Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Neither Society Nor Football Should Mourn The Passing Of The Psychopathic Class Warmonger Thatcher

                                            Why Are We Commemorating That?

As psychopathic personality disorder might be based on nature and/or nurture, whoever passed on the genes, and/or sexually and/or physically and/or psychologically abused Thatcher when she was a child has one hell of a lot to answer for.

But she took no responsibility for her actions against the social in her adult life.

Class war was underpinned by an entirely fake economic system - Friedmanian free market capitalism - a Ponzi scheme, a Pyramid Selling System of limited duration of robustness.
Britain's decline was a result of two World Wars and the end of Imperial Slave-Based privileges, Friedmanian free market capitalism merely imposed a series of bubbles on this deteriorating situation but these bubbles were manufactured and resulted, along with supportive government policies, in a regressive flow of assets and freedoms from poor to rich producing income inequalities that are unsustainable in the opinion of Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.

Revolutions happen when people have nothing left to lose and, at the same time, they are being mocked by a psychopathic "elite".

Friedmanian free market capitalism has all the features of a standard Ponzi scheme scaled up to global level - its like Albania and then some!
It is entirely unstable and non-viable strategically.
It is doomed to implode.
The simple ignorance of the costs of the externalities, the impacts of this psycho-system that are not factored into price (particularly climate change and environmental impact), make the Ponzi scheme unsustainable...
... and the externalities are only one problem of many.

The "Financial Crisis" was inevitable due to behaviouralism not being seen as a primary input into economic analysis.
And the very same people who had no idea of how to deal with this planned-for-crisis when it eventually occurred are still at the wheel now steering us through the choppy waters of austerity.

Friedmanian free market capitalism is simple...
... it is simply systemic psychopathic greed at the expense of the social.
Extreme wage slavery or extreme austerity for all...
... and thanks for the yacht by the way!

Thatcher was a conduit.

The destruction of industries and communities are documented better elsewhere - the selective state subsidies for a vastly underperforming nuclear industry which was closely linked on a variety of levels to ministers in her cabinets and the wilful destruction of a vast array of more economically viable industry in an act of pyschopathic class warmongery.

Her impact on football too was negative.
Think Hillsbrough.
The free market free enterprise fixed football of the Premier League is a direct result of her Milton Friedman/Ayn Randian fascism.
Cowboy capitalism.

Her attitude to Ireland was beyond forgiveness...
...Joe McDonnell would have been a happy man today. 

And why are we paying for this nonsense today when we've already paid for it over and over and over again.
All of us.
Friedmanian free market capitalism has ruined the last 34 years of life - over a third of a century of state-imposed misery.
A burial isn't enough.
Only when the system that spawned her is buried can the party really begin.

But even being generous, surely a quiet private affair in the manner of Harold Shipman would have been more appropriate...

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