Saturday, 16 December 2006

Gambling Stables/ Gambling Teams

When I traded professionally on horseracing markets, there were certain stables that were known as gambling concerns - the extended family of Barry Hills, for example.
A similar situation now exists within football betting markets.
Firstly, some clubs have sponsorship deals with bookmakers (Blackburn, Villa, Spurs and Boro in England) which can sometimes lead to a privileged information flow.
Additionally, clubs that are hard up financially may develop a symbiotic relationship with a particular bookmaker - effectively a form of buying information.
Secondly, some clubs actively trade on their own events although it is evidently not in my interests to name names! Individuals or groups of individuals within these clubs operate in exactly the same manner as a gambling stable in their manipulation of the markets.
There are analytical methods to determine both of these types of corruption. It is also possible to deduce the gamble without access to any inside information.
We are isolationist about our proprietary trading model but, with some lateral thinking, one can get an angle on this sort of thing.
All traders both professional and amateur should be wary of these particularly hot outfits.

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