Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Onset Of A Systemic Matchfixing Template In The German Bundesliga

                                                                Koch of Poing

The Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB) Utilising Illegal Match Centre For Private Referee Communications

On November 9th 2015 Wolfgang Niersbach resigned as president of DFB over the scandal relating to FIFA and the DFB (with their respective cronies) stealing the hosting of the 2006 World Cup from South Africa.

Since November, the DFB has been without a leader with a presidential board led by Rainer Koch of Poing (above) running the affairs of the organisation.

In this vacuum, certain members of the interim entity have succumbed to the advances of the Shock Doctrine Disaster Capitalism British body involving 'Mr Small' and the international criminal organisation mocked up as 'Football Leaks'.

The same corrupted template that has underpinned the removal of any semblance of integrity from the Barclays Premier League and La Liga BBVA has now been foisted upon German football.

Following the mid-season break in Germany, a number of referees have been miked up illicitly to a DFB Match Centre and refereeing decisions have been made in communication with unknown individuals away from the field of play.

Systemic corruption is not yet evident compared to Spain and England where over 20 match officials are involved in the new structures. But we expect that, by the start of next season, the new and illegal structure will have become robust under a new DFB president.

The fans, as ever, are having the piss surgically removed from them - falling attendances in Spain and England will be replicated in Germany and the ticket price protests by supporters in Germany and England will continue to grow.

According to Who Scored Theo Walcott is the 211th rated player in the Premier League this season.
He earns £140,000 per week.

The average total net worth of UK citizens is £147,000.
Arsenal's ticket prices are the highest in the country.

The fan protest over ticket prices is going to seem insignificant once the protests over systemic matchfixing begin.

NB The evening kick off between FC Koln and Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga today is underpinned by extensive and voluminous insider trading.
Men of murk might wish to monitor this match.

Post-Matches: NB2 From our 'explorations', # Bundesliga matches today have been matchfixing events - each corruption has been landed. There goes German football...

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