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The Hodgson Template


On May 1st 2012, Roy Hodgson was appointed manager of England earning £3.5 million per year - the only international manager to earn more is Fabio Capello.

Capello has won Serie A 7 times, La Liga twice, the Champions League once, UEFA Super Cup once, Italian Super Cup four times - a total of 15 trophies in 24 years of management.

Hodgson has not won a single trophy in the last 26 years and his only successes prior to that were in Sweden.

Hodgson led England to their worst ever FIFA World Cup performance and only ever Group Stage exit in Brazil last summer.
Since then victories against Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, San Marino and Switzerland led to Hodgson demanding in March 2015 that his contract be extended until 2018.

In his 3 year tenure there has not been one competitive victory against any team of note.

So, with the application of any common sense whatsoever, Hodgson with his professional underperformances and his apartheid-supporting, folksy racist past should not be manager of the England team.

But there are further reasons why Hodgson should not be given a contract extension and these relate to his entirely inappropriate non-meritocratic biases towards players from Key Sports Management agency in the selection of England representative squads - Hodgson takes a very hands-on approach to junior squad selection.

Hodgson is particularly close to Key Sports' John Colquhoun who was Fulham club agent during Hodgson's time in charge of the club from 2007 (

Key Sports' Selections For England Representative Teams Under Roy Hodgson

Prior to Hodgson's appointment, just two Key Sports' players were picked for England representative teams - Theo Walcott and Phil Jones.

Roy Hodgson has been the first England manager to give input to player selection at U21 and other junior levels.

In the three years of the Hodgson Template, 25 players from Key Sports have been given their first opportunity to wear the three lions on their shirts or have been brought back into the squad...
... every single Key Sports player who could have been called up for England squads has received that 'honour'.

* Josh McEachran (Chelsea) - brought back into U21's by Hodgson.
* Sammy Ameobi (Newcastle) - brought back into U21's.
* Ravel Morrison (Unattached) - given U21 debut during Hodgson's reign (no longer represented by Key Sports).
* Jamie Vardy (Leicester) - 1st full England call up despite forward having scored just 4 goals in 33 EPL appearances.
* Reece Brown (Birmingham) - first U17 and U18 call ups under Hodgson.
* Ryan Inniss (Everton) - brought back into team and made captain of Under 17's under Hodgson.
* Henri Lansbury (Nottingham Forest) - returned to U21's under Hodgson.
* Bryn Morris (Middlesbrough) - first called up for U17, U18 and U19 under Hodgson.
* Dan Crowley (Arsenal) - U17 call up under Roy's reign.
* Callum Robinson (Aston Villa) - introduced into U19 and U20 since Hodgson took over.
* Lee Nichols (Wigan) - called into U20 squad under Hodgson.
* Priestley Griffiths (Middlesbrough) - U19 call up under Hodgson.
* Saido Berahino (WBA) - given first U21 and full England call up (no longer represented by Key Sports).
* Isaiah Brown (Chelsea) - U16, U17, U18 and U19 call ups initiated under Hodgson.
* Martyn Waghorn (Wigan) - brought back into U21 squad under Hodgson.
* Brandon Fox (Leicester) - introduced into U16, U17 and U18 under Mr Hodgson.
* Tolaji Bola (Arsenal) -brought into U16's under Hodgson.
* Jake Bidwell (Brentford) - given U16, U17 and U18 debuts under Hodgson.
* Ben Pearson (Manchester United) - called up for first time into U18, U19 and U20 in last 3 years.
* Harrison Chapman (Middlesbrough) - given first call up (to U18's) under Hodgson.
* Ryan Huddart (Arsenal) - first U16 and U17 call ups by Hodgson.
* Dael Fry (Middlesbrough) - first call up for U18's under The Hodge.
* Sadou Diallo (Man City) - first U16 and U17 caps under Hodgson.
* Matthew Pennington (Everton) - first call up for U19's.
* Joe Gomez (Charlton) - given first U16, U17 and U19 call ups under Mr Roy Hodgson.

The statistical likelihood of these selections happening purely by chance is cosmological in magnitude!

What Does This Mean For The Integrity Of The Game In England? 

1. When players are selected to represent England, their transfer value, future wages and career prospects skyrocket to the benefit of both player and agent.

2. Players at other agencies miss out on national team and career advancement potential due to biases in favour of Key Sports.

3. In the future, talented young players will be attracted to Key Sports due to the very existence of this non-meritocratic fraudulent structure.

4. The England representative teams underperform as players are not selected on merit.

5. Key Sports used to represent Saido Berahino and he was called into England squad by Hodgson for the first time last November. When Berahino left to join Raheem Sterling's agent Aidy Ward, he was immediately omitted from the next (and subsequent) England squads by Hodgson while the Guardian newspaper, whose football section is under the sociopathic control of John Colquhoun, has produced 7 weeks of anti-Raheem Sterling/Aidy Ward diatribe. This is not journalism, it is PR...
... Key Sports should not orchestrate their business via control of a national broadsheet.

6. This holistic is linked to the inappropriate business relationship between John Colquhoun and referee Jon Moss
If Middlesbrough are promoted to the Premier League on Monday, not only do the club get that £100 million bonus but the valuation of the 7 'Boro players represented by Key Sports massively inflates too.

7. There are additional (and harder to quantify) issues relating to 3rd Party Ownership (3PO) as this illegal practice is commonplace in English football with players under joint ownership, multiple ownership or rotating ownership. As FIFA has decided to end its system of licensing agents, this is going to become a much greater problem with regard to both matchfixing and biased international selections.
Jean-Pierre Louvel (the head of the association of French professional clubs): "It was already difficult to know the exact identity of a player's agent. Now it's going to be worse."


But the very key question here is surely this...
...what does Roy Hodgson get out of this?

Is it a man crush thing? 
Is it a maletas thing?
Is it just a mockery of our realities?

Whatever it is, the FA should not give this overpaid outsized oaf any contract extension when it is so evident that the selection of players for English representative teams is so linked to the financial bottom line of one particular football agency.

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