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The End Of Play (Extra Time)

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In June we published a post entitled 'The End Of Play' in which we itemised the systemic corruptions behind the Premier League title success of Leicester City.

The post is republished in full below.

Given the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) documents released by the Fancy Bears' hacking team over the last fortnight exposing USA and UK Olympic athletes and, specifically, the usage of TUEs by Team Sky, Sir David Brailsford and Sir Bradley Wiggins, we thought that we should update our exposure...
... particularly as sport scientists from Team Sky spent considerable time working hand in glove with sport scientists at Leicester City last season

Before printing the original post, here are some other articles relating to the fixing of the 2015/16 Premier League and a timeline of happenings to bring you up to date this season.

Earlier Articles on Leicester City

Apr 3rd 2016: The Doping Of Leicester City Players

Apr 2nd 2016: The Success Of Leicester City Is A Conspiracy

Mar 6th 2016: Webb Of Lies

2016/17 Timeline

                                                     Sir David Brailsford on one

Sep 26 2016: Sir David Brailsford of Team Sky defends the doping of Sir Bradley Wiggins in an interview with BBC's Dan Roan. One knight of the realm defending another knight of the realm (and both of their legacies) in arranged communication with the television company that made Wiggins Sports Personality of the Year and who were closely linked to the corruptions at Leicester City via Match of the Day's Gary Lineker.

Sep 25th 2016: BBC's Andrew Marr presents a pre-recorded interview with Sir Bradley Wiggins that leaves many more questions than answers relating to the doping of the cyclist.

Sep 24th 2016: Leicester City are 4-0 behind at half time versus Manchester United meaning that they have lost as many games this season as in the whole of last.

Sep 15th 2016: Fancy Bears' hacking team release documents from WADA implicating Team Sky and Sir Bradley Wiggins in systemic doping.

                                                          Jamie Vardy on one

Sep 13th 2016: One day after the Fancy Bears' hack, Jamie Vardy suddenly stops wearing his 'Magic Bandage' for the first time in 21 months - prior to wearing the Magic Bandage he had scored 1 goal in half a season but thereafter he scored 30 goals in 50 appearances in the Premier League. In 4 games since the removal of the Magic Bandage, Vardy has failed to score.

Sep 12th 2016: Fancy Bears' release the first hacked documents from WADA showing doping by Olympic athletes from USA and UK.

Aug 28th 2016: Leicester City, after being the second fittest team in the EPL last season, are mysteriously the 2nd least fit this season.

Leicester City Comparative Performance Before, During And After Systemic Corruption

Leicester City prior to doping and systemic corruption in season 2014/15: 4 wins 7 draws 18 defeats.

Leicester City during doping and systemic corruption 2015-16: 30 wins 13 draws 4 defeats.

Leicester City without doping this season: 2 wins 1 draw 3 defeats.

The Systemic Nature Of Corruption In English Football

But the conspiracy spreads further as Dr Steve Peters was sport psychiatrist to both Team Sky and the England football team under Roy Hodgson.

And Sir David Brailsford has been approached by the FA to work with the England team under Sam Allardyce.

And Allardyce has been stung by the Daily Telegraph telling Far East undercover investors how to get around FA rules on Third Party Ownership

And John Colquhoun (who is joined at the hip to Hodgson) set up the football agents who represent Jamie Vardy who Hodgson first selected for England when he had scored only four Premier League goals in 33 games

And Colquhoun is very active in illicit Third Party Ownership.

And Hodgson and Colquhoun were undertaking matchfixing in the Premier League as long ago as 2008

And Allardyce enjoys insider trading too

Original 'The End Of Play' Article

Jamie Vardy's Magic Bandage

Before the heroic Mr Vardy started wearing his Magic Bandage, he had scored 1 Premier League goal in half a season.
Thereafter he scored 28 goals in 46 games.

If we were Mr Vardy, we would patent that Magic Bandage.

In 1976, philosopher Jean Baudrillard sent his essay 'Forget Foucault' to the French magazine Critique where Michel Foucault was an editor.
Foucault was asked to reply, but remained silent.

When 'Forget Foucault' was subsequently published in book form, Baudrillard added a dialogue where he deconstructed his own early post-Marxian critical thinking - 'Forget Baudrillard'.

And what has this got to do with football, we hear you ask?
Baudrillard's Theory of the Phases of the Image, that's what!

Do Not Forget Baudrillard!

Football was Play. It started out as a sport played to agreed rules (1st Phase).

Local businessmen took over clubs for personal gain while players still played sport. As soon as Money hits Play, Play is fucked (2nd Phase).

When the Money is linked to parallel but otherwise independent betting markets, insider trading and corruption govern the sport. Match outcomes are dependent on private agendas. Football no longer exists as a sport (3rd Phase).

By the time the corruption is systemic then everything is fake - football is "a simulacra bearing no relation to reality whatsoever".
Football is now merely a form of entertainment - like wrestling in the old days or WWE, horseracing, tennis, cricket or the dogs nowadays (4th Phase).

It somehow seems apt that Euro 2016 is being distorted in Baudrillard's France but, by-passing that charade, let's look at the English Premier League and, humbly, suggest the adding of a 5th Phase of the Image to Baudrillard's societal analysis.

