Friday, 24 February 2012

This Is A Happy House. We're Happy Here, In Our Happy House

"I am not a repulsive bloated racist holocaust-denying homophobic wobblejaw" claims Fat Fascist.

"Oh yes you are" shout the Plain People of England.

Well, it all came down to self interest at the end of the day...

Jack Straw and Margaret Hodge were able to add solidity to their gravy-train-for-life-for-nothing existences by putting a little clear water between the right wing free market New Labour project and the neo-fascists.
The BBC was able to gain huge amounts of free global media exposure and three times the normal number of viewers for a weekly chat show where filtered questions are used to attempt to illuminate the increasingly minor differences between our quorum of right wing political parties.
And, most importantly, The Irrational Right Wing Blubber Bloke With A Side Parting will have gained massively.
This was Griffin's 'Le Pen' moment - the crossover to pseudo-respectability.
How may the BNP be marginalised for their fascism when the EU Tories line up alongside fascists and homophobes from Central and Eastern Europe while New Labour cuddles up with Berlusconi and Bush and Extraordinary Rendition and That Sort Of Thing?

The issue on Thursday was not about freedom of speech - if Fat Fascist wants to speak a squiggly doogle then let him do so.
BUT, and this is a BIG BUT...
Let us level the playing field for media access.

In the whole of my life I have never seen Professor Noam Chomsky on British television.
I never saw Baudrillard, Derrida, Lyotard and I don't see Alain Badiou.
I saw Professor Slavoj Žižek once, although he was creatively edited, and I have vague memories of John Pilger on ITV in distant decades.
Others like Naomi Klein, Howard Zinn, Robert Fisk, Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, Jeffrey Sachs, Michael Moore, in fact, anybody with a lucid rational argument about the infeasibility of free market capitalism and with visions of an improvement to the state of the world, are simply never given any exposure on British mainstream television.

How many times has their been any exposure for those with Anarchist/Libertarian Socialist, Revolutionary Communist, Socialist, Anarcho-Environmental or Anti-Free Market Capitalist views?
Meanwhile, so many fascist voices... much centrist shit.

I feel sorry for the fascists.
They are right to be angry.
And, on this level, they are vastly superior to those about whom Karl Popper once wrote: "Ignorance is not a simple and passive lack of knowledge, but it is an active stance, it is the refusal to accept knowledge, a reluctance to possess it; it is rejection."
Right wing reactionary rejectionism is a worse 'evil' than any utterances by those stupefied and bewildered by the Murdochratic white noise.

Unable to perceive Reality, these fear-ridden types attack anything in their vicinity that they perceive as different.
The Bangladeshi shopkeeper who works all hours, does not drink nor smoke and, consequently, has a rather nice motor car while we're on the dole and our house is not happy.
The investment bankers, brokers, Dark Pools, hedge funds, retail banks, private equity firms, offshore banking havens, the markets and products with names that make even the most determined of us glaze over at times, much harder to pin your hardship on these actual causes of your misery.

The BNP is to be rebranded.

In the bad old days when the RSPCA used to allow hunting on it's land, direct action sorts joined the organisation en masse, changed the constitution and Bob's your uncle.
As soon as the BNP are forced to deal with ethnicities not including the word caucasian, they must be overrun with Bajans, Biharis, Bangladeshis, Bengalis, even the occasional Bolivian and renamed the BBBBBNP.
Then people from these "non-ethnically cleansed towns" may be educated.

At the end of last season, we ended our subscription to Setanta.
Prior to this season, we terminated all links to the Murdochracy.
In that it is not valid to provide funding to an organisation that solely promotes the politics of racism, capitalism and hate, we are no longer going to pay our licence fee either.
So there!
Put on Chomsky and we'll get the telly back out of the loft.

And the lack of this distorting mainstream media lens is why our house is so happy.

Read a book.
Hug a tree.
Bin BSkyB.
Bin the BBC.

In our warped world where cycle couriers morph into postie scabs, we do not have to wait until the BNP is forced to open it's ranks to all people of the world to start making a difference.

Be patient as it takes a short while to load.

In front of your eyes you will now have the BNP Membership List with addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of those that require enlightenment.

Register with Skype and when bored, or awake in the night, or angry, or whatever, Phone-A-Fascist.

Ask them what they are frightened of?
Bankers or Buddhists?

Educate and organise.

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