Tuesday 14 May 2024

Well, Fuck Me...

Well, Fuck Me..

The spectacle has landed...
... a final day uber-day mega-day hyper-day, beyond comprehension, fireworks, explosions, the eyes of the nation, the world, the world beyond, people residing in Preston, every-fucking-thing, every fucking place.
Razor-like focus.

And yet it's actually nothing.
It's wrestling.
Old skool wrestling - Mick McManus vs Giant Haystacks, a little bet on the side.
Spectacular farce.


City will deservedly win the league or they will be robbed by stuff.

In the big scheme of things, that appears a quite arbitrary construct,

A pseudo thing versus a fake thing.
The hairs are standing up on the back of my neck.
Fucking tension, ma'an.

Salisbury is a geyser.
He referees football matches where the most remarkable outliers of QMA (Quantum Market Analytics) exist.
The fucker is on one.


Tonight, the man who shows a remarkable tilt in his decision-making in favour of Spurs and who also, entirely by the weirdest of flukes,.would appear to very much want to undermine City, is on VAR.

Of course he fucking is.
The mugging has to be tonight.

But here's the rub...

It's going to take a fair bit of footballing terrorism to undermine Citeh.

So tonight's event, in our estimation, has to be legitimate or so bizarrely illegitimate that it kind of destroys the brand.

Manchester City are the best team in the Premier League.
End of.

Spurs, we are told, will be doping at half time, as is their wont, one trick pony outfit.

The mugging of City is, apparently, why Masters and his crew exist.


But you are destroying a thing.
A history.
Once it becomes Giant Haystacks, it will never again be Maradona or Puskas or Tony Green again.
And that, in the big scheme of things, would seem to be a shame.

On the upside of the seesaw...

Happy Days!

The Big Decision?

Should the Premier League Final Day Extravaganza be a duality - City versus Arsenal, Pep v Mikel, one type of adaptation to reality versus another.
Or should there be a sideshow - Villa, Spurs?

Key input to either / or of these options is revenue flow.

Which pathway of spectacle yields the most outcome for organised crime, for bookmakers, for media, for bookmakers and organised crime, for organised crime and media et al...?

We know the answer to that question so it is in some form rhetorical.

And the point of all this is?

Still. Salisbury?
What a weird fuckin fluke!

Happy days.

The End of the Brand or Citeh win.

The Best Team In The Land And All The World.

Originally Published for For Green Fields clients

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Sunday 12 May 2024

INTERNAL DOCUMENT - More Drivel From The Worst Manchester United Team In 50 Years

Members should consult the Bucuresti 3.0 server where we disclose:

a) Our SE Asian broker's 'proof' of an agreed 1 goal defeat to Arsenal today - it was written in the markets

b) The attempts to disguise this outcome by careful insider trading in non-core markets as well as some Gibraltar-based activity

c) Mole Trafford's disclosures from within the club

With two 'attempts' on goal - a 35 yarder from Casemiro straight at Raya and a back pass of a shot from Antony, United yet again took the piss out of the 73,000 souls who deserve to watch a football match rather than a boiler room scam.

The Red Devils effectively have lost the opportunity to qualify for Europe via the Premier League placing by deliberately losing to a serious rival in a desperate cack-handed attempt to prevent Manchester City winning the title.
█████ ███████████████ ███████████████ ███████████████ ███████████████ ███████████████ ██████████

This means that the only route left to Europe for Manchester United is the FA Cup where Andy Madley is referee and Michael Oliver is on VAR.

Ratcliffe might be still learning the ropes but he should not be relying on Colquhoun and McClaren and Ten Hag to create anything remotely resembling strategy as the triumvirate are entirely unable to see beyond the end of their noses.

Look at the fucking state of this once great club.

© 2024 Football is Fixed

INTERNAL DOCUMENT - The Premier League Is Systemically Corrupt (Our Seasonal Overview)

Network members should check the original Kerkyra server for evidences, transcripts and intercepts regarding the systemic corruption and matchfixing in the EPL.

There are separate files on:

1. The role of poisoned dwarf John Colquhoun and his organised crime template
2. The capturing of a percentage of the PGMOL referees - the roles of the five referees who support Liverpool and the immensely problematical operators Gillett, Salisbury, Coote & Taylor
3. Insider trading and matchfixing by match officials
4. Colquhoun's global mafia activities, threats, menaces and life-threatening violence
5. The targeting of Nottingham Forest and why the EPL / PGMOL blinked - why Burnley have a case to take EPL to Court
6. The targeting of Manchester City and Brighton - why these two clubs have a case to take the EPL to Court - the additional targeting of Bournemouth, Brentford, Fulham, West Ham and Wolves
7. Corruption emanating from Liverpool FC
8. Doping at Arsenal, Tottenham & Liverpool
9. Corruption being exported to UEFA events (including Euro 2024)
10. The Mole Trafford Files on criminal enterprise, Manchester United
11. Captured media and the role of bookmakers in media output
12. The corrupting influence of the SWUC Cartel of rogue agents

Mafia have stolen English and Scottish football - once Celtic have won the title, we will release evidences of corruption by John Beaton and three other Scottish referees.

© 2024 Football is Fixed

Saturday 11 May 2024

And Now, The End Is Near...

Spooky Action At A Distance (Newcastle v Brighton)

Tony Bloom and Football is Fixed are obviously quantum entangled on an array of different levels - our wave functions never collapse.

Let's look at dichotomy.

Mr Bloom has to juggle his immensely sophisticated trading strategy with the needs and requirements of his club, Brighton & Hove Albion.
Football is Fixed have to spin the plates on proprietary trading complexities and our public pronouncements on the blog and to FGF clients.

The playing with diametrically opposed constructs leads to structures of bluff and counter bluff and double bluff and treble bluff and stuff.

The net result is opaque to all outsiders.

We each take the piss.

And, when the reality is accidentally stumbled upon by organised crime, we twist.

Our opponents simply do not achieve this.

Jean Paul Sartre: "He was transparent and corrupt beyond any finite vision."

Mr Bloom is very active in the South East underground for Brighton's game today.

The Real Deal (Nottingham Forest v Chelsea)

The private information that we shared last week regarding Nottingham Forest, the PGMOL and the Premier League reaching an agreement to bury the corruption targeting Forest this season has been proved by intercepts we have been presented with this week.

No relegation for Forest, Clattenburg to be sacked by Forest, rigged events for Forest and a nice little advantage over Luton with the Forest game versus Chelsea kicking off after Luton's 15:00 event.
Forest also agreed not to proceed with appeal over points deduction and to shelve the case against Sky Sports over half-a-brain Gary Neville calling Evangelos Marinakis a mafia man.


To clear things up for tha fans, perhaps the PGMOL could release unedited version of the communications between Anthony Taylor and Stuart Atwell in the Forest v Everton.

