Wednesday, 18 January 2012

... A Coda

... the blackmail gone wrong, the betting slip, the former drug dealer, a peripheral company with a grudge, the jilted girlfriend, the jilted boyfriend, Gigi Becali, a private bank collapse, that bitter enemy, a money laundering court case, the state choosing to tax the sector, Berezovsky about Abramovich, the secretary who really didn't appreciate that grope at the xmas party, mainstream journalists choosing to write truth rather than absolute shite, a dropped player, Poland/Ukraine informational leak, a phone hack, the nosey neighbours of a Robbie Savage type avatar, an email hack, a private bookmaker to gain market share, a burglary, that hidden camera, a robbery, that cash pile photographed as it was being placed in the envelope, a maverick, the abused daughter, UEFA exercise their grudge against the EPL, a sacked employee, France, that guy with the bullet mike in that silver van across the way, Eire, an IT man who just happened to leave a sleeping cookie on the machine, Wales, the woman in the next hotel room, Scotland, Jeremy Clarkson to sell a feckin' book of reactionary garbage, Germany, a French postmodernist with an aptitude for the spectacular, Jamaica, a pitch invader/streaker, a goalscorer on his t-shirt, India, a Black Swan, GamCare, a cornered market, a hyperreal illusionist, Pakistan, a high class call girl, an accidental 'cc', Zimbabwe, somebody who has discovered Nietzsche or Zizek or Chomsky or Baudrillard, someone in the right casino but at the wrong time, Haiti, an ex-insider who finds God or Morals or Both or Whatever, the EU, Putin (he got the World Cup, what must he know?), bin Hammam or Warner, a coup de grace, that Labour MP who looks 12 and comes from Leigh, someone disclosing some of the 3rd Party Club Ownerships at the top of the game, a former wife, a Gibraltan employee, a bonded employee from Macau, a FIFA shakedown, Interpol doing something, a broker or market maker with a grudge, the Asian underground choosing to release information in collusion with, the Chinese government, Richard Scudamore's horseracing contacts, a private detective, jealousy from other European leagues if/when the 50% tax barrier is lowered, a discovered alias, the hidden dictaphone, a former PA, GCHQ, the owner of that gay club, an angry stepchild, the Campaign for Racial Equality, Mario Balotelli in form other than a Tweet, Cantona, a Ryan conquest, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, John Pilger, Chavez or Castro, an eavesdropper, the cleaner who rifles the bins, an overheard row, and last but not least, someone who combines many of these inputs together, Rupert Murdoch and The Murdochratic Team.

Oh! The Fragmented Cartel...