Monday, 13 November 2006

Will Mike Newell Last The Season?

So Mike Newell proudly claims that he is sexist and that bringing women referees into the game " tokenism for the politically correct idiots".
Okay, lets get one thing straight - we should all be grateful to the male chauvinist pig for going public about the bung culture that blights our national game. But, putting on my pc idiot hat, the man is several courgettes short of a ratatouille.
Does he prefer his match officials to have links to bookmakers, freemasons and the underworld? Does he prefer decisions being made in smoke-filled rooms by people with cocaine-filled nasal passages? Does he prefer a sports world in which betting patterns have a greater influence on outcome than the abilities of teams or individuals?
With a few obvious exceptions, women have a far greater sense of fair play and justice than men and we should be welcoming them into the game with open arms.
Mr Newell should also take care. Following his disclosures regarding bungs, there is considerable momentum in high places to get him out of the game asap.

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