Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What An Incredible Fluke L!

The solutions to the major end-of-season Champions League events are always truly holistic.

First we had Mourinho sending through Art of War strategies to help Chelsea against Barcelona.

Second we had both Barcelona and Bayern Munchen utilising their G14(18) power webs to energise the excellent refereeing performance from Cuneyt Cakir - Chelsea committed 10 fouls (just two more than Barca) had 6 bookings, a sending off, a penalty against them and the result that four of the punished players are banned from the final...
... in Munchen.
For comparison, Tuesday's three matches in Serie A and Premier League produced 82 fouls and 9 bookings!

Thirdly we finally realise what a fantastic decision it was by West Bromwich Albion to replace Roberto di Matteo with an Omerta Outfit.

And, fourthly, having disgraced themselves, the victims and football in general by their behaviours during the minute silence for the people murdered at Hillsborough by South Yorkshire police, we are now able to look forward to that same level of evolved rationale for a match in Germany against either Mourinho or, worse still, Germans.

Still 82 fouls and 9 bookings...
... or 10 fouls and 6 bookings and 1 sending off.

What a weird fluke!