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The Men Who Sold The World

The Rise And Fall Of Richard Scudamore And The Referees From Mars

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Where have all the good times gone?

Prior to the 3rd Round of the FA Cup, all the madmen at the FA announced plans to trial a video technology review system in the competition from next season.

About time, as God only knows the extent of the criminal world in British football.
But the intended technology is just a blackout, a charade.

Firstly, these changes will have to survive the quicksand of the IFAB annual meeting in March (http://footballisfixed.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/the-ifab-four.html).

And, as our last post showed, the FA Cup is no longer magic. (http://footballisfixed.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/stickybeaking-standover-man.html).

Under the proposed review system the referees will be able to refer themselves to a big brother in the EPL Match Centre if they require confirmation of penalties, red cards, goals or cases of mistaken identity.
Offsides are to be excluded due to the second tier of matchfixing by match officials being for the assistant referees to be the scary monsters and super creeps of choice (as recently demonstrated very publicly in La Liga).

Critically, managers will not be able to appeal incorrect decisions (as allowed in cricket) and nor will any sound and vision be available for the scrutiny of fans (as allowed in rugby and cricket).

1984 then.

Just as self praise is no recommendation, self regulation is no regulation.
The technology will not affect the corruption.

Imagine an investment banker reporting his insider trading and market rigging to his superiors who had told the said trader to undertake such strategies in the first place - always crashing in the same car.

The Superman Manuel Pellegrini thinks the proposed new rules are insufficient: "Each manager should have one play in 45 minutes to review" when there is a sense of doubt about a referee decision.
In a short time, the correct decision could be made for all to hear and witness and the game would be able to move on without red money dominating the integrity of the sport.

The cracked actors at the EPL, being voyeurs of utter destruction, are dead against any video technology anyway anyhow anywhere.

But the EPL have already been breaking the rules since the beginning of last season.

All of the unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed pgMOB referees are now miked up to the EPL Match Centre where unknown faceless manipulators decide on what's really happening without any public scrutiny.
When so many incorrect match decisions correlate positively with insider trading on games, we are looking at dollar days in the subterranean markets as football climbs up the hill backwards to kingdom come.

Additionally, certain referees in the Moss garden have selective communication routes eg referee/ 4th official/ EPL Match Centre with only the 4th official being linked to assistants. Why?

And why the media blackout of these illegalities?

Some of our contacts have been gazing a gazely stare using bullet shotgun microphones within Premier League grounds to watch that man and hear the word on the wing from pgMOB officials. Although crowd noise has historically been an issue, a combination of sound compression and the disappearance of the chant of the ever circling skeletal football family allows detection of something in the air in the white light white heat of the game.

We addressed the neighbourhood threat of the lack of technology in our post How To Solve Matchfixing Once And For All (http://footballisfixed.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/how-to-solve-match-fixing-once-and-for.html).

"It is more critical for football to have video technology than cricket, tennis or rugby yet the authorities refuse to introduce anything more than goalline technology. Why?

An incorrect wicket in cricket, line call in tennis or try in rugby is rarely match changing yet those sports guard against such occurrences by using technology ...
... in football a goal or a penalty or a sending off very frequently is a match changing event and yet we have virtually nothing.

Up to 40 wickets in a Test Match, 240 points in a tennis match, half a dozen tries in a game of rugby...
... and one goal. 

The argument that it would slow down the game is fatuous.

It would add excitement if marketed correctly. 
UEFA and the Premier League would be able to bombard us with messages from their media partners while we waited to see if it is a penalty or not!"

Video technology was successfully trialled in the Dutch Eredivisie in 2013/14 and both the German Bundesliga and the USA support implementation immediately and yet the FA announcement suggests that there is still doubt before a better future.

So where are we know?
How does the grass grow?

The very earliest introduction into the EPL will be five years from the trial in the Netherlands.
This should be seen as a simple delaying tactic to enable those corrupting our sport for proprietary gain to bury deep their Diplock gold in offshore territories outside the financial system with no control across the universe of tax evasion.

Referees are just nobodies who like dancing with the big boys.
The EPL utilises only 19 refs and virtually all big betting turnover tv matches go to an inner core who should be seeking a new career in a new time.

Queen Bitch Howard Webb might be a starman and certainly has power and fame but what in the world has become of our beautiful game?
Such sorrow makes one want to scream like a baby.

In future with the speed of life, fans will look back in anger at the repetition of corruption as football lurches from ashes to ashes from station to station before heroes address the tumble and twirl and win the day against Aladdin Sane, Richard Scudamore.
Until then you better hang on to yourself if continuing to watch the beauty and the beast.

In the words of the wild-eyed boy from Freecloud Jean Baudrillard, football is undergoing a "perfectly undeserved sacrificial death".

But the game will eventually resurrect like Lazarus as a Black Star shouting "we are the dead".

Javi Poves, the Sporting Gijon defender who retired at the age of 23 due to matchfixing in the game, said: "Football is cash and corruption. It is capitalism. And capitalism is death".

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