Saturday, 30 December 2006

Saint Tony Jumps Ship

Christian moralist and reformed alcoholic Tony Adams is a maverick within the English game. Many of us have long wondered how his beliefs are being compromised by working alongside Gaydamak, Redknapp and James at Pompey.
We now have our answer - Adams is leaving the south coast club in the summer to pursue a management career higher up the ethical ladder.
Incidentally, while on the subject of Portsmouth, their game at Bolton today is a very hot little event. There has been significant insider money in Asia in the early market exchanges and the choice of Walton to officiate is very significant. This is probably 'Arry and Calamity's xmas earner.
We are going to be on this match big style but we would advise that, unless you know who has traded what and where, you avoid this game.
PS Post match update - as we predicted, the early money was landed in one of the biggest Premiership betting events of the season to date. Calamity James gave a pantomime performance!