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A Real Legacy And A Tribute To Arsene Wenger

Plus รงa change, plus c'est pas la mรชme chose.

There are few islets of integrity left in the ocean of omerta that is the Premier League and one of these rocky outcrops will disappear beneath the tsunami of corruption at the conclusion of this season when Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal.

Arsenal have not orchestrated any of the wide range of matchfixing matrices utilised by other EPL teams to enhance earnings away from taxing eyes.
Arsenal have avoided overly close ties with the bookmaking industry and have not allowed criminalised football agents to take control of the club.
Arsenal instead employed marginal gains years before the Team Sky cycling team pushed such nudge edge beyond legal boundaries and when other EPL teams were medieval in their strategic sophistication.

As Arsenal were a talented and largely legitimate team and because Wenger refused to allow betting markets to influence match outcomes, the club and the manager were ostracised by the murkier areas of the industry sector.
The mainstream media have systemically slaughtered Wenger at any opportunity.
And not just some mainstream media but all.

We quote an investigative journalist from a UK national broadsheet:

We don't expect reality from the 4th Estate so this message that football journalists are merely PR merchants is hardly surprising.

But we do expect integrity in the officiating of Premier League matches...
... and Arsenal have suffered immensely from the systemic and particular corruptions against their interests under Wenger.

The issue of Mike Dean has been aired on this blog since 2006:

2005 - banned for supplying info to Arbitros - a tipping firm 2006 - removed from FA Cup Final over concerns of bias towards Liverpool 2006 - extreme bias against Arsenal and Wenger initiated 2008 - officiated most fixed final of recent years with Harry Redknapp victorious
2015 - Arsenal fans try to petition parliament over Dean 2016 - moved house so he could referee Liverpool and Everton games 2017 - suspicious betting patterns on Liverpool and Everton matches under Dean (as both referee and 4th official) 2018 - SE Asian bookmaker links exposed and PGMOB exclude Dean from future matches involving Merseyside teams following revelations by Football is Fixed

But the abuse spreads further.

Firstly, let's compare Ferguson and Wenger.
Arsenal have been denied silverware by rogue referees while Ferguson was handed trophies by the very same officials - both systemically following the 1-6 reverse to Manchester City and particularly as in the refereeing of Peter Walton ( and (

Secondly, the corruptions against Arsenal spread back to the beginning of this blog in 2006 but let's just focus on the last five years.

The Football is Fixed network includes several market professionals.
We have developed an array of neural network-based tools over the last decade and a half to analyse and predict corruptions orchestrated by match officials in the EPL (and other leagues).
We now possess high level artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning algorithmic analytics of corrupt infrastructures.

We use these neural networks to predict bias in the Premier League.

The data below is compiled by 5 analysts/brokers/market-makers and measures the 'real' bias for/against each Premier League team using 26 different weighted inputs.
A positive reading is indicative of bias in favour of a team over the season while a negative figure suggests otherwise. The higher the figure, the greater the bias.

Over the last five years up to but not including the weekend of April 21st/22nd 2018, this is what we have found for all clubs who have resided in the EPL for at least three of these seasons:

1. Leicester City +38.5 (including +30.0 in title winning season)
2. Tottenham Hotspur +28.0
3. Crystal Palace +22.0 (receiving the most favours this season at +10.5)
4. Manchester United +9.0
5. Liverpool +7.5
6. Chelsea +5.0
7. Everton +3.0
8. Southampton +2.5
9. Bournemouth +2.0
10. Swansea City and Stoke City +0.5
12. Manchester City -1.0
13. Sunderland -7.5
14. Burnley -10.0
15. Watford -11.0
16. Aston Villa -12.5
17. West Bromwich Albion -14.5
18. Arsenal -28.0
19. Newcastle United -28.5
20. West Ham United -32.5 (largely via the targeting of Slaven Bilic)
21. Hull City -39.0 

To put this chart into comparative words, for example, Arsenal experiencing -28.0 over the last five seasons while their neighbours Tottenham Hotspur have received a +28.0 rating equates to a 56.0 differential in major match decisions (penalties and red cards, given correctly, given incorrectly, not given correctly and not given incorrectly) for Spurs over the Gunners.
That's a lot of points per season on average!

And it is not just Arsenal that suffer the Wrath of Riley's Referees.

