Thursday, 8 March 2007

We Request A Re-Quest

The latest layer of whitewash was added to the bungs affair yesterday when the Premier League released it's eagerly awaited update.
We didn't hold our collective breaths. We were right...
The inquiry is being "cornered" by the Premier League and Quest and none of the pertinent information is going to leak beyond this threshold of control. Indeed, the key aspect of this latest update was the sidelining of the Football Association's role in the affair.
The commentators who declared that we should be patient and allow Lord Stevens to undertake his investigations are looking increasingly naive.
As we stated at the time, this corruption will be quietly swept under the carpet over a period of time. The only impact on any of the individuals fingered in the BBC Panorama programme is that Kevin Bond became manager of Bournemouth (back in Redknapp's territory). The only future impact will be Mike Newell's slow disappearance into obscurity for having the temerity to confront corruption in the first place.
The three key facts relating to this scandal (and it is a scandal) are i) limiting the inquiry to 2 years prevented large numbers of senior operators in the game from being investigated, ii) the FA has lost it's compliance role for football and iii) the investigation is a whitewash.
The Free Dictionary definition of quest is "the act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something; a search".
It's a pity that that something wasn't the truth.