Saturday, 28 February 2015

Suspicious Betting Patterns On Four Manchester United Games

Four suspicious betting markets on four Manchester United games:

The insider trading on all these matches was visible pre-match to analysts monitoring Betfair prices.
Either Betfair's analysts are not fit for purpose...
... or integrity is not a feature of the corporate culture at the exchange.

Newcastle 0 Man Utd 0 (Apr 19 2011)

A £570,000 trade against Manchester United occurred at Betfair 25 minutes prior to kick off.
Such trades occur a couple of times per season.
Even though this bet was landed and represented 20% of total volume matched on table-topping Man Utd at time of trade, Betfair chose to see nothing untoward in the market.
A further £460K was traded against the Reds in the one-way volume late market.
Betfair still went for a legitimate market.

Man Utd 1 Real Madrid 2 (Mar 5 2013)

A match entirely dominated by characters from the Gestifute agency - Nani (then at Gestifute) was sent off, receiving a consoling hug from opposing manager Jose Mourinho (Gestifute), as Man Utd lost 1-0 lead to a Real Madrid team featuring 4 Gestifute players.
A concerted and co-ordinated gamble on Real Madrid saw 20% of total money matched on the Spaniards being traded in a six minute window at Betfair.