-feared creature of our contemporary world of corruption, a solitary decider.

Her final blog entry read: "There are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate."

Her death changes everything.
Her life was not for nothing.

There are currently three primary leads in the investigation into the assassination of Caruana Galizia:

* Her final investigative project addressed a diesel smuggling operation between Libya and Italy orchestrated by Sicilian mafia. By personnel and evidence, this illicit trade is linked to former Maltese international footballer Darren Debono.

* A cigarette smuggling cartel based in Cyprus and Malta linked to senior Maltese politicians and businessmen that leaves many unanswered questions.

* The  'Ndrangheta had a number of their betting licenses revoked in Malta after Caruana Galizia's exposure of the infiltration of  the Maltese gambling sector by Italian mafia.

Both the Sicilian mafia and the 'Ndrangheta are known for exhibiting their cowardice via massive car bombings - think Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino in the former and see recent Maltese history for the latter.

In this post we are specifically going to focus on the third of these options as members of our extended network worked on the meta-analysis of bookmaker-based corruption in Malta.
However, it should be noted that numerous politicians, businessmen, mafia operatives, tax evaders and money launderers wanted this whistleblower dead and some threads of our narrative will expose such individuals for the financial terrorists that they are.

Daphne Caruana Galizia was one of the lead journalists analysing the Panama Papers which revealed extensive offshore tax evasion by our global elite at just one offshore operation Mossack Fonseca. Among those exposed were numerous senior figures in Maltese business and politics including prime minister Joseph Muscat, his chief of staff Keith Schembri and former health and energy minister Konrad Mizzi. For example, Muscat's wife is the beneficial owner of a company in Panama and large sums of money were moved between there and the Aliyev proto-fascist state of Azerbaijan while senior members of the Labour Party had money hidden through a web of companies in Panama and trusts in New Zealand.
Caruana Galizia's final blog post focused on Schembri and the former leader of the opposition Simon Busuttil.

These leaders are responsible for the development of these gruesome conditions.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung: "Multinational companies are passing on profits to their Maltese subsidiaries, which then pretend to be doing business on the island. But in fact, all they do there is pay less tax ('letterbox companies'). According to calculations by the newspaper Malta Today, those European member states in which the profits were really generated lose 3.5 to 4 billion euros a year in taxes because of this system... Unconditional discretion and sedated bureaucracy: that is what protects the very special holiday paradises like Malta."

Malign and criminal interests have turned Malta into a mafia state...
... a mafia state tax haven within the EU.
It is a strange state of affairs when the EU offers subsidies to a member state which deprives other member states of tax revenues.
Much Italian mafia activity relating to money laundering has been exported to the island in recent years following numerous crackdowns by the authorities in Italy. There have been 15 mafia style assassinations and car bombings in the last decade prior to Caruana Galizia's murder.

The Maltese government has offered a one million euro reward and full protection for anybody with information regarding this murder although why any sane human being would trust the words of these state charlatans is another matter entirely. Matthew Caruana Galizia (one of Daphne's three sons) doesn't trust the police to properly investigate her death stating "... there has been a takedown of the rule of law here. There has been a capture of the state by corrupt and criminal corporations. The institutions do not work. There is a climate of impunity." Another son Paul adds that "if the government doesn't want to be investigated, it won't be investigated." The family have called for the resignations of the Prime Minister, the Senior Police Commissioner and the Attorney General.

Julian Assange and David Thake have also set up rewards for information leading to a conviction.

Island locations have become the crime centres of choice for global mafia networks and corruption merchants. Whether it is bookmakers in Singapore, Gibraltar, Isle of Man etc, or tax evasion in Jersey, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Isles etc, or the development of mafia client states in Cyprus and Malta etc, the island with its defined boundaries geographically, legally and financially is the ideal locus.

