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An Arranged Marriage Between Rangers And The SFA

                                               The Stench of Hidden Corruptions 

The following communications and interactions were enjoyed between December 7th and 20th 2011.

Andrew Dickson to Ali Russell (cc Craig Whyte) - Dec 7th 2011:

"Regarding Rangers getting a license for next season (following email from Stephen Kerr to Andrew Dickson and Carol Patton) - enclosed email from Stewart Regan."

Regan: "Further to my discussion yesterday with Andrew on the matter of Rangers FC's European license I would like to release the following statement..."

STATEMENT: In light of persistent speculation across all media, the SFA would like to clarify the position in regard to RFC's license to play in Europe as governed by Article 50 of the UEFA regulations. It is noted from the report submitted to the Licensing Committee of RFC's advisers Grant Thornton UK LLP, dated 30th March 2011 that "All the recorded payroll taxes at December 31st 2010 have, according to the accounting records of the Club, since that date been paid in full by March 31st 2011, with the exception of the continuing discussion between the Club and HMRC in relation to a potential liability of £2.8m associated with contributions between 1999 and 2003 into a discounted option scheme. These amounts have been provided for in full within the interim financial statements."

Regan: "Since the potential liability was under discussion by RFC and HMRC as at 31st March 2011, it could not be considered an overdue payable as defined by Article 50."

Internal RFC Communication from Craig Whyte to Andrew Dickson (cc Ali Russell) - Dec 7th 2011:

"It would be crazy for them to put this out."

Internal RFC Communication from Ramsay Smith to Stephen Kerr, Craig Whyte, Carol Patton, Ali Russell - Dec 7th 2011:

"We should put some pressure on the SFA from a high level, from Ali or Andrew, to say we do not believe this is a good idea the SFA putting out such a statement. .. If they persist they will only cause issues for themselves as much as Rangers."

RFC Communication from Ali Russell to Stewart Regan, Andrew Dickson (cc Ramsay Smith, Stephen Kerr) - Dec 7th 2011:

"... we would prefer no comment or the following: 'We have looked at this matter and there is no issue with the license granted to Rangers from the SFA."

Internal RFC Communication from Ali Russell to Craig Whyte, Andrew Dickson, Fiona Goodall (cc Ramsay Smith, Stephen Kerr, Gary Withey) - Dec 7th 2011:

"All sorted. Held until further notice and I have agreed we will meet Stewart and Campbell for dinner in the next couple of weeks to discuss bigger issues."

Dinner was duly served to Campbell Ogilvie, Stewart Regan and Craig Whyte at 19:30 hours on December 20th 2011 at Hotel du Vin in Glasgow.

It is our belief that Craig Whyte recorded this meeting in discussion of "bigger issues".

There are hundreds of questions that we might ask (particularly on the day that EBTs resurfaced) but we'll restrict ourselves to seven:

                                  EBT Recipients With Red Faces - A Fair Competition?

1) How was a member club of the SFA able to orchestrate SFA policy and actions against the interests of the wider Scottish game, UEFA and the HMRC?

2) The SFA knew from the Craig Whyte Takeover Statement of June 3rd 2011 that Rangers had an actual tax liability but failed to raise the issue of compliance with Article 66 with HMRC as they should have done under Article 43 of UEFA FFP. Were the SFA negligent or fraudulent at the taxpayer's expense? Either way, why is Stewart Regan still in a job?

3) It would appear that the lunatics have taken over the asylums in Scotland. How on earth was one of the EBT orchestrators Andrew Dickson (also the Head of Football Administration at Ibrox when Whyte was appointed) selected onto the SFA Congress by the SPFL this summer?

4) Campbell Ogilvie always resides just outside the room but he was present at meeting of The Rangers Employee Remuneration Committee meeting chaired by David Murray and attended by Ogilvie as Secretary and David Odam (then financial controller) on September 10th 1999. This was when the first Discount Option Scheme EBT was agreed to be provided to Craig Moore. If the dinner in December 2011 was to discuss "bigger issues", what could be bigger than the illicit EBT incentivisations and, at the very least, the misleading of the HMRC and other bodies?

5) When David Murray and Group Tax Manager Ian MacMillan wrote to HMRC on April 7th 2005 stating: "I have now completed my review of the players' personnel files at Rangers and confirm that there are no contract variations or side agreements for any of the players" - what variation of economy with truth was being utilised to mislead the EBT investigation? 

6) Ogilvie instigated the first type of EBT and received £95,000 from the second. Consequently, surely all decisions reached by David Murray's next-door neighbour Lord Nimmo Smith should be similarly discounted due to concealed evidence?

7) So. When do Celtic get the stolen titles back?

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