Monday, 3 April 2017

David Leslie McNeight RIP (1938-2017)

One of our lawyers, David McNeight, has died...

... he was both a top notch patent lawyer and a generalist and specialist genius.

As well as working with Football is Fixed, David had recently reached agreement with the UK government over proprietary carbon capture anti-climate change technologies that will keep CO2 levels below 450 ppm beyond 2050: "Looks like I shall have achieved my major goal, which is ensuring that my grandkids  -  everybody's grandkids  -  can still breath in 2050".

A tremendous legacy.
Just think about that - achieving such a milestone to the benefit of all humanity and the planetary ecosystem less than a month before popping off.

On a personal level, I also collaborated with David on theoretical cosmology. I will continue to work on his thesis that our universe is simply the three-dimensional surface of a four-sphere and seek to integrate with current multiverse theory.

David had the talent to create matrices where everybody won and where order smothered chaos.
He thrived on finding the soft underbelly of power in David vs Goliath battles.

His strategic plays were/are impeccable.

Forever grateful David - it takes a particular class of establishment lawyer to work with whistleblowing hackers.
We have a much better standard of opponent nowadays.
And, most importantly, we are untouchable - our destiny lies totally in our own hands.

David and I began writing the 'Football is Fixed - Hacking A Spy Through The Maze Of Football Espionage' book as a co-authorship.

The eventual publication will be dedicated to him.

RIP David as you enter the dimensions of the gateway to the multiverse.

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