Aside from the heinous nature of this crime, Caruana Galizia's death should also serve as a warning to what is happening in numerous other EU countries where mafia are influencing the state.
In Sicily, Nino di Matteo has unearthed collusion between the Cosa Nostra and deep levels of the Italian state and, as a consequence, is under armed protection 24/7 as Tito Riina has announced a death sentence from the safety of his jail cell. Meanwhile Roberto Saviano, who spent a decade investigating Italian mafia, claims that the UK is the most corrupt country in the world. According to Saviano, the financial services industry in the City of London facilitates the system that backs up this claim and Football is Fixed's evidences of Deep State influenced systemic corruption in British football shares exactly the same template of corruption as that in the Square Mile of misery.

The mafia never kills non-mafiosi just for vendetta. There is always another aim - to eliminate a person who has discovered something that must not be discovered. When a mafia infects a state, it is still the state that orders the murders. But the mafia, above all, is an entity that wishes to exhibit power in place of the state.

A quote that we have utilised before from Sicilian magistrate Nino di Matteo sums up the situation: "We live in a mafia state - a state that, in order to preserve the status quo, has to remove whistleblowers who want justice. We want to know the reason for the silence of the mainstream media - why are they frightened to the degree they become accomplices in (and beneficiaries of) the corruption? We must rebel against this system and this mafia method."

Malta has a population of 437,000 (smaller than the city of Stoke) and yet has over 500 betting operations housed on the island. The betting sector is worth 1.2 billion euros and represents 12% of GDP. Malta was the first country in Europe to ease the entry process for online gambling firms in 2004. According to Europol, the 'Ndrangheta uses this online betting hub for large scale money laundering related to their domination of the global cocaine trade (the 'Ndrangheta makes an estimated 26.4 billion euros from cocaine annually).
Caruana Galizia: "Money launderers are being forced out of Italy's gaming market because regulation there has become so tight in the fight against organised crime."

In June 2017, as a result of research by Caruana Galizia, 1128Bet had their license suspended due to Italian mafia infiltration.
Previously, several members of the 'Ndrangheta were arrested in Malta in 2015 and extradited to Italy because they were caught laundering money through remote gaming companies.
Betuniq and BetSolution4U had their licenses suspended on July 22nd 2015 having been undertaking money laundering in Malta for four years. But these suspensions were only due to the actions of Italian police and not any Maltese authority. Two billion euros of assets were seized from the 'Ndrangheta.
In transcripts of telephone conversations between two Camorra clans, Bastian Dalli (the criminal brother of former Malta Cabinet Minister and European Commissioner John Dalli) is described as "the brother of the Maltese Prime Minister" and is named as the Camorra contact for Malta - "he is the one you should contact to set up a gaming company in Malta for money laundering purposes". In Italy, 1500 betting shops, 82 online gambling sites, 60 other companies and quantities of real estate were seized as evidence of this mafia-led tax evasion.
John Dalli's henchman Iosif Galea, a former employee of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (a precursor to the Malta Gaming Authority) was the key official for BetSolutions4U. When this scandal broke he left the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) for a comfortable position within government.
A regulator was responsible for the corruption rather than working against it.

In November 2009, Italian police were closing in on Bet1128 in the UK. This company was owned by ParadiseBet. The family of Vito Martiradonna, who was convicted of being affiliated to Sacra Corona Unita in 2007, had hidden assets by taking advantage of Malta's lax online gambling regulations. ParadiseBet successfully sold 1128Bet and 11 other assets to Malta-based CenturionBet for 10 million pounds - a figure that does not appear anywhere in ParadiseBet's accounts. Michele Martiradonna was the main shareholder in ParadiseBet and the sale of the assets left nothing in the UK for the police to seize (

Research by the Organised Crime and Corruption Research Project (OCCRP) showed that the Martiradonna family were linked to CenturionBet (and other related betting companies operating from the same Maltese address). CenturionBet's ownership moved repeatedly between different British Virgin Isles companies with the stated beneficial owner being Antonio Buontempo (a former employee of ParadiseBet).
In the summer of 2017, the licenses of CenturionBet and 1128Bet were finally suspended by the entirely inadequate MGA. Operation 'Jonny', an Italian anti-mafia sting carried out in May 2017, linked CenturionBet to the 'Ndrangheta who earned 1.3 million pounds over 18 months after the betting company allowed access to its systems to Kroton Games (another 'Ndrangheta company) who successfully laundered huge amounts of money via the structure.
Bet1128 were a rogue company from their formation in 2008 and the strategy from day one was money laundering and the refusal to honour winning wagers by punters ( and

