Saturday, 13 February 2016

Tales Of Two Olde English Scoundrels

In and of themselves, David could not be more different than Henry.
One a neo-con toff (in more ways than one) and one a neo-con con.

On Sunday, Henry was cuffed by the law of the realm, as a serving police officer not only repeatedly fined Henry but also mocked him in so doing.
This does not augur well for Henry's January appearance in a court of law on charges of tax evasion.
The state are evidentally collecting their booty already.
Henry might even be required to sell of one of his thousand castles in capital. Who knows?

It must be considered that Henry will be spending more time with lawyers than enjoying a game of Wii around the log fire with his doting family this Christmas.

Peculiarly, Henry does not complain about Michael or ####### who exhibit repeated selective perception in favour of Henry.

Henry had asked that the decision on who should replace Fabio as King of Jingo be delayed until the summer, but Sunday's developments suggest that Henry will never now become King of the Neo-Con Cons.

David is a neo-con nugget too.
He has "embarked [Britain] on a populist journey whose destination even the government cannot know."
By additionally defending to the hilt a bunch of elitist criminals, a wunch of bankers, from a tax that might have gone some way towards recompensing people for money stolen, he makes yet a further statement of war on the classes who were not enforced to endure ritual power-buggery in their childhood.

And by selling out to the populist right, David missed a trick on imposing further misery on those living in abject poverty/insecurity.
The deal on the table in Brussels is regressive in extremis.

Buttonwood: "... euro zone leaders have been hinting quite broadly that the banks can take that money from the ECB at 1% and invest the proceeds in government bonds, and earn a very nice yield premium along the way. This is a sort of back door QE, or perhaps bank door QE is the better name for it. In the early 1990s, the Fed deliberately engineered an upward-sloping yield curve to allow US banks to rebuild their balance sheets after the savings & loan crisis; borrowing at 3% and investing in Treasury bonds at 6-7%.

Of course, this bargain is on a cynical view, like two drowning men hanging on to each other; bankrupt banks supporting bankrupt governments. The taxpayer stands behind both, of course, but this kind of deal is designed to create an implicit commitment on the part of taxpayers without making the costs explicit to voters."

Hey Hey.
An earner for the bankers.
Austerity for the 99%.

To finish on a note of optimism...
... the Greek population may be consumed with ease within one year by either Eric Pickles or Ken Clarke saving the ECB and associated pseudo-funds oodles of euros in the process.
Surely this would bring Britain and Europe closer together.

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