Friday, 13 September 2013

A Match Structure And An Agency To Set Alarm Bells Ringing

The U21 International between Finland and England last Monday demonstrated clearly the sorts of patterns that should set alarm bells ringing.

There was a voluminous one-way gamble AGAINST England U21's pre-match.
During the game, the England U21 goalkeeper, Jack Butland, made a calamitous mistake allowing a 40m free kick into his net.
Seven minutes after England equalised in the second half, Andre Wisdom was sent off for kicking a grounded Finnish player, pushing three other Finns and remonstrating with the referee (just to make sure).

The match ended one apiece and the gamble was landed.

Stellar agents represented two England U21 players in the game...
... Butland and Wisdom.

In the Premier League, Stellar represent Hart, Rafael, Szczesny, Johnson, Bent, Jagielka, Cole, Caulker, Sigurdsson, Sinclair, Snodgrass, Fabio, Shelvey, Butland, Kelly, Wickham, Dyer, K Toure, K Jones, Cattermole, Naismith, Crouch, Campbell, Osman, Collins, Wilkinson, Howson, Dorrans, Wisdom, M Taylor, Kébé, Boyata, Westwood, Distin, Hibbert, A Hughes, Given, Gabbidon, Barnard, Situ, K Davis, R Wright, D Cole, A Morgan plus, inevitably, four players at Harry Redknapp's Championship club, Queens Park Rangers.

Players generally stay with their agents for life (including post-playing career) but play for numerous clubs. It is the agents that achieve their mansions.

Stellar - too many players, too much power, too much history...

Still - great to hear that Stellar received £10 million from the sale of the vastly overrated Gareth Bale to Real Madrid - if Bale is worth £85 million then Lionel Messi is worth a billion...

Obviously, nothing in this article suggests that anything untoward went on in Finland, the facts are merely a collection of happenings and realities that are worthy of comment.

Watch the brief highlights yourselves and make up your own mind.

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