Thursday, 24 October 2013

When Is Racism Not Racism?

Racism is based on fear.

In fact, everything is based on fear.

So, recent events in Eire suggest it is now reasonable to take children away from their parents in order to do DNA tests, do they?
Has nobody ever heard of recessive genes?
Meanwhile desperately poor Roma share upbringing of children in austerity-ravaged Greece and mafia-ravaged Bulgaria. The authorities snatch the child away. This is just a version of Madonna and African children but at the very bottom of the European pyramid.

Time to wake up.

This is becoming like Germany in the early thirties.

And the Roma parents feeling that they needed to cover their faces in the media glare when, in reality, it should be the authorities, the police and the grassing neighbours who should be covering their heads collectively in shame at this outrageous racist violation.

Fear induces racism and racism, in turn, induces fear.
A vicious cycle.
What is it about our species that leads to racism repeatedly being the default mode of existence?

Yesterday, Yaya Toure was subjected to "monkey chants" whenever he orchestrated the Champions League match in Moscow between CSKA and Manchester City.
He received large numbers of supportive messages on Twitter and thanked City fans - he was evidently moved by the degree of response.

It was disclosed in the mainstream media that Roy Hodgson had used the expression "monkey" in reference to Andros Townsend in his half-time team talk against Poland.
Reuters reports that "a number" of England players were offended by Hodgson's "joke".

Hodgson's initial response was to be "livid" at the leak from his dressing room.

The match was on Tuesday and it took the England manager until Thursday to apologise for saying "anything inappropriate".
What sort of mealy-mouthed apology is that, Roy?

                               Yaya Toure Points Out Roy Hodgson To Romanian Referee

And Roy has got form...
... not just in a range of racist spectacles that have been played out in the media over the last year and a half regarding John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, his denial of knowledge of racist chanting by England fans etc etc.

But Roy decided to break the anti-apartheid sanctions against South Africa by opting to take the rancid rand and ply his footballing trade there when a player.

Of course, now all is said to be sweetness and light but the undercurrent of racism in the English dressing room still exists...
... the players' agents have merely stepped in and pointed out financial necessities in a World Cup year, that's all.

Roy should come out and state that "ALL RACISM IS WRONG. ALWAYS".
For the good of his team, his squad and the country at large.

And what is the difference between the racism of the CSKA "fans" and Roy Hodgson?
Yaya Toure receives immense and encouraging support.
But the Guardian Comments on a column by Daniel Taylor on "Hodgson and racism" was full of racist content...
... despite all the previous.
Just a kneejerk racist response from the readers of Britain's leading (sic) left-of-centre enterprise.

Why is Russian racism bad and English racism good?

Meanwhile, Greg Dyke the top man (sic) at the FA, having just been shown of a bias towards white male faces in his vicinity, chirrups in with support for Hodgson describing him as "a man of the highest integrity".

No, Mr Dyke.
"Highest integrity" is being imprisoned in Robben Island, Pollsmoor and Victor Verster prisons for 27 years.

And this morning, Osasu Obayiuwana (a member of FIFA's anti racist task force) tweeted: "UEFA reduce Lazio's punishment from a complete shut-out to a partial closure, for racist chanting in a Europa Cup game. This is not right!"

No it is not right.

Racism across the European game.


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