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No Rule Britannia - A Rhapsody In Racism

A Rhapsody In Racism

French journalist Christopher Nunes:"I've always had a low opinion of the English. A nation that can't behead its queen is not to be trusted!"

It seems somehow apt that a manager who, as a player, broke the Anti-Apartheid campaign against South Africa to earn his Diplock gold in support of a racist regime should eventually be brought down by racism.

Schadenfreude or what?

Roy Hodgson, who was still referring to Black squad members as "monkeys" only a couple of years ago, was brought low by a pungent brew of the fuckwit xenophobic/racist/fascist Brexit vote and internal disharmony within his squad caused by a player who has had a 'fairy tale season' bringing xenophobia onto the training ground creating disharmony within the team and, particularly, with captain Wayne Rooney.

                   "Like a fish out of water on a bicycle in the digestive system of a mafia man"

Hodgson - the highest paid manager in international football - is hence sacked with the impressive record of just four victories in 15 tournament final games.

He also showed a complete lack of strategy by finishing second to Wales in the Group Stage and hence ending up on the wrong side of the Euro 2016 draw along with Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Eire...
...  and Iceland - the weakest team in the tournament and the smallest population ever to have qualified for the finals.

It is equally of consequence that Joe Hart has the worst shot per goal ratio in Euro 2016 after having been the weakest goalkeeper at World Cup 2014 - good job that Hart is represented by the Stellar agency otherwise he'd still be at Shrewsbury.

And, at a time when joy is at a premium, we are only weeks away from waving goodbye to that odious people-hater Greg Dyke who has presided over the FA while enabling corruption and matchfixing to overtake all aspects of the English game.

With the pound plummeting, the stock market in freefall and the ratings agencies repeatedly downgrading Britain's credit rating, it has not been a good few days for GB PLC.

Furthermore, the corruption underpinning British football is systemic and has links to high levels of government so the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron and the eventual removal of Chancellor Gideon Osborne will seriously impact on a mafia mechanism that money laundered estimated profits of between £6 billion and £24 billion last season.

Moreover, Hodgson's bias towards certain agents will further impact on the corrupt matrix of English football - how will Key Sports/Legion get all their players (of various shades of ownership) into future England representative squads without the Yes Man Hodgson?

And the Dr Mark Bonar list of 157 doped up British sportspeople is soon to hit the mainstream media.

But the English football team is not the only empire that is crumbling.

£140 billion has been flushed from the FTSE350 in two trading days since Brexit idiocy, Britain has lost its last AAA credit rating, the pound is at its lowest ebb against the dollar in 31 years, racist attacks and abuse are peaking.
The individuals who unleashed this wave of racist xenophobia and extreme market self-harming can be proud that, in just a few days, they have turned Great Britain into Gross Britain - the laughing stock of the sane world.

And all this just after a fascist shot, stabbed and murdered a sitting MP.

And with Central Bankers about to award themselves another global bailout, there will be more austerity, the privatisation of the NHS, a slashing of research grants, a brain drain as scientists, doctors and those with degrees emigrate, reduced opportunities for the young leading to further emigration, rising food and petrol prices, the ossification of a society of ageing fearful xenophobes, falling house values, an erosion of human rights, increasing job insecurity and redundancies, the partial migration of the City of London to New York, Chicago, Frankfurt and Tokyo, a marked fall in inward investment, fragility of pensions and a depleted nation dependent on the service sector and the black market as manufacturers will face extra costs too...
... apart from all that AND your racism, good call Brexiteers!

Below we list a number of blog posts showing that Hodgson was a dreadful choice to manage the England team in the first place .

The England team has, in effect, been controlled by professional gamblers.
Hodgson has also capped every single Key Sports/Legion player who could play for England representative teams, produced England's worst ever World Cup performance, lost to the smallest nation ever to qualify for an international football tournament, has shown bias to certain agents throughout his managership, is fundamentally racist, has history of tilted transfers at club level and has been in rather close proximity to fixed Premier League games.

Hodgson will go down, at best, as the worst England manager on record.

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