If we look at the bias chart for all teams that have competed in both of the last two seasons since the arrival of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City up to (but not including) the weekend of April 21st/22nd 2018, this is what we see:

1. Tottenham Hotspur +21.5
2. Crystal Palace +12.5
3. Leicester City and Everton +12.0
5. Bournemouth +8.5
6. Manchester United +4.5
7. Southampton +1.5
8. Swansea City +1.0
9. Chelsea 0.0
10. West Bromwich Albion -1.0
11. Stoke City -1.5
12. Liverpool -5.0
13. Arsenal and Watford -6.0
15. Burnley -8.5
16. Manchester City -14.0
17. West Ham United -26.0

An interesting comparison to Wenger is the creation of a legacy for that serial failure Roy Hodgson.
When Hodgson succeeds in keeping Crystal Palace in the Premier League this season, there will be a co-ordinated mainstream media campaign about his three successful relegation fights at Fulham, West Bromwich Albion and Palace and how these successes obliterate memories of his less stellar performances at Liverpool and England.

Hodgson only kept Fulham in the Premier League via a matchfixing event at Portsmouth on the last day of the season...
Prior to Hodgson taking over WBA they had benefitted from 0 red cards/penalties while having 7 against. After Hodgson's appointment, there were 4 red cards/penalties in favour and 1 against...
And Crystal Palace this season have been given the most positive bias from PGMOB officials as well as those suspicions of doping following the November international break...

And yet the mainstream media turn Hodgson The Failure into Hodgson The Fake Hero and Wenger The Hero into an inappropriate Failure.
UK mainstream media football journalists are an inept bunch of acquiescent lackeys refracting truths through the lens of corruption.

The mainstream media were alarmed by the timing of the Arsene Wenger announcement that he is to stand down at the end of the current Premier League season.
Wenger's statement was delivered less than a week after the Premier League announced that VAR will not be implemented next season.
Furthermore, because of the voting method employed by the Premier League, corrupt entities linked to mafia groups are able to block the future implementation of VAR ad nauseum.

The captured mainstream media needed to spin a narrative that didn't link Wenger's resignation to referee corruption. 

We are currently running a poll on Twitter to see what the fans think about the real reasons for Wenger's sudden departure after 22 years managing Arsenal.
The mainstream media narratives of fan disgruntlement and forces from above (both pedalled without any evidence) are not gaining traction which, presumably, is why the msm are now burying Wenger as quickly as possible.

Corrupt entities associated with the PGMOB ensured that VAR failed in the eyes of the public during the trials this season in the FA Cup and Carabao Cup.
But the problem is not the technology but the implementation.

VAR has been used 18 times to date.
Neil Swarbrick and Andre Marriner have been present as referee, 4th official or VAR at 14 of those games, sometimes both officiating on the same event.
Eight of these 18 matches have had 'VAR controversies', 7 of them involving either Swarbrick or Marriner.

Bad workmen shouldn't blame their tools, Kipper Riley!

In other leagues the experience of VAR has been different.
In the Bundesliga, all 18 clubs unanimously voted to keep VAR following first season in Germany.
In Italy, Marcello Nicchi (president of the Italian referees association) stated at mid-season: "The VAR is working well and it will get better in the coming months."

In Italy's Serie A, "VAR has reduced result-changing errors from one in every three games to one in every 20 games" - Paddy Agnew (World Soccer Magazine).


But other leagues don't have small scale criminals scribbling dodgy bent offside lines on our tv screens and other leagues don't have the likes of Swarbrick and Marriner.

If referees hadn't been biased against Arsenal in the first place...
If there had been a structure in place for Wenger to complain about corrupted refereeing...
If Arsenal had won cups and titles wrongfully stolen from them by Dean and PGMOB...
If systemic bias hadn't been shown to Leicester City and Tottenham Hostpur (Gary Lineker is a powerful man!) preventing Arsenal winning a recent EPL title...
If Arsenal TV had never been formed because there was no anti-Wenger corruption...
If the mainstream media wasn't peopled by drongos umbilically tied to mafia entities undertaking matchfixing...
If the Premier League was a football league as opposed to the world's biggest matchfixing betting medium...

Then Wenger wouldn't be going, he would be being lauded for everything he has brought and would have continued to bring to the English game. His legacy would have been as great as Ferguson's only with more legitimacy.

Instead various mafia are circling around Arsenal trying to get their man in the pivotal managerial hot seat.

Arsenal TV and their ilk should have been careful what they wished for.

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