Sunday, 15 September 2013

Half Million Pound Insider Gamble Landed On Premier League Match

If there is a wonderful aspect to the last period of life then it possibly lies in the freedom to live absolutely in the present, to focus on the existence of each beautiful moment and to do all those things that one never quite got around to doing...

Like revenge against the psychopathic control grid and those who benefit from extortion, coercion, corruption and the total destruction of any aspect of our existences from which they are able to profit.

Yesterday one of the leading agents in British football fixed a Premier League football match along with the match referee.
The relationship between these two reptiles goes back over two decades and we have numerous other examples of matches that they have criminalised for personal gains.
Another Premier League game saw the match referee bet privately on the event in the full knowledge of the bookmakers with whom he was placing his bet - the bookies merely traded the valuable inside information elsewhere and took their slice of the action.
And, in a third game, a club owner and a match referee successfully bet on the match outcome with a sizeable trading position fifteen minutes before kick off  (the full details of these events are provided at the conclusion of this article for insiders and our consultancy partners).

If football in Britain were legitimate and regulated then we would be able to approach the relevant authorities in the knowledge that such corruptions would be addressed and that the culprits would be dealt with appropriately. Unfortunately, all the institutions overseeing football in Britain are flawed and form part of the fragmented cartel that is destroying this sport.

And we export our corruptions abroad.
We have evidence of match fixing by the agent fingered above in the Netherlands and Turkey in addition to Scotland and England.
And 10 people (including Brits) have been arrested in a multi-million pound match fixing scandal in Australia.
If found guilty these players face worldwide lifetime bans due to FFA.
And 14 people have been arrested in Singapore.
In Britain such people are celebrities!

When top agents pay backhanders to national team managers to pick their clients for internationals so that they might distort the match outcomes for personal profit, when a leading Scottish footballer receives merely a 3 match ban for betting against his own team on three occasions, when the chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association admits to gambling millions on matches in England but keeps his post, when former players of whom we have fulsome evidence of match corruptions become your media representatives, when Stoke City and Brighton are owned by bookmakers/ professional gamblers, when the owner of Accrington Stanley only gets a 21 month ban for betting illegally on 735 games (including betting on 37 occasions on his team to lose) and when Paul Kelso (the chief sports reporter for the Telegraph) and the people behind the Guardian output merely energise such realities, there seems little point in wasting time doing the right thing.

Or we might approach government but there is far too great a focus on monetising their shares in arms' companies that profit from the use of uranium tipped weapons and white phosphorus in the Middle East or destroying the NHS to land their gambles on their share options in private health companies for them to be overly concerned about the corruptions relating to a number of young men kicking around a leather ball.

So what is a whistleblower to do?

Well for a start one moves offshore.

                                                         Black Is Maroon(ed) Briefly

We have recently been negotiating with two Champions League teams over the provision of high level consultancies for the forthcoming campaign - one of these outfits are blinkered self-harmers that thrive on brinksmanship, rampant lying and sidling up to inappropriate individuals who distort the game for proprietary benefit.
The other team behave ethically and are true to their word and, additionally, exhibit cutting edge professionalism with regard to analytics, individual matches and their dealings in the transfer market.

So that decision has been a no-brainer!

Additionally, the latter team are fully supportive of the exposition of criminalities in Britain.
UEFA, in particular, are particularly receptive to information about the rampant corruptions in the British game and are taking a far closer look at such criminalities via their partners at Europol and Federbet.
The agent mentioned above attempts to portray himself as a white market operator to these bodies whereas he resides largely in the black market.

We have also been approached with the offer of a publishing deal to lift the lid on corrupted British football but, as I don't fancy living in Russia alongside Ed Snowden, we'll pass on that one.
But I am involved in a potential publishing deal (with two other writers) to expose the criminalities at a dodgy West of Scotland club who have issues regarding their real name.

Ian Black, the #Rangers footballer mentioned above, in total was fined £7,500 and banned for three matches for betting on 13 games affecting his own side (including the three events where he bet against his own team). He also received a warning over illegal bets on 147 other football matches, many where he had private inside information.
Meanwhile, Ian Holloway was fined £18,000 and banned from the touchline for two games for complaining about the refereeing input of Mark Clattenburg in Crystal Palace's opening Premier League game versus Spurs.

What message does this send to those thinking about undertaking corruption...
... and to those who might complain about such corruption?

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