Monday, 22 September 2014

State Of The (Football) Nation

Matchfixing corrupts.
Absolute matchfixing corrupts absolutely.

From the mid-nineties onwards, the Asian underground markets exercised total control over English football.
In the last four years, that control has been grasped by a cartel of inappropriates from the UK and its offshore territories.
Neither of these structures is to the benefit of football.
Both create corruption.

  • There are referees working with bookmakers and agents to manufacture match outcomes to the financial benefit of their insider trading.
  • There are titles and trophies determined entirely by corruption.
  • There are managers taking backhanders from agents to pick their clients to mutual benefit.
  • There are bookmakers who own football clubs and who utilise this control to fix matches.
  • There are individuals within the PGMOL who liaise with criminals and matchfixers in the selection of referees.
  • There are individuals passing the fit and proper persons test that are entirely unfit and entirely improper.
  • There are crime syndicates and mafia groups who takeover football clubs for fraud, money laundering and matchfixing.
  • There are fragmented cartels of football agents who pool their players on the pitch to land huge insider gambles.
  • There are broadsheet, tabloid and tv journalists who lubricate these corruptions via public relations abuses posing as journalism.
  • There are bookmakers who accept insider trading and matchfixing as such knowledge is regarded as preferential information in the corrupted marketplace.
  • There are numerous individuals throughout the game who utilise threats, menaces and coercion as standard business practice.
  • There are betting patterns that link these corruptions with their perpetrators.
  • There are administrators who facilitate these corruptions in support of their belief in laissez faire capitalism,
  • There are many bookmakers who refuse to pay out winnings.
  • There are rewards for historical matchfixing and corruptions with a career in media providing disinformation to fans.
  • There are rampant abuses of third party ownership by agents which frequently borders on a slave trade.
  • There are widespread abuses of performance enhancing substances (and their related masking agents).
  • There are a whole array of under the table payments where tax is avoided (either by bungs or the selling of inside information etc).
  • There are networks of individuals illegally hacking IT systems in search of valuable information.
  • There are numerous examples of referees (and other peripherals) whose wealth is not explained by their legitimate earnings.
  • There are a cabal of mainstream television media who accommodate matchfixing and corruption.
  • There are more criminalised goalkeepers in English football than any other primary territory in Europe. 
  • There are no regulations or governmental action preventing these corruptions.
  • There are fortunes being made at the expense of the integrity of the game.

English football is systemically corrupt...
... and extensively corrupt in the particular.

We have access via our consultancies to the betting patterns on these events.
And for many dubious penalties/sendings off, for example, there are equivalent betting sources and patterns ensuring profits for the criminals.

Think on this the next time you witness refereeing, goalkeeping, media or bookmaker inputs that appear at odds with the integrity of the game.

Oh, and here is a photo of John Colquhoun.

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