Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Scudamore The Psychopath

In the old days, there was humour about the state of corruption within Italian football.

Now the tittering is about the rampant corruption in ScudamoreWorld - the Premier League Theme Park.

Serie A, Serie B, the Bundesliga, La Primera Liga (to an extent), the Dutch Eredivisie, the Champions League, the Europa Cup, the leagues in Portugal, Denmark, Sweden and even Russia have taken institutional actions that target the match-fixers.

Different territories utilise different tactics to confront the corruption but conspicuous by their absence from the List of Integrity is the EPL - the most liquid and most criminalised of all the major global leagues.

Very late release of refereeing appointments, targeting the insider traders' market activity directly, addressing frontline bookmakers, confronting the various mafiosi involved in such a money laundering territory, the banning of miscreants, the outlawing of late season agreed draws and numerous other regulatory actions and exposures are severely limiting the match fixers.

We have worked with a middling outfit in Serie A over the last two years and, even though Italy has created Calciopoli and Calciopoli The Sequel, at least the Italian authorities are recognising the elephant in the room.

Of course, Richard Scudamore and his Omerta Brigade recognise this mammoth corruption too...
... but Mr Scudamore sees such activities as libertarian free market neo-conservative exploitation which is all well and good in his diseased mind.

For Mr Scudamore doesn't only condone the fixing of matches in the EPL, he actively energises such corruptions in a wide variety of manners.

In Italy this month, around 50 players from more than half of the Serie A teams will appear before a sporting tribunal in order to answer charges over the rigging of matches.
In parallel, the Italian game has prevented the usual end of season shenanigans whereby mid-table teams settle for a share of the points whilst betting on that outcome - you may have an agreed draw now but you cannot bet on it voluminously.

"Even if the game is riddled with gambling, corruption, bad refereeing and secret agreements, well, in Italy everyone is at it," wrote political scientist Ilvio Diamante. "Everywhere. In politics, business, at work. Why be scandalised? That's life."

And so it is in England...

We could present Scudamore with more than 60 players and more than half the Premier League teams who are equally involved in the fixing of match outcomes for proprietary financial enhancement.
We could tell him which referees work with which team(s) and which bookmaker(s).
We could point him in the direction of numerous agents involved in match fixing via their clients.
We could point out the Dark Pools and private markets where these individuals rip off the sport that pays their legitimate wages.
We could show him betting patterns on named accounts to prove this.

You know what...
... Mr Scudamore wouldn't blink an eyelid because this is not news to him, for he is the Great Orchestrator earning £1.5 million a year for overseeing the destruction of your sport, your game.

ScudamoreWorld - The Theme Park for Psychos.

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