Sunday, 19 May 2013

When The Shit Hits The Fans - The Implosion Of Brighton And Hove Albion


Brighton might be gay and Brighton might be green but they'll never be a part of the Premier League scene.

There are two reasons for this.
Firstly the club has a dysfunctional hierarchy...
... and, secondly, the Premier League (EPL) don't want them there.

Key person operations are always on shaky ground.
If the key person drops dead or loses the plot or begins acting as a deconstructive destabiliser to their own mini imperial entity, then there are no checks, no decelerations to the dysfunctionalities that ensue.

The roots of the disorder that entirely undermined the attempt to beat arch-rivals Crystal Palace in the Championship Play Off Semi Final emanated from the top, the owner Tony Bloom.
Utilising the meritocratic gains of running bookmakers and betting professionally via global consortia of insider traders and pretending that the riches come from a property portfolio is the sort of Bosch one expects from Hotpoint Automatic laundering.
Unable to delegate, the top down orchestration of Brighton FC by Bloom cuts across the professional inputs of those at lower tiers of the hierarchy.

                                      Tony Bloom Struggling To Hold His Trophy Aloft

So, in a match where everybody needed to be on message...

a) Why, when away goals are of no consequence, did Brighton disclose so many of their offensive strategies in the first 30 minutes of the 1st Leg? Once Palace had withstood that onslaught, they never lost control of the tie.

b) Why were Palace fans given prime behind-the-goal location at the Amex? Numerous researchers have shown the advantage to the home side in placing away fans in the corners or along the side of the pitch.

c) Why did the Brighton hierarchy allow for excrement to be smothered around the Palace dressing room at the Amex? Ian Holloway turned this pitiful anal retardery to his advantage in the pre-match team talk as he did the deliberate delaying of the Palace team bus.

d) Why did Brighton not take account of the one-dimensional nature of the Palace away tactics once Glen Murray was injured? Observations of videos at both Palace and Blackpool would have revealed how Holloway uses his speedy wingers on such occasions.

e) Why were home fans presented with clackers that created a surreal reality rather than a suitable replacement for the inability of Brighton fans to sing a song in a co-ordinated manner? It reminds of when Halifax Town used taped chanting to make it sound like two men and an inbred were a crowd on a mission.

Some of these strategic errors may be laid at the door of manager Gus Poyet...
... but not the location of the fans, the Napoleonic ownership, the crackers clackers or the shit hitting the fans.
Poyet was especially livid about this latter indiscretion.

For the owner, Tony Bloom, to choose to suspend Poyet, Mauricio Taricco (his assistant) and 1st team coach Charlie Oatway over an unstated alleged breach of contract when the problems cascade down from Bloom himself is a sleight of hand.
To suspend via email is a clear indication of weakness.
Bloom is a flawed genius.
Whether at the poker table or in the betting markets or in his ownership of his home town football club (passed down by family), his psychological inability to play the percentages at key periods of strategy is the nervous tick that repeatedly snatches failure from the clutches of success.

£100 million on the table for promotion package should not solicit a strategy involving piles of poo. Really.

But even if Bloom had got his strategy spot on, the EPL were not welcoming.
Rogue owners from both near and far are allowed competitive football in the Championship but not the EPL - Bloom is placed in the same camp as the owners of Birmingham, Nottingham Forest, Leicester, Reading, QPR etc etc etc when viewed from the masonic world of Richard Scudamore.

Hairpiece Clattenburg was always going to be in control of the 2nd Leg!

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