Friday, 4 May 2012

Scudamore Chats Shit

Richard Scudamore: "This [the Premier League] is what you get when you welcome in inward investment. Any other industry would be welcoming that inward investment. We should welcome it with open arms."

Being psychopathically inclined, Mr Scudamore does not get integrity...
... inward investment is not the issue, it is the sources of that investment that has ruined what he beautifully calls "his product".

Six owners and criminalised management at Portsmouth, the Icelandic Ponzi Scheme and 3rd Party Ownership at West Ham, 3rd Party Ownership at Man Utd and Liverpool, the sources of the money behind Birmingham, Reading, QPR, and Blackpool, Alisher Usmanov and other psycho-oligarchs with their vory, Stoke City/Bet365, West Brom/Bodog/Victor Chandler, Shinawatra and his blood money, the 'Cockney mafia' at Newcastle/Spurs, the 'Glaswegian mafia' throughout the league, the links between various clubs and Asian bookmakers, leveraged buy-outs yoking the game to the benefit of 'inward investment' for decades to come...

By the bookmakers, for the bookmakers...

Richard Scudamore is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to English football.
He is your very own Blatter.
And Dave Richards is his Jack Warner!

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