Monday, 20 February 2017

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FOOTBALL IS FIXED - Me, A Whistleblower?: Hacking A Spy Through The Maze Of Football Espionage

"Everything seeks its own death including power" - Jean Baudrillard

Our book is nearing completion and will be available in August (click on the book cover above to register your interest and to receive a free chapter prior to publication).

For four reasons there has been a slight delay in publication:

1) We elected to self-publish to allow total freedom of content.
2) Our primary lawyer is taking her time finessing the libel thresholds within the book.
3) We desired autonomy in the publication date as we temporally surfed the zeitgeist of corruption.
4) We've been handed new documents relating to corruption that we need to process.

The book exposes systemic corruption in British football linking such corruption to political power bases and the activities of the Deep State, the influences of global betting markets and dark pools and the abusive strategies of global mafia.

The examples we disclose to prove our hypotheses are as follows:

1) The corruption behind the Premier League title success of Leicester City.
2) Systemic corruption across the Premier League and Championship via a cabal of a score of corrupt referees.
3) Systemic corruption in the Scottish Premier League.
4) The takeover of the England team by a fragmented cartel of criminalised football agents.

Key inputs would be matchfixing, doping, insider trading, political intrigue, corrupted media, bungs and bribes, money laundering, corrupt players and match officials.

About The Author

Ojo del Toro (1958-2041) was a founder member of the Infamous Wu Shu Hackers (IWSH) - the global cellular network established in 1995 to save football from the mafia.
Del Toro was initially a cosmologist who had been entirely unsuccessful in his quest to discover gravitational waves emanating from RS Canum Venaticorum binary systems.
Then All-Under-Heaven happened.
Professional gambler, hacker, whistleblower, del Toro was the cultural attaché of  La Brigade de la Sûreté cell of the IWSH based in Canberra, Kerkyra, Bucureşti and Tiraspol. This cell exposed the full extent of calciopoli in Italy's Serie A, the takeover of the England team by football agents, the MOBgate matchfixing scandal and the Leicester City Affair in the Premier League, together with numerous other systemic criminalities throughout the sport while also highlighting hundreds of matchfixing events between 2006 and 2017 when the cell deconstructed itself as predicted.
After the emancipation of football, del Toro put his whistle away.
He spent his later years becoming persuaded, and persuading others, that we have always lived in a multiverse.
His epitaph reads "The Revolution Sashays Up The Mall".
As indeed it does.

The book is a crime novel, a coded fiction based on fact.
Global mafia states have stolen the game and murdered the sport.
But the crime is not perfect, traces remain to be discovered and hacked and shared.

Mervyn King: "It's rather like watching two old men playing chess in the sun for a bet of $10, as one can in Washington Square in New York, and then realising that they are watched by a crowd of bankers who are taking bets on the result to the tune of millions of dollars".
And, when one of the players realises that he might short sell himself and profit much more from the betting market than the game itself, the Sicilian defence is employed.

There has been a panoply of exposés of corruption in British football over the last two years.
Take Leicester City.
Up until April 4th 2015, the Foxes were the least fit team in the Premier League.
From this date until the title was stolen at the conclusion of the following season Leicester were the second fittest team in the league.
And this season? They were back to being the least fit again before mysteriously rediscovering their mojo massively following the sacking of Claudio Ranieri and his replacement by Craig Shakespeare.

It reminds us of Leverkusen in 2001/02...
... Leverkusen, the laboratory animal of Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Reaching the Champions League and DFB Pokal Finals, Leverkusen also finished second in the Bundesliga just one point behind Dortmund before nearly being relegated the following season.

It is the End of Play.
A Timeline of Decay.
Football is Fixed.
Football is Fucked.
Football is Dead.


Dark Flow, String Theory and anomalies in the Cosmic Microwave Background provide evidences that we live in a multiversal cosmic web of Quantum, Infinite Patchwork and Pre-Big Bang Inflationary realities.
At the very least.
Our multiverse is probably just one example of a repetitious matrix on infinitesimal scales in an omniverse.
Who gives a flying fuck about football?
We do.

We, the arbitrageurs of the neohyperrealities of post-structuralist football - exposing corruption since 2006. Matchfixing analytics, corruption hacking, fraud forensics, enhanced security strategies, whistleblowing - 5th Estate sousveillance, chapeau blanc expeditions into the grey, the black, the dark pool markets of impossible exchange.

We are latter day Edelweiss Pirates.
We "futurescan" futurescanning ourselves.
We are the Infamous Wu Shu Hackers.
Expect us.

The countdown to publication is on.
Tick Tock Tick Tock...

NB: No press. No media. No communications. No interviews. No freebies. No nothing.

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