Tuesday, 29 July 2014

SOGA, So Good

                               Hooded Hoodlums of Global Matchfixing on the Perp Walk

The Interpol SOGA V (SOccer GAmbling Five) operation against illegal gambling during the FIFA World Cup 2014 netted 1400 arrests, $2.2bn in wagers and $12m in cash plus the arrest of leading triad operator Paul Phua.
Over 1000 raids were carried out across 6 South East Asian countries.
Additionally, as the World Cup was winding down, the FBI and Nevada Gaming Control Board agents raided an illegal sports betting operation working out of a suite in Caesars Palace.
In this case, 4 Malaysians and 4 Chinese were arrested.

This is impressive but only represents the tip of the iceberg.

One is able to place bets of $10m on Premier League games in the Far East without the broker blinking over the bet.

Additionally, a majority of underground trading on global football matches now takes place in opaque, offshore and non-regulated dark pools.

SOGA's five operations in the last 7 years have yielded $5.7bn in illegal bets - this is less than the Asian underground turnover on one Manchester United v Chelsea match! 

Considering the size and relative success of this Interpol operation, it is quite astonishing that no coverage whatsoever has been given to the arrests and the issues of World Cup matchfixing in the English press.
As in Asian operations, match corruptions in England are orchestrated by cabals of referees, bookmakers, players and agents but extensive efforts are made by the English matchfixers and their accomplices in the mainstream media to avoid scrutiny of such loci of corruption - two World Cup co-commentators with knowledge and/or experience of matchfixing (one BBC and the other ITV) were under strict instructions never to question any refereeing decision or playing performance of dubious integrity!

When will Interpol address matchfixing in England?
Is it an issue that some perpetrators are policemen?

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