Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Sting

The Sole Individual Who Appoints Referees For Premier League Games Is Removed From His Job...

Yesterday Keren Barratt was removed from his job as sole selector of Premier League referees.

In his years under Mike "Kipper" Riley, he was invisible.
Prior to yesterday Google Search yields JUST ONE mainstream media mention of the man who chooses referees for all English Premier League games. 
This would appear to be excessive secrecy for an individual in charge of appointing referees for nearly £1 trillion worth of betting turnover per annum.

Barratt was removed early and with a suddenness that means that his new role hasn't even been created yet! 
Depending on who you believe, he had 2 or 14 months left on his contract.

No reasons have been given for his removal.

We published the blog post below on March 7th 2015.

This post followed on from two earlier posts that may be located below.

The statistical likelihood of the 'inversion in bias' together with the probability of selection for the games is 1 in 804,888,018,800 or, in plain English, one in 800 Billion.
As there are 20 windows akin to the one outlined in the 'Mocking The Zeitgeist' post per season, the inversion/selection structure outlined would occur by chance once every 40 Billion Years.

The universe is 13.8 Billion Years Old :)

And it happened in the fortnight following our two posts.

We would like to confirm, in this place, that this should be regarded as a truly remarkable statistical fluke and nothing more sinister.

Consequently, we wish Keren Barratt well in his new Orwellian post that has yet to be created at the pgMOB.

Barratt's replacement is PC Howard Webb :)

Walks off, stage left humming Junior Murvin's 'Police and Thieves"...

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