After all, they claim to have nothing to hide.

All smoke and mirrors behind closed doors and all because the PGMOL is bent and certain officials are under the control of organised crime.

In effect, the Premier League and the PGMOL blinked.
They always do because each of these entities have so much to hide.

The Forest versus Chelsea game today cannot even be analysed, let alone traded, until Luton event has finished.

All of the rigging and trading on the Forest game is squeezed into a window of half an hour.

It's like blitz chess...
... except it's systemic corruption.

Insider Trading Produces Failure - Erik Ten Hag Blames Hamas For Manchester United's Capitulation At Crystal Palace (Manchester United v Arsenal)

It is not possible to short sell one's club for proprietary profit without it impacting on seasonal performance.

We have banged on about the significant levels of crime at Manchester United under Ten Hag, McClaren and Colquhoun and United are truly pitiful as a football club as a result.

But this template applies Europe-wide.

Let's check out relegation.

In Germany, both Koln and Union Berlin are in relegation trouble and both teams insider trade.
In Italy, Sassuolo, Empoli and Hellas Verona are likewise on the brink.
In Spain, Cadiz, Almeria, Granada, Mallorca, Rayo Vallecano, Celta Vigo and Las Palmas occupy the bottom seven slots which wouldn't be the case in a legitimate world.
While in the Premier League, Sheffield United, Burnley, Luton, Nottingham Forest, Everton, Brentford and Crystal Palace sit in the bottom seven performatively but have booty in the bank via insider trading.

The same matrix exists at the pinnacle of the sport.
The Uefa Coefficients are quite revealing as to corruption in leagues.
Here are this season's totals currently:

Italy 20,714
Germany 19,357
England 17,375
France 16,250
Spain 15,812

By a considerable distance, the Bundesliga and Serie A are the most corruption-free major leagues in Europe.
And we have Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Atalanta and Fiorentina in the Finals yet not one single EPL team.

Furthermore, the England UEFA Coefficient has been plummeting since the systemic corruption template was imposed on the Premier League during Covid.

In 2020/21, the English Coefficient was 24,357.
It has fallen by nearly 30%.

Spain has also fallen and would have fallen further if not for the corrupting influences perpetrated by Real Franco Madrid.
Whoever decided that it was a legitimate set of appointments putting a Polish refereeing team on Real Madrid v FC Bayern this week was having a laugh.

Referee Marciniak is a right wing fundamentalist Catholic and Polish nationalist.


Man United are like the baddies in a Batman movie.
The manner in which Ratcliffe exposed his sociopathy to the Old Trafford workforce this week revealed the skin-cracked weirdo to be the Joker - "find alternative employment" if you won't give up hybrid working...
... Big Fucking Man.

Martin Sandhu: "Authoritarians fear transparency."

From our perspective, this iron fist of authoritarianism will have no impact on the conveyor belt of leaks we get from Mole Trafford as we don't use electronic means of communication.
We are old skool with your club, Mr Ratcliffe.

Paul Hawken: "We are stealing the future, selling it in the present, and calling it GDP." 
Football is Fixed: "Those destroying integrity in English football are asset stripping the brand, corrupting the sport in the present, and calling it the best league in the world."

Fake Narratives (Spurs v Burnley / Fulham v Man City)

The Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City universes are beautifully quantum entangled thanks to the systemic corruption and manipulations in the fixture list.

The mainstream media have finally decided to discuss the issue of United helping City to win the league (or not) and Spurs helping Arsenal to win the league (or not).

These events are already decided in the marketplace but it's a spectacular story and will be discussed across the drinking holes of Britain over the next few days.

There is an attempt to mug City today at Fulham with reprobate Coote in Stockley Park and reprobate Taylor on Black Whistle.

Meanwhile Gillett is on Spurs v Burnley so fuck the thought of integrity there.
Nice to see the rogue wearing a referee camera at Selhurst Park on Monday but, in reality, fans don't want RefCam, they want to hear the conversations between referee and Stockley Park.

In Italy and Spain, referees are not allowed to officiate on any matches from their host city/town.
So Valeri cannot referee Lazio or Roma in Italy and Ortiz Arias, Pizarro Gomez and Del Cerro Grande are kept away from Atletico and Real Franco matches in Spain.
But Anthony Taylor is allowed to officiate on both Manchester clubs.

Fake mainstream media is all we have in the UK.
The output is entirely captured.

So the Telegraph's second main headline earlier in the week was a story about an Oxbridge student who was counter-protesting against the pro-Palestinian encampment and had an Israeli flag ripped from his hands.

This is appalling obviously.
The right to protest is a human right.

But strangely the Telegraph repeatedly fails to mention 15,000 children murdered by the IDF and is peculiarly silent today after Israeli whistleblowers exposed torture of Palestinians in concentration camps. The Guardian initially did report the existence of Israeli concentration camps but removed the story very swiftly.

The Guardian did however spout the headline: "How 'fun' social media accounts direct fans to betting giant".
The Guardian's football output is associated with an insider trading matchfixing dwarf and several of their 'journalists' are owned by bookmakers (and insider trade).

Black (whistle).

MSM are also trying to reintroduce the utterly useless Graham Potter (Wasserman) back onto the scene.
Apparently Ajax were interested (they weren't) and Manchester United are said to be circling (they aren't) but Potter is in the news and will be slithered into some unfortunate club prior to the onset of next season.

Wilder (Wasserman) was apparently the "best option on the planet" when he took over Sheffield United - that went well.
Just another captured / coerced / corrupted entity to be added to the list of Hodgson, Gerrard, Lampard, Cooper, Benitez, Ten Hag, Postecoglou, Howe etc etc etc.

John Brown: "I acknowledge no master in human form."

Klopp's Last Stand (Villa v Liverpool)

No fairy tale ending for Klopp but massive msm interest in whether he will be on the touchline for the final home match of his Anfield reign.
This is the question that is on the lips of every football fan in the land.
Will he? Won't he?
The fucking tension is building.
Can't wait to see if he will be there or not.
Indeed, struggled to sleep last in anticipation of this criticality.

Big advantage for Villa in that Spurs have already played.

There was an attempt to fix Olympiacos versus Villa in ECL on Thursday and our Network prevented it by handing evidences to two European media bodies and publishing the outline of the corruption on the blog.

Klopp is significantly overrated.
A major part of his legacy is based upon having five PGMOL referees who are Liverpool fans officiating on the Scouser's rivals.
And, until this season, they had control of Mike 'Crime Scene' Dean too.

This advantage doesn't exist anywhere else in the major leagues (aside from FC Bayern in Germany).

