Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Guardian Of The State Of Play - Referee Fetishism

Sid Lowe: "Matchfixing is the ultimate crime in football. If it is not a competition, it is nothing."

Suppression of truths makes a parody of journalism.

Newspapers have a tenuous relationship with football fans as demonstrared by Liverpool fans boycotting The Sun and Celtic Bhoys and Ghirls confronting the pro-Sevco bias in Scottish media.

When mainstream media (msm) provide news which is merely public relations or attempt to reframe realities to private agendas, we are in a situation where free media becomes distorted to totalitarian templates.

So it is with the refusal by British msm to face up to matchfixing, corrupted players and referees on these isles.

Since a number of former referees have slated the terrible standard of officiating in the Premier League this season, there has been a concerted effort by certain outlets to paint a different picture.

Online today, the Guardian has SIX different articles portraying referees as victims.

We have Chelsea exhibiting a poor respect-to-referee ratio (a robust mathematical construct!), Ibrahimovic swearing at a ref, a Cypriot referee having his car torched, Aurier apologising after a ref rant online, an eventual acknowledgement by the paper that Chris Brunt took on Anthony Taylor in a tunnel and Greg Dyke telling us that player pressure on officials is "pretty scary".
Following on from Barney Ronay's recent forays into "let's stop talking about referees" and "the excellence of our officials", this is more than bizarre 'journalism'.
It is referee fetishism!

This demand for respect would have more credence if the general perception was that the Professional Game Match Officials Board (pgMOB) referees were doing their job even remotely to a professional standard.
They are not.

This attempted whitewash spreads over to television with numerous pundits twisting themselves into Houdini-like contortions to explain the latest travesty of justice on the field of play.

And these millionaires and their acquiescent lackeys are unaware of the bubble in which they exist.

Talk to fans at Celtic, Arsenal, Manchester City and United, Liverpool, Everton and Chelsea etc etc...
... or talk to chief executives, market makers and owners, and a different reality emerges - one of an utter lack of confidence in officials and a suspicion that poor refereeing is linked to betting market activities.

Last night I went to see some proper football - the Evo-Stik Northern Premier League between Buxton (nicknamed The Bucks) and Ramsbottom (nicknamed Tup's Arse). It was the most exciting game that I have seen this season. End-to-end football, no controversy, no bookings, hardly any fouls due to the quality officiating by a refereeing team from South Yorkshire.

The ref was a different standard of quality compared to Jon Moss and others at the pgMOB completely undermining the legitimacy of pgMOB only utilising 15 core officials.

But, rich bastards beware...
... without marked improvement in the officiating in the Premier League, the financial bubble will burst sooner rather than later.

NB: And later in the day, in a truly Orwellian twist, Keren Barratt - the man in sole charge of selection of Premier League referees - is removed from his post two months early for reasons that our lawyers have advised us not to discuss.
Keren Barratt - the man whose name had only ever appeared once in the msm - is replaced by PC Howard Webb.
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