Thursday, 15 March 2012

What An Incredible Fluke VIII!

In La Primera Liga, being more driven by club power than the market-making power dominating the Premier League, the Referee Index Bias outlined in the last post bifurcates more towards the ludicrous.

The Real Madrid 84.1 and Barcelona 69.0 figures both explains why the Madrilenos are top and why the gap to the remainder of the division is so large - no other team scores higher than 53!
There have been 10 penalties awarded in Real Madrid matches - not one of them to the opposition!

But there are other statistically relevant distortions elsewhere in La Liga.

Athletic Bilbao and Osasuna both index at 20.0!
Espanyol 18.6!!
Getafe 17.5!!!

Without these imbalances, Athletic and Osasuna would be firmly in Champions League positions at the expense of Valencia and Malaga - two sides famed for not being corrupted in any manner whatsoever - while Espanyol and Getafe would be challenging them for the Europa slots.

Athletic Bilbao are the third best team in Spain yet will probably be denied a Champions League place through the distorting impact of power.

That should teach them to be Basques!

What a weird fluke!