Here is the full listing by country of the number of match officials who carry their support of their club into the wider universe:


Liverppol 5
Everton 3
Newcastle 2
Arsenal 1
Man United 1


Juventus 2
Napoli 2
Roma 2
Lazio 2
Atalanta 1


Atletico Madrid 3
Real Madrid 3
Sevilla 2
El Betis 2
Athletic Club 2
Barcelona 1

Pointless But Matchfixed (Everton v Sheffield United / Bournemouth v Brentford / West Ham v Luton / Wolves v Palace)

All of these matches are insider trading events.
The outcomes will be in the markets pre-match.

Early trading in the underground has already revealed the outcomes although some of these positions are disinformational e.g. Bou v Bre.

Organised crime destructs integrity in the holistic and in the specific.

And, in the shadows, muttering to himself in the corner, the rancid wee mafia man from Stirling is dismally contemplating the wreckage of his destiny...
... and please stop using proxies and associates to attempt to communicate with us, Mr Colquhoun, we have no interest in interacting with you, your minions nor any other organised crime entity.

Our situation might be stalemate but it is still war.
Permanent war.

Originally Published for For Green Fields clients

© 2024 Football is Fixed

Thursday 9 May 2024

Matchfixing Alert - Olympiacos Piraeus v Aston Villa

A member of the Football is Fixed Network in Kerkyra, Greece has obtained evidence that tonight's UEFA Europa Conference League Semi Final 2nd Leg match between Olympiakos Piraeus and Aston Villa is being targeted by matchfixers working alongside organised crime.

Evangelos Marinakis has obviously trodden on some psychopathic feet in the defence of his English club Nottingham Forest while they have been targeted by the same organised crime entity in the Premier League this season..

We had several options.

We could just have profited from the corruption.
But we don't do that.

We could publicise the corruption so that it exists in the public eye.
Let's do that thing.

And there are a couple of other options that are not for this space.

Football is Fixed.

© 2024 Football is Fixed 

Monday 6 May 2024

The Beautiful Game

The Beautiful Game

There have been 'liaisons' between Crystal Palace and Manchester United over this market.
Two match officials have registered their interest in the outcome.
Manchester United are insider trading.
Two deep underground bookmakers have contrary positions.
Insiders at Sky Sports are in the marketplace.
A mafia man is trading on this event.
Neither team have anything to play for...
... other than the insider trading they are associated with.

Welcome to the Future of Fixball.

Originally Published for For Green Fields clients

© 2024 Football is Fixed 

This Song Goes Out To Uncle Paddy

This Song Goes Out To Uncle Paddy

Another entirely irrelevant event this evening which is made marginally more worthy of note by the fact that Palace are favourites versus the Mighty Manchester United under the Mighty Ratcliffe & Brailsford with the Mighty Management of Heisenberg & McClaren and the Mighty Matchfixing of the Club Agent...
... which just goes to show that sporting expertise is greater than corruption (and that Glasner is a slick football manager while Ten Hag and Hodgson are anything but).

There's no route to solving this event until all of the various matchfixers have placed their cards on the table.

Gillett is referee.
Where will his universe be betting?
Will his universe be betting?
These are the questions that make the Premier League what it is.

Last week Klipperty Klopp, when discussing the 'treatment' of his club by the EPL fixtures template,  made the infantile assertion that such interference is "a crime worthy of investigation by Amnesty International".
Fucking idiot.

I have worked alongside Amnesty in the past and was astonished by how much security is around the organisation due to the efforts of sociopaths to undermine their sterling campaigning.
To compare his club which, after all, is the most favoured of all EPL teams on an array of levels is the purest of stupidities.

Liverpool are the abuser not the victim.

Now, fuck off home with your fake teeth, tan and hair implants.

More interestingly...

We trade via a broker in Singapore but we mock trade, pseudo-hedge and make minor adjustments to our market portfolio on events by placing visible trades from individuals in our Network with a selection of global bookmakers who serve the public markets.

There are many reasons for this trading profile which we have no intention of sharing in this place.

But, one strategy will be revealed.

We flush out matchfixers and then persuade them of the benefits of particular matchfixing and, as they are addicted to money and corruption, these people willingly (if unwittingly) play along with our strategy.

We set up one of these Black Flag events yesterday - the Serie A match between Milan and Genoa.

There was a concerted gamble on the Milanese that we became aware (via sousveillance) was to be undermined by rogue inputs which we energised by our proprietary trading.

The match was heavily fixed.
Marco Sportiello, the Milan keeper, managed to let in three goals from two shots on target.
Sportiello is represented by a Colquhoun-associated agents GR Sports.
Their primary client is the insider trading matchfixer Sandro Tonali who Colly Boy intermediaried into Newcastle United for a club record fee.

And how did this master keeper allow more goals than shots, we hear you ask?
Despite an early penalty to Genoa (owned by 777), Milan pulled back and took a 3-2 lead.
Fortunately substitutions were made and Wasserman client Malick Thiaw, obviously inadvertently, scored an own goal that meant that the corruption was landed.

We have all of the contact routes possible to garner on this scam which we share with Messi & Maradona clients on the Singapore server.


Originally Published for For Green Fields clients

© 2024 Football is Fixed 

Death To The Landlord

Death To The Landlord

As Klopp's reign fizzles out in the same way as it did at Mainz and Dortmund with shattered players who have been helped on their way to relative over achievement via PGMOL and Mother's Little Helpers, it is worth examining exactly what Klopp would have achieved without external aids.

Well the one EPL title would disappear for starters.

Spurs, like numerous other Colquhoun linked outfits, are also knackered via the impacts of doping and training regime.
It seems to have passed over the intellects of Klopp and Postecoglou that doping is a cycle of extra energy reaching a peak to be followed by a fall off as the players are unable to maintain the unreal levels of performance.
These cycles are part and parcel of cycling where the timing of doping is critical in relation to the various races / stages ahead.
At least Manchester United will have imported that knowledge via Ratcliffe & Brailsford (and their histories).

With Villa having lost and Arsenal / Manchester City pulling away, the markets should be registering a dynamic towards Spurs as they evidently have far more to play for - a UCL place.

The irony will be that the game that is set up to 'do over' City (Spurs away) will, if landed, propel Spurs towards the Champions League and their arch rivals Arsenal towards the title.

How utterly superb that the one trophy that Spurs will win since 2008 will be for Arsenal.

Cracking stuff.

Aside from the price being wrong, we are neutral currently on Liv v TH due to PGMOL inputs.

Cracking stuff.

And thank goodness Mr Wright did the wrong thing and got a 22nd minute red card and gave a penalty to The Rangers (hereinafter called 'The Refereegers') when they were one nil down at home to Kilmarnock this lunchtime.

The Stellar client helped keep the SPFL title race alive.

Cracking stuff.

And in the three biggest turnover lunchtime SE Asian bookie controlled events, there was the first half red card and penalty in Glasgow, a first half red card in Cagliari v Lecce and 2 first half red cards in Osasuna v Betis (one player / one manager).

