Monday, 9 July 2012

The Bigger Picture



The Mother of All Big Bangs.

An Omniverse of Singular Universes.

A Universe.
Infinitessimal Energy producing Matter in a Vacuum.
Matter and Antimatter Primordial Symmetry.
The Higgs Field - Spontaneous Asymmetry.
Cosmic Microwave Background.
Dark Matter.

Galactic Formation. A Supermassive Black Hole.
Occasionally A Quasar. Probabilistically Not.
A Star. A White Dwarf.
A Stellar Explosion, Supernova, Black Hole.
A Singularity.

A Coda.

A Singularity.
A Big Bang.

A New Universe.

Universal Cascade to a Multiverse.

Parallel Universes.

Tipping Point.
Dark Energy.

A Big Crunch.
A Super Singularity.

A Super Coda.

A Super Singularity.
A Super Bang.

A New Multiversal Super Cascade.

Eternal Inflation...

Chain Reactions.
Fractal Scaling.

No Need for Niche Abstraction...
... Evolving towards Unified.

At the 4th Level of the Multiverses.
Multiversal Consciousness.
In Parallel.
Quantum In and Out of Effect.
Universality. Multiversality.

"The Simulacrum is never what hides the Truth - it is Truth that hides the fact that there is None. The Simulacrum is True" - Ecclesiastes.

Cosmology, Supersymmetry, Eternal Inflation, Quantum Mechanics under the 4th Level of the Multiverses.

Multiversal Ripples between Parallel Universes.
Interference Phenomena between Parallel Universes.
Quantum Computing between Parallel Universes.
Information Flow.
Knowledge Flow.

The Multiverses are a Continuum.

Omniversal Reality.
Omniversal Laws of Physics and Abstraction in Holistic Harmony.
Omniversal Consciousness.

A Pandora's Box.
A Hall of Mirrors.
A Compendium of Games.


Cyclical Entanglement.

16 (Not 17) Fundamental Particles in the Standard Model?
With the Higgs Boson from a Fifth Dimension Where Gravity Mainly Resides?

String Theory?



Emergence, Coherence, Elegance, Simplicity, Creativity, Beauty.

Evolutionary Epistemology.



"The Evolution of Human Knowledge is the Evolution of the World's Self-Revelation" - Hegel.

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