Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Sky Bet Championship - Corruption Not Football

                       ...But Skybet Are Not The Only People Betting On The Championship

The Championship returns this weekend with Murdochratic sponsorship and a competition that will be dominated by inappropriate insider gambling interests at all tiers.

In fact, most of the matches will be decided not on the field of play at all but in the underground global betting markets where the big money speaks.
One of the primary reasons for this mass of corruption in the Championship is the desire of the Premier League to focus on billionaire criminalities from chosen territories eg the USA rather than 'lesser' sources - hence the cowboy operators conglomerate in one league.

In alphabetical order, let us look at who is in control...

Barnsley - Maurice Watkins, the chairman, exposes his gambling interests by being chairman of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain and exposes his morals by legally representing Stuart Hall in his unsuccessful defence against 13 counts of indecent assault against underaged girls.

Birmingham City - A money laundering professional gambling president (Carson Yeung) and a criminalised rogue ex-policeman who is one of the most highly paid directors in English football (Peter Pannu). There are unexplained murders in Macau linked to the latter.

Blackburn Rovers - Venky's Hatcheries Group who combine atrocious animal abuse with close links to the underground betting markets of Mumbai/Dubai.

Blackpool - Co-owned by a convicted rapist (Owen Oyston) and a Latvian banking tycoon (Valeri Belokon) fronting for a Kyrgyzstani warlord  (Maxim Bakiyev) who is on the run from Interpol.
Belokon is a former close business associate of Bakiyev, whose father, Kurmanbek, was president of Kyrgyzstan until 2010, when he fled to Belarus following an uprising and some extrajudicial killings. The men have been partners in ventures across Europe and Asia. Bakiyev, who lives in Surrey and has sought asylum in the UK, is now fighting extradition to the US over allegations of insider dealing. Like Belokon, he is wanted in Kyrgyzstan on charges of money laundering and theft.

Bolton - The club has £135m debt, all but £10m owed to controversial chairman Eddie Davies. Moonshift Investments is the vehicle behind Davies - it has unknown backers and is registered in the offshore tax haven of the British Virgin Isles. Very close links to an Asian bookmaker. Anybody who exposes this structure is hacked!

Bournemouth - An insider gambling club closely linked to the Harry Redknapp Empire.

Brighton - Owned by insider gambling, poker playing, tax evading former bookmaker, Tony Bloom.  He is part of a global consortium that bets on the outcomes of football matches. He is known for taking enjoyment at spreading the shit around!

Charlton - Taken over by controversial 'international property developer' Tony Jimenez and Michael Slater who describes himself as 'a lawyer'. All 17 companies under directorship of Jimenez have been dissolved and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal investigated Slater and found: "the way in which [Slater] conducted himself could well be detrimental to the good reputation of the solicitors' profession as a whole". Company registration held in British Virgin Isles.

Doncaster Rovers - Hopefully the club has moved on from the strategy of having their transfer policy determined by horserace trainer, football agent and bookmaker, Willie McKay. James Coppinger, who scored the goal that led to promotion, was found guilty of corrupt and fraudulent betting practices (insider gambling) by the British Horseracing Authority and given a three-year ban from any dealings with registered racing individuals

Ipswich Town - Chairman Marcus Evans is one of those secretive individuals who avoids any photographs, establishes his companies in Bermuda and is, in effect, invisible. Extreme right wing neo-liberal views.

Leeds United - Under opaque ownership with a refusal to make public such ownership in recent years, the club has now been taken over by Bahrain based Gulf Finance House. Chief executive Shaun Harvey was so successful at hiding the betting interests of the former Leeds United owners that he has been made chairman of the Football League.

Leicester City - Taken over by Thai company called Asian Football Investments. The chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has just overseen the biggest ever rise in personal wealth on the Forbes Rich List for Thailand. Has made his money out of exploitation of captive markets with state backing. Family members on the board.

Millwall - Owned by an investment company, Millwall Holdings, that is interested in the redevelopment opportunities in East London as opposed to the well-being of any football club that might obstruct such development.

Nottingham Forest - Owned by Kuwaiti businessman Fawaz Al-Hasawi and several family members. Orchestrated a hostile takeover following the death of Nigel Doughty.

Queens Park Rangers - Owned primarily by Tony Fernandes who, with his past links to the money laundering Thaksin Shinawatra, made his millions from AirAsia/Tune Group who sponsor the FA referees. Managed by the Harry Redknapp Empire.

Reading - Owned by Anton Zingarevich, the son of a Russian oligarch Boris who is exposed on the RuMafia website as having been involved in underworld killings (Dmitry Varvarin and Sergey Krizhan together with his family), bombings and general violence in the Arkhangelsk region to advance his paper and pulp business. Registered in bookmaking haven Gibraltar and illegally keeping company accounts secret.

Sheffield Wednesday - Chairman is Milan Mandaric (a part of the Harry Redknapp Empire), a Serbian business tycoon who was involved in the massive corruptions that virtually destroyed Portsmouth FC. He was found not guilty of tax evasion by the Crown Prosecution Service only because the paperwork was messed up by the investigators meaning that Mandaric and Redknapp could not be charged with more extensive offences. Mandaric was involved in the takeover consortium at Leicester that allowed the Thai underworld to buy the club from him.

Watford - Owned by the Pozzo family who also own Udinese and Granada. Giampaolo Pozzo was found guilty of match fixing a game between Udinese and Lazio and was banned from holding authority at Udinese (although he remained owner). Regarded by many in Italy as a mafia mobster.

Wigan Athletic - An insider gambling club owned by Tory funding Dave Whelan. Made his millions out of JJB Sports. In 2005 JJB were fined £5.5 million by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) for fixing the price of the English National Team and Manchester United shirts in 2000 and 2001. Which Consumer magazine issued proceedings against JJB to sue the high street retailer for damages on behalf of consumers who were affected by the price fixing. Right wing minimum wage gambling merchant with very close links to an Asian bookmaker.

So that leaves Yeovil Town, Burnley, Derby County, Huddersfield and Middlebrough as authentic teams.

19 teams with inappropriate ownership and illicit activities closely tied to the underground global betting markets - it is football but not as we know it...

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