Saturday, 1 October 2016

That Was The Week That Was

Here we provide full details of the week that shook English football to the core - criminalised England managers, doping, matchfixing, Third Party ownership, insider trading, agent-based corruption, bungs, illicit bribes, tax avoidance, rogue referees, clubs acting as vehicles to initiate corruption, clubs relegated via matchfixing by their own players...

The FA is attempting to internalise the inquiry into this rampant corruption in the English game.

But what is actually required is a police-led independent inquiry so that those who undertake corruption are driven out of the English game and, where necessary, prosecuted.
The fact that the Daily Telegraph Investigations Team have made all transcripts available to the City of London police but not yet the FA makes this outcome more likely. 

Furthermore, the Department of Culture Media and Sport Select Committee will be questioning FA chairman Greg Clarke and FA diector of governance and regulation (sic) on October 17th over the corruption in English football.

We are dealing with systemic crime and corruption here and English football has palpably demonstrated that it is unable to govern itself.

As one of our lawyers states in a communication with the Daily Telegraph Investigations Team: "I'm sure your readers would be interested to know if, in your laudable research into corruption in football, you have ever come across anyone who turned out to be honest."

Last season alone we estimate that between £6 billion and £24 billion was laundered offshore via systemic corruption and matchfixing in English football.

Football is purportedly for the fans not the offshore financial gains of a cartel of neoliberal mafia men and their protectors in government and mainstream media.

Monday October 3rd 2016

As we suggested last Thursday, lawyers acting on behalf of the 8 Premier League managers (past and present) who were to have been exposed for accepting bungs have prevented the Daily Telegraph from releasing the names of their clients in a triumph of a cover-up. 

Sunday October 2nd 2016

If fans thought that the powers that corrupt the Premier League would lie low over the weekend considering everything that has been disclosed this week, they were wrong.

According to both our broker and our analysts three of the live televised games were matchfixing/insider trading events.

Sunday October 2nd 2016

The Daily Telegraph reports that the FA chief executive Martin Glenn is "open-minded" about a parliamentary inquiry into corruption in English football. Meanwhile the FA chairman Greg Clarke promotes a joint inquiry between the FA and the Premier League arguing that police forces are too stretched to take on a major inquiry.

Self-investigation like self-regulation is of no value. The attempt at a cover-up is in motion.

Saturday October 1st 2016

The football Establishment begin attempts to bury the Daily Telegraph disclosures.

The Guardian output fails to report the Redknapp revelations while Kevin McKenna tells us to "forget Allardyce", a reader's letter is published online claiming that "the Premier League does not need to be saved from its own greed" and, most ludicrously, Daniel Taylor claims that there is no evidence of matchfixing, players betting on themselves to lose (see below about Spurs v Birmingham) or referee-led corruption.

Mr Taylor must feel satisfied with his blinkers and wages.

As a proper journalist elsewhere at The Guardian (Owen Jones) states in his book 'The Establishment': "... a media that does not exist to inform, educate as well as challenge all those with power, but which serves as a platform for the ambitions, prejudices and naked self-interest of a small number of wealthy moguls... The Establishment represents the institutional and intellectual means by which a wealthy elite defends its interests in a democracy."

Saturday October 1st 2016

The Investigations Team at the Daily Telegraph expose Harry Redknapp for not reporting to the FA evidence that members of his team bet on their own match.

Football is Fixed exclusively reveal that the game in question was Tottenham Hotspur versus Birmingham City on the last day of the 2010/11 season - the match which saw Birmingham relegated was a fixed event as certain people wanted Alex McLeish out of the Premier League.

The Daily Telegraph revelations suggest that some Birmingham City players bet against their own team!

The match was refereed by Mark Clattenburg who, purely by coincidence, withdrew from officiating last night's live Premier League match between Everton and Crystal Palace claiming he had a virus. He was replaced by Jon Moss.

Friday September 30th 2016

Daily Mail reveals that the Premier League allows clubs and star players to avoid tax on image rights via a secret deal with HMRC.

Friday September 30th 2016

The Daily Telegraph release further evidence of their sting with Eric Black (the assistant at Southampton) exposed for suggesting that one could offer bribes to other clubs. The FA explicitly bans such activities. Meanwhile the chairman Jimmy Houtput of a Belgian second division club Oud-Heverlee Leuwen offered services as a conduit for TPO illegalities.

Thursday September 29th 2016

Wales manager Chris Coleman calls for life bans for anybody involved in football corruption.

Thursday September 29th 2016

The Daily Telegraph reveal that Jimmy Floyd Haisselbaink (the manager of QPR), Tommy Wright (assistant manager at Barnsley) and Massimo Cellino (the owner of Leeds United) are willing to either accept bungs or avoid TPO rules on player transfers. Wright is suspended by his club.

Meanwhile, the English game attempts to protect itself by questioning the use of entrapment to reveal corruption.

Wednesday September 28th 2016

The Daily Telegraph reveal that eight Premier League managers had admitted to taking bungs on player transfers.
There were also managers and assistants in the Championship who undertook the same practise. As the paper stated: "This affair is about much more than one manager's career. Confidence in football as a whole hangs in the balance. The FA and the clubs have much to lose if they fail to recognise what is at stake here."

Meanwhile, former FA chairman Greg Dyke claimed that Roy Hodgson was "whiter than white".

Tuesday September 27th 2016

Football is Fixed reveal that one of the constructs being addressed by Allardyce in his meetings with investors was previously utilised by the last England manager Roy Hodgson who selected every single available player from one particular football agency to represent England at various levels.

Tuesday 27th September 2016

Football is Fixed reveal the name of the football agent redacted from the Daily Telegraph Allardyce transcripts.
 Allardyce claimed that this particular agent had been utilising TPO illegally for years. The FA demanded that full transcripts be made available to the governing body. The FA under new stewardship will have to act on this evidence as they are otherwise sitting on a time bomb that might detonate at any time.

Tuesday 27th September 2016

The Daily Telegraph release details of their sting operation that revealed that the England manager Sam Allardyce discussed how investors could get around the FA's rules on the Third Party Ownership (TPO) of players. Allardyce was later removed from his position as manager of the national team by 'mutual consent'.

Monday 26th September 2016

Football is Fixed exclusively reveal that the sport scientists behind the illicit doping of Sir Bradley Wiggins and other Team Sky cyclists collaborated with sport scientists at Leicester City last season.

Leicester City went from being the least fit team in the Premier League to the second fittest over one international break towards the end of the 2014/15 season and maintained this level of super fitness throughout their title winning season.

To Be Continued...
... It Will Never Be Over Until The Fat Lady Sings.

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