The laissez faire approach of the MGA has attracted all the usual major European betting firms to the island including Ladbrokes and Betfair. A SIGMA (Summit in I-Gaming in Malta) press release in 2014 gushed over the "... strategic confluence of financial, legal, technological and cultural factors which successive administrations moulded over the years, and which ultimately tipped the odds in favour of gaming companies deciding to locate here [in Malta]".

Time to focus a little bit more on Keith Schembri, the chief of staff to PM Joseph Muscat. Schembri's remote gaming interests allowed him to channel gaming profits into secret companies in tax havens.

In April 2016, the Australian Financial Review focused on Schembri's links with gaming companies (as well as his involvement in Camorra and Cosa Nostra-backed recycling and waste management in India and Dubai - a favoured money laundering structure). Schembri completed a full house by the benefits he gained from 'Ndrangheta control of betting on the island.

A chief of staff in any government should not engage in business interests at all let alone interests linked to all three primary Italian mafia entities.

Daphne Caruana Galizia's exposure of Schembri was backed up by the Financial Investigation and Analysis Unit (FIAU), a Maltese government agency, which as a result of this support was left without a director for seven months hence halting all money laundering investigations against senior members of both the main political parties on the island. Under its previous director, Manfred Galdes, the FIAU had closely investigated Schembri and his secret offshore dealings in the British Virgin Isles, Gibraltar, Cyprus and Panama, and bank accounts in other territories. The illicit trusts were used, among other things, to launder money received as kickbacks from Russian mafia to gain Maltese passports (at a cost of 650,000 euros fee to Maltese government plus 150,000 euros invested in government bonds and purchase of a property of minimum value 350,000 euros).
After Galdes resigned, purely by chance so did the Police Commissioner, the latter being replaced by a Muscat ally, Lawrence Cutajar.
Caruana Galizia: "... the chances that the police will do their duty in acting on the investigation results presented to them by the FIAU recede even further. At this point, it is safe to assume that there is a very high risk of the FIAU investigation report into the Prime Minister's chief of staff and Minister Konrad Mizzi, that is in the possession of the Police Commissioner, being destroyed or otherwise disposed of."
It should be noted that the FIAU is an investigatory body with no power to prosecute and is chaired by the Attorney General "who is in a conflicting position in his role as legal counsel to the government" which is under investigation. Whitewash.

Claudio Antonelli and Gianluigi Nuzzi from their book 'Blood Ties: The Calabrian Mafia' interviewed former 'Ndrangheta member Pasquale Barreca about collusion between the Camorra, 'Ndrangheta, Cosa Nostra and the state: "... the most important point remains the union between the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta and the Sicilian mafia in sending out these signals [requesting dialogue with the state]. through interlocutors, including members of state organs, it is certainly possible to create the necessary mediation... In my day Cosa Nostra had far more power at the political level, without a doubt. Today that's no longer the case. The Calabrian bosses have found a way into the organs of government... the 'Ndrangheta has penetrated deep into the social, and even more the political, fabric, by consolidating the economic power it has gained."

Italian anti-mafia investigators are in Malta helping to uncover the truth behind the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia and organised crime links between Malta, Italy and, potentially, Libya are being explored. The online gambling, cigarette smuggling and illicit diesel rackets are the primary focuses of investigation.

Former Maltese international footballer Darren Debono (who played 52 times for his country) was arrested on Lampedusa relating to the diesel smuggling operation the day after Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder after having his phone tapped for two years by Italian authorities ( and (

Debono played against England in a fixed Friendly International in 2000 (an England squad including Michael Owen, Steve McManaman, Robbie Fowler, Martin Keown, Phil and Gary Neville, and managed by Kevin Keegan). England won 2-1 in a non-trying event with keeper Richard Wright giving away two penalties. Wright is represented, unsurprisingly, by the Stellar Agency.