The insider trading was landed by the sheer impacts of these decisions.

Cracking stuff.

Originally Published for For Green Fields clients

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Sunday 5 May 2024

If This Is Life

If This Is Life

Utterly pointless match between Chelsea and West Ham United and no interesting activity in the Asian underground aside from gambling and guesswork.

If the EPL wants to avoid insider trading on irrelevant events, they should markedly extend the financial rewards for clubs finishing in a higher league position.
Otherwise these matches are just boiler room scams at worst and drivel at best.

Currently neutral on Bloom v Aston Villa as my man is playing silly buggers with the SE Asian underground.
This means he is on one.

We should know the reality soon.

Michael Oliver is in Stockley Park locked in a little room with all his stuff.

Saturday 4 May 2024

Insider Trading

Insider Trading

The matches at Burnley and Sheffield are grim spectacles of mafia and match official corruption.

After Taylor's performance in Ev v NF it is astonishing that he is appointed to the key Burnley game today.
In fact, it's astonishing that Taylor is still a top flight referee.
Indeed, Taylor should be banned for life as he is either a conjuror or a crook in that certain market makers know the outcome of his events pre-kick off based on proxied insider trading.

Forest have sacked Mark Clattenburg as referee consultant (at least he's still on The Gladiators - it is so touching that massively corrupted referees get a job in media or in elite institutions for life).

A gift for services rendered.
Clattenburg is on record as boasting about his role in Leicester City's 2015 / 16 criminality. 

There are some unsubstantiated rumours that Forest and the EPL have come to a deal on Forest's survival in return for acquiescence with the corruption template and some of the sources of this information are very robust.

The bottom of the table looks like this without rogue PGMOL and rogue points deductions: 

17. Everton 36 - 36
18. Burnley 35 - 32
19. Luton 36 - 23
20. Sheff Utd 35 - 20

Forest should have 42 points and be safe.

It all goes to show why Masters wants no IREF...
... the mafia want psychopathic control instead.

Originally Published for For Green Fields clients

© 2024 Football is Fixed 

Colonial Corrupting

Colonial Corrupting

My pseudo-nemesis John Colquhoun doesn't just mash up integrity in England and Scotland.
He is colonial in his destruction of the game.

So Alaves games are matchfixed in La Liga as are Las Palmas ones - witness the Canary Islanders recent run of short selling their events which reached a zenith at Real Sociedad this lunchtime.

And the most corrupted match on the continent this afternoon features Unique's Freiburg at Koln in a game vital to the hosts.

Obviously, corruption is carcinogenic but when it undermines a structure of beauty it is particularly galling and malfeasant.
The longest serving manager in the upper tiers of European football, Christian Streich, is leaving Freiburg after losing the will to continue after the UK agents effectively took over the club to monetise games in the betting markets.

Unique are not unique but they are unctuous.

As for Man City v Wolves, the attempts to derail City will continue until the conclusion of the season as the money from a fake competitiveness and, if Arsenal steal the title, the massive increase in value of Wasserman client Mikel Arteta are paramount.

Money talks.
Sport suffers.

Gillett is 4th Official.
Attwell is VAR.

Another piece of unsubstantiated stuff that landed on a colleague's desk this week implies that VAR and 4th Official have a communication route not open to match referee Craig Pawson.

We have someone in the City dugout who will be monitoring this.

Have a nice day, John.

Originally Published for For Green Fields clients

© 2024 Football is Fixed 

Sport Making

Sport Making

Football is about money.
Money is about corruption.
Corruption is about spectacle.
Spectacle is not about football.

So, it's Baudrillard's 4 Phases of the Image at play again - football started off as a sport, then betting markets were attached to the sport, then fake theatre was used to achieve the corruption, then football actually ceased to exist in that the match outcomes bear no similarity to the football but every similarity to the market.

Here's the Real EPL Top 6 (without the corrupting or randomised influence of the PGMOL):

1. Manchester City 34 - 87 [Champions]
2. Arsenal 35 - 77 [Runners Up]
3. Tottenham 34 - 60
4. Liverpool 35 - 58
5. Wolves 35 - 57
6. West Ham United 35 - 55

The most exciting title run in of all time is a corrupted spectacle.

So, we are left with analysing a semi-systemic corruption where each individual game is played with loaded dice.
All top football analysts will tell you that by far the most impactful parameter destroying the sport is the input of rogue and / or captured referees.


If you criticise referees you are fined and the referees target you even more in future (aka Nottingham Forest).
If you keep your mouth shut and accept the corruption then you are welcome and your future may even be enhanced if you sell out to the right breed of psychopath.

Of course, wherever there is money and power, everything is rigged.

So, the Electoral Commission state that very few people were turned away from voting in the UK on Thursday which may well be true.
But, huge numbers of people were denied the right to vote because they didn't possess any valid ID and hence it was pointless them attending the Polling Stations.

And there are parallels in the short-termism too.

All narratives in football are of today.
Forget last week and ignore the future.
All that matters is fooling the masses in the instant.

Similarly, all narratives relating to the voting are put towards pseudo-analytics of the forthcoming UK General Election.

So the focus is on the Tory-Lite party under burgeoning fascist Starmer.

But the really valid information is more long term.
The number of Labour councillors (after 102 out of 107 councils had declared results) increased by 20%.
The number of Green Party councillors, in comparison, increased by 69%.

That and the terminal decline of the British Union of Fascists the Conservative Party and Muslims turning against a genocide supporting Labour Party are the realities to take away from this manipulated farce.

In equivalence, Arsenal v Bournemouth doesn't really matter in the big scheme of things.
We'll see David Coote who, in effect, relegated Luton last evening with his VAR intervention (virtually every corner would be a penalty if Coote's angle has validity) blowing the whistle on the game.

Two points, aside from doping Arsenal rely on fouls from corners not being on the PGMOL radars.
Different rules for different entities.
Why is Coote given two huge volume global betting markets to officiate in sixteen and a half hours.
It goes without saying that other leagues don't posture in this manner.

Here are all Coote's appointments since the beginning of February (R = referee / V = VAR / 4 = 4th Official)

Liv v Ars (V)
WW v Che (R)
Ev v MC (V)
MC v ShU (R)
TH v Bou (V)
Ev v AV (R)
Ful v Ev (V)
TH v Bre (R)
Ars v Liv (V)
AV v MU (V)
Bre v Liv (V)
LT v MU (R)
BHA v Ev (V)
NU v WW (V)
Burn v Bou (R)
MU v Ev (V)
Liv v MC (4)
Ful v TH (V)
NU v WHU (V)
Liv v BHA (R)
Che v MU (V)
Ev v Burn (V)
Bre v ShU (V)
Ars v AV (R)
Ev v Liv (V)
WW v LT (V)
LT v Ev (V)
Ars v Bou (R)

In fourteen rounds of Premier League matches, Coote has received the maximum number of possible appointments, 28.
Eight of those appointments have been on Everton matches and six have been on Liverpool, while Coote has officiated Arsenal and Manchester United on four occasions.
Although one of Coote's appointments was the Merseyside derby, 46% of his games featured Liverpool or Everton.

