Monday, 19 March 2007

Official Cause of Death: South Asian Bookmakers

At the weekend, we posted that a combination of certain South Asian bookmakers and certain cricketers in the Pakistani and Indian teams conspired to undertake a little bit of insider trading and short selling of their teams Saturday Cricket World Cup matches. On Sunday morning, Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan coach, was found dead in his hotel room. The probable cause was a heart attack as the man was known to be suffering from stress.
It seems that Woolmer was an honest tactician who would have been totally dumbfounded by the lack of effort that was being perpetrated at the wicket. Television images of Woolmer in the game's final stages showed a ruddy-faced state of incomprehension.
There are grounds here for developing a charge of corporate manslaughter - would Woolmer have died if the Pakistan players and bookmakers were not intent on privately profiting from the miseries of the mug punters?
Probably not...