Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Sevco Seven

So October 16th came and went...

Craig Whyte turned up to court looking very confident with a beautiful woman on one hand and 100,000 hours worth of recorded shenanigans in the other.

More intriguingly, Crown Office lawyers have temporarily stopped proceedings against Imran Ahmad for "reasons that cannot be disclosed".
This is the same Mr Ahmad who on September 14th stated "I firmly believe Police Scotland have their own agenda and are deeply emotionally connected to Rangers Football Club. In my view Police Scotland have a clear conflict of interest"

Meanwhile Gary Withey of Collyer Bristow solicitors was also excused from attending court and wasn't present at the hearing.

Sevco Seven, Six, Five...

When dealing with systemic affairs, the micro-focus on minutiae rarely yields truths as the wrecking ball of institutional power obliterates clauses in the defence of causes.
Celtic fans want an outcome of judicial integrity which is unlikely to be the case. 

Furthermore, from meetings involving the upper Celtic hierarchy and from media posturings by the same individuals, it is the assessment of our wee cellular grouping that Mr Desmond and Mr Lawwell would appreciate a future return of a strong Rangers as such a return will make these rich men even richer than they already are.
Sod justice.
Sod the wishes of the fans.

Much of what is now sub judice (plus a whole lot more - implicating individuals higher up the food chain) would have been in the mainstream media in April if Celtic's tentacles could have created a strategy.

We were approached by Pat McVey (#Auldheid) to launch a media storm on the issues of SFA/Rangers alleged collusion to defraud HMRC and, potentially, UEFA.
We reached preliminary arrangements with both BBC and Channel 4 for the release of this knowledge when Mr McVey informed us that we couldn't offer exclusivity to either (or any other) party.
On communicating with Paul Brennan of CQN on this matter, he strongly disagreed with McVey writing: "The exclusivity deal will be important to journos, I've known them to back away if they think too many people have the same story at the same time."

We have to conclude that, for some private or top-down reason, McVey did not want the reality in the public sphere in some perverse expression of Scottish Stockholm Syndrome.

Dermot Desmond sees Celtic and Rangers in the English Premier League within the decade which, with the deconstruction of Platini's UEFA and the corresponding mothballing of any pretensions to a European Super League, will very likely be the case.

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