All four of these clubs have their spacetime perturbed by an organised crime boss from Stirlingshire.
The wee man even got Coote as referee for Manchester United's only success under Ten Hag, the League Cup of last season, and Coote was VAR for the FA Cup Final loss to Manchester City last season.

Two United Finals in one season / Two Coote appointments - that's entirely normal.

Originally Published for For Green Fields clients

© 2024 Football is Fixed 

Friday 3 May 2024

Masters' Baiting

Masters' Baiting

In the midst of the corrupted chaos that he has overseen since becoming the Premier League 'boss', Dick Masters decided that this was the week to put out a plea to government to not go ahead with IREF.

Masters expects us to forget the demolishing of the FA Cup (via collusion between the EPL and the FA) through the elimination replays, to further target lower league clubs by opening up the 15:00 Saturday kick off spot for the Women's game and to ignore his part in the process that failed to determine what pitiful level of trickledown should be crumbed to the lower strata i.e. as little as possible and, preferably, nothing.

Masters is a believer in unregulated free markets but, as we have shown in Book 1 and in scores of articles over the last 18 years, it is not possible to have non-regulated structures including a) a sport and b) betting markets.

This attitude has made the Premier League, by a considerable distance, the most corrupted major league on the planet - Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany just laugh at the lack of integrity and it would appear that England as a whole has issues when it comes to integrity.

At the same time as Masters started baiting, there were wall to wall headlines in the sports media about how Ronnie O'Sullivan had magically restored integrity to the UK by refusing to take advantage of an anomaly in his snooker quarter final against someone or other.

Why would you not take advantage?
Why would you play fairly?
Why would you ensure a level playing field?


Because he's not a psychopath...
... and the real problem is that football (and all major sports in Britain) are run by psychopaths with a captured psychopathic media and a coerced psychopathic refereeing involvement.

A snooker shot of integrity does not restore integrity to this grotty little sewer of a nation.
Even a major act of sporting integrity would not have such an impact.
Integrity in Britain as a whole is a very small needle in an infinitely large haystack.

Masters is worried because the threat of regulation is beginning to have serious impacts on the corruption template.

Last week police raided two bookmakers in the Isle of Man which until then had been an integrity-lite location for the basing of rogue bookmakers, particularly South East Asian ones.
The Isle of Man has acted as an umbilical cord between the underground Asian markets and the British game.

Other bookmakers are also moving out of the British offshore financial centre to avoid having all of their assets seized like the two firms already 'on the run'.

The fact that the British state ordered these raids is a sure sign that the government has had enough of sport being governed by organised crime with its entrails of doping, matchfixing, coercion, captured referees and mafia-led media.

A leading Asian firm (formerly very closely linked to Liverpool FC) had already scarpered back to SE Asia - this firm developed a very lucrative mutually beneficial structure on the weekend lunchtime games in England, France, Italy and Spain (each of these matches kicks off early evening in the Far East so the global betting volume is markedly enhanced).

The liaisons developed to mutual advantage included television entities, football agents and both the clubs themselves together, obviously, with the match officials.

If the UK government were to entirely shut down the Isle of Man crime locus, it will  be far more difficult for UK-based matchfixers to get quantities of money onto rigged events.
Suddenly their options are threefold - go through Tony Bloom and Starlizard (Mr Bloom knows quite a lot about these raids in the Isle of Man!); go directly to the triads and other criminal networks in SE Asia; accept smaller returns from one's systemic matchfixing.

In effect, the last option is the only valid one as Bloom won't touch Colquhoun's mob with a barge pole and Terry Steans described to me how the underground bookmakers in Malaysia work hand in hand with the local 'police'.
When Steans visited in his role as Head of Global Investigations at FIFA, he was so scared by the theatre being played out in front of him for his delectation that he immediately phoned a contact in Australia to plead with him to get him on the next flight out.
If Mr Steans ain't comfortable with such characters with his background then a rancid wee mafia man from Stirling should expect a shark attack.

IREF is actually the very least of Masters (and the Premier League's worries).

After Sandro Tonali was merely given a two month suspended sentence this week for betting on games (including Newcastle United games in which he was playing), it gives the green light for all players (particularly from the SWUC cartel of rogue agents) to monetise their careers in additional manners while treating any short term suspension as a minor inconvenience.

We are sure a nudge fanatic like Colquhoun has already determined the threshold where the ban length is conducive to a maximisation of profits for both player and agent.

We have also been handed additional proof of the change in the pattern of PGMOL referees' insider trading on Premier League matches following our disclosures from last November.
Some match officials have stopped matchfixing and insider trading entirely while others are being more astute in the criminalities, cobber.

And while Howard Webb and his criminal friend Michael Owen decide that owning up to one bad refereeing decision in Everton v Forest will avert everybody's critical gaze, it doesn't.
When asked if sporting integrity was being compromised in the Premier League, Forest manager Nuno Espirito Santo stated: "I totally agree. It is a mess - they have had time enough."
The UK government would appear to think so too.

Another blot on the landscape is how the manipulations in the fixture list produce so many events in key windows that are entirely under Colquhoun's gangs control.
And the fixture list itself and the timing of the games are both integrity-lite.

This season in the Champions League, Portugal, Spain and France have arranged 'free' weekends for their clubs adjacent to UCL matches..
... in England, not only is this not done but targeted teams like Manchester City are repeatedly give 2.5 - 3.0 days recovery time from key midweek European events.

There are also the issues around the criminal infrastructures linking Burnley and Everton - what a weird fluke that Sean Dyche has been manager of both!

And there's the arbitrary points deductions, the semi-systemic insider trading, the posturing against and falling out with UEFA, the Stalinist structures of secrecy and coercion, and most importantly, the omnipresence of organised crime.

It's your sport.
Reclaim it.
You don't have to believe what liars tell you.

We could go on and on and on but our advice would be to ignore Masters' baiting and put Ronnie O'Sullivan in charge of the Premier League instead.

Originally Published for For Green Fields clients

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Thursday 2 May 2024

Premier League Think Of New Ways To Destroy Lower League Clubs From Small Towns While Destructing Integrity Too

Premier League Think Of New Ways To Destroy Lower League Clubs From Small Towns While Destructing Integrity Too

After the fixed match against Preston that saw Leicester City return to the Premier League as champions of the Championship, the Guardian reported that Enzo Maresca (the Leicester manager) claimed "[Jamie] Vardy is Leicester City" as the 'newspaper' creates new ways to disseminate fake news.

