Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Run Those Neohyperrealities Past Me Again

Insider gamblers are still targeting English Premier League games.
We have detected SIX matches where insider trading occurred since the announcement of the "biggest scandal in decades" last week.
There have only been 11 games in this window. 

Not all insider gambles represent fixed matches, of course.
But some do. 

And, anyway, why should insiders be betting at all?

Some forms of corruption have been eliminated from the Premier League Market Profile this season.
Other forms of corruption have moved in their place as is always the case when a reality has morphed through "the phases of the image" to a neohyperreality.

Just six days ago, the Daily Telegraph announced that its investigation had revealed agent-led match-fixing in English football.

The newspaper claimed that this was the biggest scandal in decades to hit the English game.
By Saturday, all traces of this "biggest scandal in decades" had been removed from the Telegraph and all other mainstream media in England.

Meanwhile, on Saturday it was revealed that agents had taken nearly £100 million from the Premier League in the year to September 2013.
This represented an increase in take of 25%.
There were virtually no references to this in the mainstream media.

When this "biggest scandal in decades" was reported, newspapers with close links to agents didn't allow 'comments' and there were considerable column inches desperately separating this corruption from any link to the Premier League.
This despite the Premier League being the biggest betting market on the planet.

So the only questions of consequence are these...

1) At what point did this charade become a charade?
2) What the hell happened to this "biggest scandal in decades"?

Jean Baudrillard: "These would be the successive phases of the image:

1) It is the reflection of a basic reality.
2) It masks and perverts a basic reality.
3) It masks the absence of a basic reality.
4) It bears no relation to any reality whatever: it is its own pure simulacrum."

Football has become a fifth level of these phases of the image.

Football not only bears no relation to any reality whatever but also the constituents that determine the fake realities within this simulacrum are themselves hyperreal too.

Football is a neohyperreality. 

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