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The Doping Of Leicester City Players

                                                       Dr Mark Bonar Aha!

Dr Mark Bonar (above) has supplied Performance Enhancing Substances (PESs) to 150 leading British sportspeople including footballers from Leicester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Birmingham City.

We were the first media outlet to disclose the use of PESs at Leicester City in our 'Webb Of Lies' published on Football is Fixed on February 6th 2016 (although we had implied such shenanigans earlier on the SYnonymous blog

As we have pointed out throughout our revelations regarding the criminalities at Leicester City, although the referee-based corruption is systemic, the doping is particular and was set in motion in April 2015 prior to Claudio Ranieri becoming manager of the club.

The Sunday Times filmed Bonar boasting about his doping regime from his Harley Street offices where he admitted supplying EPO (Erythropoietin), steroids and human growth hormone to elite athletes.
The newspaper used an athlete as a sting and Bonar told him that "Some of these treatments I use are banned on a professional circuit. So, you have to be mindful of that."

The General Medical Council (GMC) has clear rules stating that doctors should not prescribe sportspeople with PESs.
Additionally, the GMC has stated that while registered with it, Bonar does not have a current licence to practise medicine in the UK.

And Bonar has form.
Last December, he appeared at a tribunal charged with 16 instances of misconduct after it was alleged that he had given a woman false hope when he should have been recommending proper end-of-life care. Bonar hid the woman's terminal cancer from her so that he might carry on billing her for 'unconventional treatment'

UK Anti Doping had been tipped off two years ago about Dr Bonar but sidelined the disclosures due to a lack of evidence.

All three clubs released remarkably similar statements over the exposures:
"Leicester City Football Club is extremely disappointed that the Sunday Times has published unsubstantiated allegations."
"Arsenal Football Club is extremely disappointed by the publication of these false claims which are without foundation."
And Chelsea "the claims The Sunday Times put to us are false and entirely without foundation."

What a coincident fluke of shared innocence without collusion!

It is worthy of note that, if the clubs were in knowledge of or behind the doping, they would issue denials while, if the players were acting without the support of their clubs, the clubs would also release such denials as a matter of course in case the scandal impacts upon their brands.

Either way, the denials are of no consequence...
... remember Lance Armstrong?

And it should be remembered that Andrew Jennings, the investigative reporter who brought down Sepp Blatter, reckons that The Sunday Times team are the ONLY valid mainstream sports media in Britain. 
All other media orchestrate, collude in or turn a blind eye to corruption in British football.

As we have exposed previously, the improvement in fitness of certain Leicester City footballers could only have occurred via the use of blood doping - a team cannot move from being the least fit to the second fittest overnight without a number of their players engaging in illicit doping.

Interestingly, the only mainstream media outlet that failed originally to disclose that Leicester City are one of the clubs whose players purchased Dr Bonar's services is The Guardian where Jamie Vardy's matchfixing football agent John Colquhoun holds editorial sway.


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