Maresca, Vardy & Lowe (the Preston manager) are all represented by Wasserman.
The match was a fix.
The latest Leicester fairy tale was a lie - we knew of the certainty of Leicester's promotion before the season began.
The headline was created out of a corruption.

It's like the Garrick Club.
This male only bastion of imperial neoliberalism is an anachronism but it is a deep state led anachronism.

Government policy is rolled out with the help of members of the Garrick Club.

Stephen Fry (a Zionist) put together a Christmas message on behalf of and funded by the IDF promoting genocide in Gaza.

Benedict Cumberbatch starred in a ridiculous attempt to undermine Julian Assange in some instantly forgettable movie.

Matt Frei the libertarian right wing Channel 4 news presenter not only supports the actions of the state but has also had the audacity of putting forward the name of another right wing C4 news presenter (Cathy Newman) as a possible first women to gain access to this elite club.

Meanwhile, Sting wants women members because he is a sex addict and he wants women to stand close to him.

Britain is founded on these secret or private clubs where the real power in the country lies - masons, strange medieval sounding public school prank entities (like the Bullingdon Boys), even stranger throwback cliques relating to garters and swords and other fuckwittery.

It is the same with football.
Football has its own Garrick Club - we'll call it the Friends of the Mafia.

Former players and referees control the narratives to enable the work of organised crime groups to proceed unencumbered by anything resembling a functioning mainstream media.
All output is gamed to the performativity of mafia and this frequently involves downright lies being shared with viewers / readers to enable the markets to be cleaned up as efficiently as possible.

But as Baudrillard informed us half a century ago (and Sartre knew previously), the attempt to create the perfect crime has the unintended consequence of actually revealing the crime.

Organised crime in UK football is a self-harming scorer of own goals.

So, for example, where is the mainstream media coverage of the rehashing of criminal enterprise Football Index (a project closely linked to mafia entities puppeting the Guardian)?
Guardian jounalists / journalistic output promoted Football Index and Adam Cole is now back with KiX.

Two key points...
Why is Cole a free man after he established a Ponzi Scheme which ripped off punters to the tune of £90 million?
Will the FCA actually regulate KiX having been entirely absent from the scene of the crime at Football Index?
Will the Friends of the Mafia do their 'job'?
Or will they do their job?

Journalists are being cleansed from the output to be replaced by a conveyor belt of talking heads whose output is entirely mafia-led.

Before we address Chelsea v Tottenham, Maradona & Messi clients are reminded to check out the new Singapore based server for details of how corrupted PGMOL officials changed their insider trading on their matchfixing following disclosures by the Football is Fixed Network.
NB Our Network doesn't control this server so we are limited on the evidences provided (you will receive a secure communication by the weekend informing you where the full evidence lies).


Many referees are rotten.
Criminal and rotten.

In the aim to have a manipulated English football match every night of the week until the conclusion of the season, the EPL gives us tonight's London derby.

Spurs are in the middle of a run of Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool in 7 days and, although this is offset to an extent by their doping activities, it is looking like Villa will pip Spurs to the 4th spot.

According to our low lying Mole Trafford, Manchester United have been trading internally on the BTTS and Goals Over / Under markets since John Colquhoun made enquiries of a member of our Network (via an alias) into insider trading these markets.

Since March 30th, the Red Devils have thrown away 9 points by trading for profit rather than playing to win.

The (admittedly fake) league table would then look like this:
Aston Villa 35 - 67
Man United 34 - 63
Spurs 33 - 60

The orchestrators of these matchfixing crimes are known to us and they are known to the Friends of the Mafia who refuse to judge the Ten Hag / McClaren / Colquhoun entity for what it actually is - a matchfixing outfit masquerading as a football club.

If we were to publish some of the transcripts and intercepts we have received from Mole Trafford, I wonder how the legions of Manchester United fans would react.

Playing with fire gets you burned...
... Learn To Burn.

Originally Published on April 27th / 28th 2024 for For Green Fields clients

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Monday 29 April 2024

Some Splendid Affairs From The Twilight Zone

A Selection of Script Originally Published on April 27th / 28th 2024 for For Green Fields clients

The Twilight Zone

At some point in the last seven days, our Universe split on a quantum level into two parallel Universes (as it does all the time in a self-replicating self-similarity sort of way.

There was the original Universe that I thought I was fully immersed in where Ashley Young gave away three penalties and the newspapers were awash with scandal and Attwell & Taylor were both stood down and the game replayed.

And there is the Universe I now evidently inhabit where the match between Everton and Forest hovers in a Twilight Zone - it actually occurred but nobody actually talks about it.

It is an unevent.


In this new Universe everything is just fantastic and Liverpool implode and the Enhanced Games is actually the Premier League.
And nobody cares.

In this Universe you get 4-3 results to order (in Orwellian terms, the 4-3 outcome releases the most pleasure to the masses and is pleasing).

The Multiverse might be the solution to the issue of PGMOL authenticity - as Stockley Park desperately seeks some footage that can be used, the stadium could display - VAR - Looking at a Foul in Parallel Universe 29454-31C from the 37th minute of some game.

And everybody can groan and applaud and, most importantly, bet.

The carcinogenic asset stripping of football continues apace.

Hooper and Bankes aren't exactly the most equitable PGMOL selections.

If Forest score, the EPL should release the lions or the chariots or something.
That would be good.
That would shake off this melancholic inertia as you watch your sport sink and sink and sink...

West Ham v Liverpool

Despite what some might sy, it is never (or very very rarely) sensible strategy to announce senior retirements ahead of time. MBA courses from Wharton to Warwick know this to be true but football managers would seem not to.

From Sir Alex to Klopp to Xavi, it doesn't work - the latter's reappointment in the week following a humiliating Champions League exit and a feeble surrender of the title to Hala Madrid was particularly interesting as Xavi is most certainly proof that great players don't necessarily make great managers. Or even adequate managers...

So Slot Machine is arriving and fingers are pointing Klopp towards various doors with 'EXIT' written above them - some of them are in flashing red neon to emphasise the point.
Klopp might as well go on gardening leave now.

Which is a shame because, even though his team were never as good as the PGMOL made them appear and many business practices from Fenway Sports Group were of questionable legitimacy, Klopp was good for Liverpool.
He sided with the fan, the city and their causes.

Good job he's chosen to go really as he is exactly the sort of person that organised crime is trying to remove from the English game.

The markets have collapsed to flux on this event just prior to team announcements.

There's probably value somewhere so we have an hour to find it.

Some Splendid Affairs

In the very old days it wasn't feasible to trade on teams with nothing to play for whether their opponents had anything to play for or not.

