Sunday 25 March 2012

What An Incredible Fluke XVI!

Why Manchester City Will Not Win The Title

Since Man Utd lost to Blackburn and Newcastle, things have changed...

We have previously blogged that Peter Walton, in the last 22 matches where he has refereed City or United, has produced 0 City victories and 0 United defeats, but there are two (possibly three) other PGMOB referees with a marked bias in decision making in favour of the Old Trafford club - Chris Foy, Howard Webb and Anthony Taylor are the men in question.

In the 11 league matches since Newcastle/Blackburn (including the City/Utd FA Cup tie as it is pertinent to the argument), Manchester United have been given Walton, Webb, Foy or Taylor (WWFT) as referee/4th official for 8 of those matches.
WWFT gives United 6 wins 1 draw 0 defeats with Fulham to come!!!

We list these matches, results and match decisions at the end of this blog.

In the same period, Manchester City have won 8 out of 9 league matches when not subjected to any of the WWFT team.

On the three occasions where WWFT have intervened, City lost at Everton, drew at Stoke and were mugged by Foy in the FA Cup match.
City 8 wins 0 draws 1 defeat without WWFT versus City 0 wins 1 draw 2 defeats with WWFT!!!

This is not normal.

And the match decisions merely enhance our case that the 2011/12 Premier League title is a sham.

Man Utd Matches Refereed By WWFT Since Newcastle/Blackburn

Man City Won (Sending Off in Favour of United) Foy - referee.
Bolton Won (Penalty in Favour of United) Walton - referee.
Stoke Won (2 Penalties in Favour of United) Foy - 4th official to junior referee.
Chelsea Drew (2 Penalties in Favour of United) Webb - referee.
Liverpool Won Taylor - 4th official.
West Brom Won (Sending Off and Penalty in Favour of United) Foy - 4th official to junior referee.
Wolves Won (Sending off in Favour of United) Taylor - referee; Webb - 4th official.
Fulham on Monday night - Webb - 4th official to junior referee.

Two points.
One - referees should not show bias.
Two - referees should not be repeatedly given the opportunity to exhibit such bias.

There are 19 PGMOB Select Group officials, what mechanism allows WWFT to be repeatedly selected for United/City key matches in this title run-in?
Referees should officiate each team three times per season (either as ref or 4th official), Webb is currently enjoying two United games in a week neatly sandwiching his refusal to prevent Stoke's brutalities last evening.

What a weird fluke!