Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Offshore Game

The Offshore Game ( are the body involved in release of 'information' relating to Glasgow Rangers FC.

We believe that this body is entirely inappropriate for this role (see below).

We no longer have any input to this project and we are talking with Police Scotland as some of the 'information' comes under the auspices of the Police Scotland ongoing investigation into takeovers at Rangers (
We are helping Police Scotland with their inquiries and will co-operate fully.

Consequently, we will be making no further public comment on these matters.

Accountability and transparency are the watchwords here.

Fans of all Scottish clubs - from Rangers and Celtic down to Montrose and East Stirlingshire - deserve better than the corrupt machinations in ownership and business style that tarnishes the game in Scotland alongside the seemingly acquiescent activities of the Scottish FA and other bodies.

Football is for fans...
... not for financiers. 

We recently pulled out of a potential project with Tax Justice Network's The Offshore Game once we realised that their repeated offers of contractual consolidation and participatory strategies were undermined by an absolute lack of trustworthiness in the negotiating process.

The Offshore Game are an NGO-lite advocacy group of dubious meritocratic structure - the prime player in the project is one George Turner - a man who thinks Rangers have won the European Cup, who is unaware that SkyBet sponsor the Championship and who, in an act of son-of-Boris-Johnson buffoonery, chose to be sloshing down posh wine in French chalets when the project was launched in The Guardian newspaper in April.
The launch was three months late and was removed from the paper after just one day.   

After we concluded our arrangement, the other party in The Offshore Game (Alex Cobham) posted an article on Twitter referring to the support of whistleblowers by the Tax Justice Network

We responded.

"Comments by Tax Justice Network (TJN) on the rights of whistleblowers would carry more weight if TJN practised what they preach.
As a whistleblower in the football industry, I was astonished at the behaviours of TJN derivative The Offshore Game (TOG) when it came to issues of my security. The interaction was abusive, impacted negatively upon my security profile and negotiations were at no point carried out in good faith.
TOG is simply NGO-lite with minimal integrity in structure."

Our comment was removed.

We are also still owed expenses promised by Cobham which, even though relatively paltry, will be pursued vigorously by our lawyers as a matter of principle.
All conversations were recorded.

These people are funded by donations.

Not fit for purpose.