Then a few smart people realised that you could get a great price on teams with nothing to play for (particularly against teams with something to play for) and rogue inputs lubricated the corridors of corruptions - suitcases of cash in Spain &UK, doping, insider trading, referee liaison if possible, cartelised agent inputs, all the usual stuff.

Then it became obvious that all we had here was a new corruption template - the corrupting outsider handicapping their opponents. And that database swelled to ludicrous proportions before the market makers learned to accommodate such inputs in the price.

Hidden inputs remain valid to this day but the number of events able to be solved is reduced from former heights particularly in periods where we currently inhabit where anti-corruption disclosures are seriously impacting upon the markets.
Football is Fixed is quantum entangled with the betting markets too.

Of the 15:00 games, two (MU v Burn and NU v ShU) are insider nonsenses only able to be traded if you can trace the insider trading.

Nothing else matters.

Fulham v Palace, even though we have waited late, is still not revealing her answers - with time running out...

Wolves v Luton is inflated because of the things that never happened during the football match that never happened when Ashley Young, who has never happened, did some things that also never happened.

Luton looked such a sweet quiet corruption once upon a time.
And now look at the state of it...

Everton v Brentford

Sometimes one perceives market structures that are just a touch too orchestrated, almost as if pre-arranged regardless of volume traded.
This is exciting when it happens.
It means we have a blitz chess event between two insider trading teams.

Somebody should prepare the paper on the game theorisation of the options open to individuals who, by chance, own a bookmaker and a football club (or significant parts thereof e.g. shares or debt, that sort of thing).

So, not legitimate but very postmodern.
The Final Phase of the Image is the absolute norm.
What we witness has little to do with the sport of football.

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Sunday 21 April 2024

Cruel To Be Unkind

Originally Published on April 21st 2024 for For Green Fields clients

Cruel To Be Unkind

To be or not to be?

Well, the EPL has chosen not to be.

It is not a sporting construct.
It is a wriggling ball of serpents each umbilically leeched onto markets.

Integrity cannot survive the carcinogenic effect of markets, particularly corrupted ones that exist in an entirely regulation-free universe of a 'secret' loopholed nirvana.

I struggle to think of a comparable level of futility in existence elsewhere to even remotely compare to the EPL and, by association, to UEFA.

Permanent War

Since Covid, football has become dominated by turf battles between entities who, in a legitimate sport, would not be a part of the game.
Off the board.
On the bottle.

There are also statements of power by entrenched and immovable forces like the Premier League - "you can fuck off with your IREF, you peasants. No FA Cup Replays anymore - how's that for trickledown? And, no, we didn't bother consulting with the EFL about no Replays in the FA Cup because we actually don't give a fuck and we are driving the lower leagues out of existence to free up prime time television slots for the Women's Super League. And fuck Ceferin too. Voting against the extension in his term - that showed him. Ha! Fuck you, Ceferin. Prick! And Bloom's European democratic affair? Fuck that too - blow you out of the water whenever we want. We're the EPL and we're hard - shoulders as wide as Hulme Flyover! So what? No English teams in the Semi Finals of either the Champions League or the Europa League; Manchester United and Newcastle United not even escaping the groups! So what? Look how much we are creaming! Anyway. Sweet how we released news of the Fuck-Off-and-Die (FOD) pledge to get rid of lower league teams by starving them out of existence via no distribution of funds and no FA Cup Replays just prior to the FA Cup Semi Finals. Don't look at the football / appreciate our authority."

Permanent Corruption

There have been a few laughable attempts in FT and broadsheets to address the Excess Goals (eG) that have 'magically' appeared this season in the World's Greatest League (apart from the ones that have managed to get a Semi Finalist or two in one of the two premier UEFA competitions, that would be).

The extra minutes being added on to ill-defined rules by PGMOL match officials is one factor correctly identified as was the perceptive observation that Saturn had indeed crossed into Gemini just prior to the goal onslaught.

And that was it.
Those were the reasons.

Okay so.

We'd like to add - doping being entirely open and non-policed, insider trading including on the Both-Teams-To-Score market, a broadening of the base of parties engaged in insider trading with agents, referees, players, suits and criminal fringe trading their slice of the action, the impact of unfortunate occurrences in a matchday battlefield where organised crime groups are going head-to-head over the outcome (1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2...), more control of events by cartels of agents resulting in underperformance of certain players which results in more goals, more intrusive VAR officiating and the triumph of the sociopathic match official in negotiations with juniors, fake penalties for certain teams and for the opponents of certain teams, the need for performative spectacle - the EPL is no longer the same as La Liga or Serie A - the days of three 1-0's and two nil-nil's are gone. The beauty is now in the spectacle rather than the sport and the strategic play. It's more important to all line up and throw a dart in unison than to compete. It is more important to allow Ivan Toney's comeback free kick to nestle in your net than to actually try to save it - your name ends up in the headlines and protective narratives are written so that a piece of matchfixing an honest mistake can be generated with a love for the club and a kissing of the badge and a desire to do better. But never mention the trading, the insider trading, the proxies, the brokers, the suitcases of money. But at least we've got Ernst Young to look after the integrity of the Champions League Draw from next season - EY up! Is that the same Ernst & Young who were accused by a watchdog of "repeated grave" violations in their audit of Wirecard? Surely we can bury that story. And all the other scandals expertly tutored by EY. Just get rid of the journalists. Like that Henry Winter chap at the Times. Just sack the fucker. Make him redundant. Fuck his 35 years experience. The bookies have told us that they will fund our operations if we get bookies' insiders in journalistic positions. Like Jonathan Wilson at the Guardian. A total pseud doing our bidding, the bidding of organised crime. Perfect. No news is good news and no news comes from no journalists. Look at Gaza. Kill them all. Look. Nothing to see here. No genocide. No famine (unless you wish to die reporting the opposite of this 'fact'). Journalism. Fuck Off. Lower League clubs. Fuck Off. Government. Fuck Off. Regulation, IREF, UEFA... Fuck Off Fuck Off Fuck Off. My business colleague until last month - Fuck Off. And don't try to fuck with me.... Some old fucker that I have financially leeched for years - Fuck Off...

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Monday 15 April 2024

It's A Knockout - So, Who Is Playing Their Joker Against Everton FC Tonight?

Originally published on the day of the match for For Green Fields clients

Everton, whose takeover by 777 mafia is looking problematical because the US investors don't have the cash and are constantly mired in controversy - some of their own making, some made by Liverpool and most by various shades of organised crime.

Messi & Maradona clients should check Kerkyra 3.0 for the full disclosures of what we touch on below.

Everton have paid out around £30 million to a rogue lender backed by a tax exile who just happens to be in control of Victor Chandler (or whatever they now call themselves - FundVic, or FuckBettor or whatever).

This is costing the club not far short of half a million quid per week.

This information has been excluded from Everton's latest set of cover ups accounts and is likely to lead to a further points deduction from the EPL (the Everton Points Loss).

