Thursday, 26 September 2013

Leech Consultancy - The Twilight Zone

                                       A Leech Consultant Settling Down At The Desk

Leeching: To feed, a leech attaches itself to a human or animal through suckers at each end of its body and then eats its host's blood. Leeches can eat six to eight times their body weight, but rather than sinking to the bottom of the body of water, leeches produce a natural anticoagulant or blood thinner, which keeps the blood in them from thickening and clotting and allows them to stay mobile.

Leech consultants optimise performance.

All cutting edge bodies understand the quest to gain robust competitive advantage, they seek leech consultants.

Leeches sit on the threshold between white markets and grey but spend all of their time forensically analysing the grey and, in particular, the black markets.
Especially in mature market late capitalism.

Take football.

No institution, club, bookmaker, agent or association can admit the extent to which insider gambling has spread through the sport like a rampant cancer.
Recent arrests in Australia, Singapore and El Salvador (where five players with more than 50 international appearances are implicated) together with the banning of numerous clubs has to be held at the marketing damage limitation level of  "a few bad apples" - activities undertaken by poorly paid fringe players in peripheral territories often influenced by rogue South East Asian underground markets.

But the corruption is far more central to the FIFA Football Family than that.
Yet this cannot be made public and cannot be acknowledged.

Many loci within the game are desperate for this knowledge.

Without such knowledge, people in the "sport" are unable to protect themselves from corruptions perpetrated against their interests.
Strategic defence is the name of the modern game.

Leech consultancy bridges this divide.

Football is Fixed are a leech consultancy network.
We operate to stretch the belief mechanisms of clients regarding the degrees of corruption across the football continuum.
We create defensive yet assertive strategies to optimise performance in this environment, a consultative aikido.

We circumvent the issue of our tendencies to whistleblow by developing robust contracts and establishing a unique structure of operation.

We leech ourselves onto an entity or individual approximate to the body to whom we consult. This entity/individual then liaises between the two parties.
At no time do the two parties need to meet and any data, information and/or privileged knowledge that is requested can always be denied if deemed incriminating.

Every entity has to cut corners to exist in this domain and nobody should trust justice-based whistleblowers.
Leech consultancy is the only solution.

Our consultancy spectrum includes market analysis, economic modelling, risk analysis, corruption forensics, holographic modelling of white/ grey/ black market structures in mature markets, defensive strategies against corruptions perpetrated against a clients' interests, holistic sabermetrics utilising our data archive, intermarket analysis, dark pool poker table analysis, creation of regulatory structures to disarm corrupt processes, behavioural economic modelling, scenario analysis, establishing creative match strategies in enemy environments, legal market hacking, fraud investigation, exposing corrupted market loopholes, psychology of finance...

We provide good health and our clients provide sustenance.

N.B. Of course, there is a branch of leech consultancy that enacts strategic exploitation of late capitalist structures and markets but that is an entirely different form of leech consultancy known as the sociopathic. We could do that too but we choose not to.

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