King Power Land The British Football Franchise Trophy In Insider Coup

Leicester City were gifted the Premier League title last season - a team linked to disgraced blood doper Dr Mark Bonar moved from being the least fit team in the league to the second fittest literally overnight prior to the last 9 games of the 14/15 season. This fitness level was maintained throughout their title-winning season and, interestingly, Leicester only experienced 12 injuries (out of 620 in the league) and also had the fastest recovery times from such injuries to boot.

This infrastructure achieved conspiratorial levels when an inner group of Premier League pgMOB referees started markedly favouring Leicester and undermining potential competitors at the very same date - April 2015.
Little wonder insiders at BT Sport and the BBC were insider trading at such volume on the Foxes pre-season at up to 5,000/1 - that would be the insider trading based on a systemic corruption that extends to senior UK governmental levels.

20% of Leicester City is owned by a secret investor who paid £8m to have the Premier League ignore his stake. After the title was landed, New York-based Private Company Financial Intelligence reasoned that this stake would have increased to £88m - true private profiteering harmony from a South East Asian perspective!

In effect, Leicester City's title win was a gift to very rich people in Thailand, China, Singapore and the UK (and her Offshore Financial Centres)...
... the 4th Phase of the Image in full effect!

But the success of Leicester City was also a triumph of media-fanned absurdity.
There is a 5th Phase of the Image based entirely upon this fake.

From the moment the Leicester team bus picked up Jamie Vardy-lookalike (postman Lee Chapman), Key Sports agents via their coercive control of mainstream media outlets ran with the story in excess. And it is Key Sports primary sluice John Colquhoun who is behind the turning of the fake that is Vardy into a Hollywood movie which we all eagerly anticipate.

The postman was included in this hyperreality until he gained his own media representation. Chapman was then blocked on Twitter by both Vardy and his wife and Key Sports did what they do best by threatening Chapman: "If you do anything that affects Jamie's image directly and his endorsement deals we will take legal action."

And, as we speak, Lee Chapman is travelling around the beaches of France dressed up as Jamie Vardy (even down to the disguising arm bandages) having selfies taken with British tourists who have elevated this postman briefly onto the primary level celebrity circuit.
Chapman even feels that he can offer opinions on the fake story of Vardy being transferred to Arsenal - "If Jamie moved to Arsenal it would be massive for my own personal brand and for my finances. You're going to get more recognition" stated our narcissistic postie.

As we said, the 5th Phase of the Image!

The Bigger Picture

The fragmented cartel of corrupting forces destroying the integrity of British football are making a fortune out of their systemic conspiracy.
Contacts within FIFA, UEFA, the bookmaking sectors of SE Asia and Europe as well as our cellular network reckon that between £6 billion and £24 billion was conspiratorially laundered via matchfixing in EPL last season.

When smoking gun intelligence of matchfixing is provided, the state and enforcement agencies have no desire to proceed - indeed, "withdraw" is the enforcement cry!

And the only way that UK Anti Doping (UKAD) would have taken seriously the evidence presented to it of systemic doping in sport is if the information had been hacked.
In response to the Sunday Times exposures, UKAD moved quickly - now sportspeople are to be warned on social media over impending drug testing so that they might behave appropriately!

UKAD is not fit for purpose.

As Dick Pound, the former president of the World Anti Doping Authority (WADA) stated: "Too many people involved in sport do not want the anti-doping system to work."

Nor do the industry want any action against matchfixing - every single agency monitoring matchfixing is fake or suffers from regulatory capture. These bodies are a part of the problem.

And it has recently reached the stage whereby the value of a player who is willing to undertake matchfixing is higher than an equivalent player of integrity, as a corrupted team will make more money out of gaming the markets on a percentage of matches than always playing in a sporting manner.

All senior figures in government, football institutions, mainstream media and the bookmaking sector understand that systemic corruption is being facilitated for private gain in British football.
There is an arbitrage in knowledge between this inner corrupt neohyperreality and the largely gullible fans' perceptions of reality which are still couched in their pseudo-religious support of their club - we determinedly place Football is Fixed within this arbitrage gap.

But fans unconsciously understand that the game is up as demonstrated by the falling attendances that the Premier League are so desperate to mask.

The Leicester City fake 'triumph' is the biggest sports story of recent times.
Although portrayed as a fairy tale, it is in fact an affront to the integrity and validity of UK soccer...
... and the eventual implosion of disclosure will be terminal.

Jean Baudrillard: "It is no longer a question of imitation, nor duplication, nor even parody. It is a question of substituting the signs of the real for the real... We are moving ever closer to high definition, in other words to the useless perfection of images. Which, by the same token, are no longer images, having been produced in real time... There lies the dilemma: either simulation is irreversible, there is no going beyond simulation, it is no longer even an event, it is our absolute banality, it is an everyday obscenity, we are in terminal nihilism, and are preparing ourselves for a mindless repetition of all the forms of our culture, waiting for an unpredictable event - but where would it come from?"

Football has become iconoclastic. Modern iconoclasm no longer consists in destroying images but in manufacturing a profusion of images where there is nothing to see - the use of instant replays to rewrite the history of unfortunate occurrences!

It is the End of Play.
Believe Baudrillard!

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