RMF are a shadowy Cheshire-based company with no employees that borrows money from opaque sources to lend to football clubs (although 70% of the money raised is gifted to Everton FC).
This trail can be traced back to Michael Tabor.
Tabor is into offshore tax havens, racehorses and is behind BetVictor entity.

And this is where it gets interesting.
The two companies funding Everton primarily are Cyprus-based Galloway and Bahamas-based Carroch.
Galloway in turn is controlled by British Virgin Islands based Balnom who are owned by Tabor.

Tabor used to co-own a racehorse with Alex Ferguson (Juniper) and the pair have been tied at the waist to Celtic majority shareholder (and bookmaker) Dermot Desmond and the Irish racing twins with whom Ferguson eventually fell out - JP McManus and John Magnier.

These liaisons have existed on and off for nearly a quarter of a century.

As an aside, JP McManus is linked to Joe Lewis who was handed a get out of jail free card by a New York court over his blatant insider trading recently.

One of my Network has given me a lot of stuff on all these matters which I am not willing to share.


Suffice to say that a club boasting Moshiri and Usmanov and bookmakers and opaque conduits and even more opaque funders and its current demolition by mafia entities in a turf war is not really a football club at all.

It is a financial entity being traded and asset-stripped by interested parties for proprietary gain.

I have been reliably informed that the targeting of Moyes and West Ham is a Tabor venture.
So the jigsaw pieces fall...

Recently Wolves owner Jeff Shi opened up about crooked refereeing and arbitrary points deductions in the EPL: "Is this really what football wants?" 
And he's correct - there is no attempt to uphold the integrity of the Premier League.
It's a whore to be abused by shady individuals who would sell their own father to further their ends.

Since Covid, EPL football has become entirely spectacular, entirely hyperreal.
The whole edifice oscillates between systemic and semi-systemic corruption templates with the main top of the league battle for control being fought out by Mafia with a Corrupted Infrastructure United and Generalist Genius and Market Control Albion.

The absurdity of this holistic cover up reveals itself in a variety of ways.

So, here's a weird little example of the distortions created.

We utilise an Indian based data company for all match information and a running commentary on games. The commentary is put together using low level machine learning and the language is at best peculiar and at worst ludicrous.
It informed us that Vincent Kompany had been red carded for a dreadful foul at Chelsea the other week, for example and it told us Rangers had equalised at Ross County yesterday even though they had actually just fallen 3-1 behind 😁

So, the information is frequently nonsensical but it always rights itself and becomes a fair overview of the event.

This is far preferable to co-comm's telling us Team A are going to win when they know for a fact that this is not the case (Arsenal v Villa yesterday) or newspaper reporting that is doctored to highlight positive inputs from players represented by the SWUC cartel of clients.

Not manipulated but mad is vastly superior to manipulated and agenda driven.

Sky Sports, TNT / BT Sport, the Guardian & Telegraph are just the talking heads of organised crime destructing a sport.

And tonight's game?

The outcome is being fought over in the underground markets.
These markets might resolve themselves by kick off or we have some bunch of financiers screwing over some other bunch of financiers over a footie match live on the telly.

What a wonderful way for the mafia to commemorate the 97 people murdered by South Yorkshire police 35 years ago today.

Justice for the 97.

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Tuesday 2 April 2024

Get Your Brits Out

Originally published on the day of the match for For Green Fields clients

In continuing this run of Newsletters inspired by "Kneecap", we think we owe an explanation.

Rapping in Irish, turning up to the Sundance Film Festival in a graffiti-daubed RUC Land Rover and singing songs about the presence of foreign troops on Irish soil, the knee jerk response to Kneecap is to box them as West Belfast Republican youth...
... and they are.

But it is class not sectarianism that defines their politics.
Mo Chara argues that Kneecap have far more in common with working class Protestants from the Shankill Road than they do with a middle class Catholic from Dublin called Benedict.

Ireland is in the process of becoming everything that Britain is not and a United Ireland will be a progressive and provocative voice on the world stage, taking a lead on key issues like LGBTQ+ and the genocide and unfolding famine in Gaza.

And why should this matter to football industry professionals?

Take Cheltenham.

The Irish arrive every year and mug the English owners and bookies and there is nothing that the British layers can do about it - Irish trainers and jockeys are horse whisperers using centuries of tinker pagan culture to unify man and animal.

The Irish have horse fairs while the English have dinner parties and soirees.

Irish women and men are similarly well tooled when it comes to analysing the markets linked to both horseracing and football.

We evolve.

Over the last few days, there has been a whole array of matches around Europe where a key goalkeeper has been unable to play with a junior taking their place - Skorupski at Bologna & Sommer at Inter plus Simon at Bilbao and Rajkovic at Mallorca, for example.

In the olden days when fundamentals defined match outcome rather than insider trading and corruption, a change in keeper was a near automatic filtration against a position.

But stuff happens.
Firstly, many clubs began using their second keeper in cup competitions so that there was an understanding with the defence.
Then bookmakers started pressurising agents to pull their players to fool mug punters against trading (both Bologna and Inter fall into this group).
Then teams that trade on their own events started replacing the first choice keeper to enable a better price to be available as fools traded the wrong way.
And then Tony Bloom arrived with two equal ranking goalkeepers who were known to the opposition only one hour before kick off and providing Brighton with an excellent tactical advantage.

Change of goalkeeper has evolved in the same manner as the once original and now derivative tactic of underperforming prior to a major event.

Idiot managers like Ten Hag and Rodgers still employ this outdated tactic while the canny have moved onwards and upwards.

The original reasoning behind underperforming was to keep players fresh, delay usage of PESs, 'fool' the bookies into offering a better price and persuade mug bettors that your club is unbackable.

The new templates of engagement are far more interesting analytically because we are dealing with a semi-systemic corruption in the EPL.

The gambling landscape is being entirely distorted by these psychopathic templates.

Once upon a fucking time...

Billy No Mates could go to the casino and load his money into a slot machine featuring an image of a scantily clad woman and lose his wallet and slouch off home before returning at a future date to repeat the humiliation.

Nowadays, the machine is monitored by neural networks that are analysing the psychology of Billy while he makes his choices. His gaming and breaks and staking and experience is being entirely gamed to the benefit of the organised crime group running the casino.

Similarly with online poker where Billy thinks his hand looks promising but the platform are in complete control of the pack and, if Billy is staking high, other players at the table.

This latter tactic is how Mr Bloom amassed his fortune...
... Billy was playing one of the best poker players on the planet without realising it!

One additional feature of the new battlegrounds is the manufacture of outlier realities.
If organised crime wants 18 heads followed by one tail and then another 18 heads, they can do that thing.
Statistical probability doesn't get a look in on corruption matrices.

Welcome to the brave new world.

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