Friday, 19 January 2007

Sweeping Corruption under the Carpet

Keith Hackett - the head of the Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB) - is meeting with BBC radio and tv journalists next week to counter criticism of Premiership referees in the BBC's output.
We won't reiterate in this post the reasons that our Trading Team believe that there is high level manipulation and corruption in the Premiership but we list at the bottom of this article previous posts that have focussed on this core issue.
Corruption today requires media and refereeing complicity and the differences between Sky and the BBC are evident.
The BBC has already been put on the defensive by the refusal of several leading managers to be interviewed on Match of the Day (Ferguson, Redknapp, Allardyce) and by pressure being placed on the editors to avoid screening controversial refereeing incidents and/or offer no comment on such incidents.
In comparison, Sky works very closely with some referees and has a hidden agenda that is psychopathic in it's control mechanisms. We could detail numerous supportive data but our legal people are saying "no". Controversial incidents are frequently airbrushed out of existence.
We'll give you one minor example that is suggestive of the culture however. Prior to Sky's midweek FA Cup offering, Andy Gray's accomplice (we'll refer to him as Dracula as I can't remember the geyser's name) waxed lyrical as the camera lingered on Mike Dean. Dracula suggested that "poor Mike Dean should be the referee at this year's FA Cup Final as he was due to officiate at last year's game but was demoted as he is from the Wirral and Liverpool were in the Final". This is the same Mike Dean that, 12 months earlier, had been banned from officiating for 2.5 months due to his role in Arbitros Racing - an online horseracing syndicate! A minor point but a revealing one. Along with the Racing Post, Sky is the most manipulative media with regards to football - we wouldn't trust anything that comes from Gray, Keys, Reid, Redknapp junior, Merson, McInally, Dracula, Curbishley, Redknapp senior etc etc.
There is fraud and corruption in the betting markets on a massive scale - upwards of £200m will be traded globally on each of the two big Premiership games this weekend. The criminals want absolute control and referees are the manipulators of choice for these criminals.
We suggest that Hackett takes a reality check.