Thursday, 25 April 2013

Football Is Fecked

* UEFA are an Orwellian construct.

* Champions League football is corrupted and fixed both institutionally and within the supposedly disbanded G14 circle of power clubs.

* The Premier League (EPL) actively work against the success of English clubs in the Champions League.

* The FA are a racist body.

Homage To Catalonia

It is our belief that UEFA actively worked against Barcelona reaching the Champions League Final at Wembley.
On April 1st, the trial of cycling/tennis/football doping doctor Eufemania Fuentes reached its conclusion in Madrid - the good doctor had worked with both Real Madrid and Barcelona.
On April 2nd, Barca reported the performance of Wolfgang Stark, the German referee, to UEFA after the First Leg of the Quarter Final between Paris SG and Barcelona.
The referee for the 2nd Leg was Dutchman Björn Kuipers who also was given the Dortmund v Real Madrid game last night.
In a triumph of meritocracy, Viktor Kassai was given both Barca v Milan and the FC Bayern v Barcelona matches.
We reported on the suspicions underpinning the FC Bayern/Barcelona match yesterday.

Down and Out in Manchester and London

Michel Platini focuses his premiership of UEFA on Financial Fair Play (FFP)...
... the exception to this belief mechanism is when such finance has anything to do with Paris St Germain or Qatar.
English teams have been targeted on the field of play as warnings as to what might be expected when the FFP properly kicks in - Manchester United were mugged against Madrid, Manchester City were mugged against Ajax and Chelsea were mugged by an agreed result between Shakhtar Donetsk and Juventus.
Meanwhile Arsenal met a speedy FC Bayern in the midst of a seven game run that saw the Bavarians beat Dortmund, Stuttgart, Arsenal, Bremen, Schalke, Mainz and Wolfsburg with a goal difference of 21-2.

Nineteen Eighty Four

UEFA back up their commercial strategies with doublespeak so that any manipulations and/or injustices are simply airbrushed from history.
An example is Pique's handball for Barca in Munich.

Reality - Pique blocks a shot with his arms. The referee and his two nearby assistants fail to spot it and a corner is given instead of a penalty.
UEFA 1st Draft - Pique gets body in the way of Lahm's shot to deflect the ball away for a corner.
UEFA Final Draft - Pique blocks a shot.

Animal Farm

In 2008, UEFA created the ECA to replace the G14 group of powerful clubs (the G14, in true Orwellian style actually represent 18 clubs!).
The G14 was allegedly disbanded.
In the 21 years of the Champions League, every winner except Chelsea and all losing finalists aside from Chelsea, Monaco and Sampdoria (on one occasion each) have been from this power lobby.
21 finals, 20 winners, 38 finalists!
Looks like an anti-democratic mafiosi to me!!

Keep The Premier League Flying

The EPL and UEFA battle over turf in the same manner as all mafiosi groups of inappropriate power.
The FFP and match manipulation emanates from Geneva and Richard Scudamore and his hidden backers respond by scheduling EPL, Championship and Scottish Premier League games to coincide with the UEFA Champions League events.
No other European league confronts UEFA in this manner...
... even if matches are scheduled on the same date, the kick off times in other territories are brought forward to late afternoon to prevent any clashes of interests.
This is purely commercial power play and represents the early phases of the battle over the inevitable European Super League that Ladbrokes Ambassador and Scotland football manager Gordon Strachan thinks will exist within the decade.
If the EPL co-operated (a difficult word for a psychopath like Scudamore to get his head around) then English teams would compete on a level playing field in the Champions League but there are many British-based bookmakers who do not wish for this to be the case as English success demolishes their bottom line.

The Road To Wigan Pier

Wheeler Dealer Whelan - A Self-Made Millionaire Who Made His Millions By Treading On People

And it is not just the EPL that are a bunch of rogues...
... the FA is an institution that thinks that nibbling is worse than racist abuse, who will be able to celebrate their 150 year anniversary with 100,000 Germans at Wembley, who support an England team qualifying for Brazil under a manager who broke the anti-apartheid sanctions against South Africa for cash, shows bias in selection in favour of a grouping of four firms of agents and supported John Terry in the racism row, and the FA have enabled an FA Cup Final between the FFP-challenged Manchester City and Wigan Athletic under the ownership of homo sapiens-challenged Dave Whelan - a man who believes that English football should be grateful to Thatcher!

George Orwell stood up against injustice, totalitarianism and authoritarianism.
UEFA, the EPL and the FA stand for injustice, totalitarianism and authoritarianism.

Big Brother wanted Bayern vs Borussia and Bayern vs Borussia is what you have got.

This article probably represents a thoughtcrime...

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