The other avenue for the police relates to Silvio Debono (centre of the back row in the above photo) and the following three posts from Caruana Galizia's 'Running Commentary' blog give some cryptic background to this particular piece of Maltese corruption

Daphne Caruana Galizia had proof that political, business and criminal elites are one and the same entity in much the same way as Football is Fixed would describe the systemic template undermining and corrupting British football - there are very senior members of government, rogue Deep State operators, mafia groups, tarnished or coerced individuals, certain businesses using mafia methods to garner market (and corruption) control, all interacting in an environment where the mainstream media actually helps to orchestrate the scam.

And all of these corrupted structures feed through to the sport itself.

Take Juventus.

On September 25th, Juventus club president Andrea Agnelli was banned for one year for selling tickets to hard-core ultras and admitted meeting Rocco Dominello (an 'Ndrangheta mafia man who has now been jailed for eight years). The revenue streams arising from the scalping of tickets went straight into Calabrian mafia coffers - the president of the Serie A champions profited a mafia entity.
Less than a month later, Juventus were proud to announce a regional sponsorship deal with SE Asian online betting firm
And all this after the incredibly suspicious betting patterns linked to Juve's alleged underperformance in the Champions League Final against Real Madrid.

Or take ################ an English team who, already under external rogue ownership, were sold to a Chinese entity operating through Malta with no company website and seemingly no history for any of the individuals involved. And, interestingly, the UK broadsheet that reported these links altered the article with no addenda at the conclusion - the paper withdrew the news and turned it into fake.
Why would a UK establishment newspaper do this thing?

Or take the fixed Malta versus England friendly.

These holistic structures are becoming a geopolitical football norm - the Albanian mafia influencing Austrian football (according to our research and in the opinion of a senior former FIFA man), Russians controlling the football in Cyprus and a whole array of bookmakers scrambling for the ultimate control of markets via rogue referees and players around the continent.

Football club owners.
Rogue footballers.
Mafia entities..
Money laundering.
Matchfixing events.
Online betting companies.
Links between Malta, Gibraltar, Italy and the UK.


Alain Badiou: "For as Saint-Just asks: 'What do those who want neither Virtue nor Terror want?' His answer is well known: they want corruption."

The gambling and money laundering matrices of the UK and Malta want Terror and Corruption.

May the astonishing Daphne Caruana Galizia rest in a deserved peace and may her murderer(s) be brought to swift justice.

If her killer(s) have not been arrested by the time our forthcoming book is published, 25% of all profits will be added to Julian Assange's fund.

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Monday, 3 April 2017

David Leslie McNeight RIP (1938-2017)

One of our lawyers, David McNeight, has died...

... he was both a top notch patent lawyer and a generalist and specialist genius.

As well as working with Football is Fixed, David had recently reached agreement with the UK government over proprietary carbon capture anti-climate change technologies that will keep CO2 levels below 450 ppm beyond 2050: "Looks like I shall have achieved my major goal, which is ensuring that my grandkids  -  everybody's grandkids  -  can still breath in 2050".

A tremendous legacy.
Just think about that - achieving such a milestone to the benefit of all humanity and the planetary ecosystem less than a month before popping off.

On a personal level, I also collaborated with David on theoretical cosmology. I will continue to work on his thesis that our universe is simply the three-dimensional surface of a four-sphere and seek to integrate with current multiverse theory.

David had the talent to create matrices where everybody won and where order smothered chaos.
He thrived on finding the soft underbelly of power in David vs Goliath battles.

His strategic plays were/are impeccable.

Forever grateful David - it takes a particular class of establishment lawyer to work with whistleblowing hackers.
We have a much better standard of opponent nowadays.
And, most important, we are untouchable - our destiny lies totally in our own hands.

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